What You Need to Know About The Site

About Me

Hi, my name is Dale Basilla and I’m here to show Filipinos about how to earn online and about what it takes to do it. 

Earning online is easy if you learn the right skills and have the right mindset.

Learning the right skills depending on:

  • the type of online work you do,
  • the right mindset to not give up, and
  • the thirst to learn always is the important thing you need to have. Work is never easy regardless of what type of work you delve in to.

What I did in the Past

In the past, I was the type who wants to earn money the easy way. What I mean about the easy way are those methods that are automated to earn you money. In the past, how much I can earn amounts to mostly >$400 a month in the past just setting it up and a few minutes then leave it. As I went over my head thinking it would last. The methods for earning easily automatically saturates in a few months. As I was lazy to learn hard work itself, I still pursue searching methods which are automated. Realising the difficulty of me having to learn what it needs to be done the right way, so I tried to read and learn what I can.

It’s hard before since no one taught me how to earn online up to present even some of you can relate to that. If someone is teaching you now then good for you, at least you can compare or probably get more info about it.

So even though I haven’t graduated in relation to IT or stuffs about the computer, it still shows that anyone can earn online. I made this site for others to show what are the ways to earn online, it may not be automatic but it will surely give you some ideas whether you are just starting or have experience already.

What You will Expect

The ways to earn online does not limit to the use of your computer but on other devices as well like your Android and iOS. The type of money making method you will read here are the methods which can earn you a lot (depending on the strategy you will use also).

I currently work now as a copywriter, a content writer and few kinds of stuff in SEO. I still do have ways to earn online like websites that I will be posting which can help you earn. Just want to let you know that the earning capability will be depending on your strategy.

There will be guides for you like pdf or word to download for free and links which can help you enhance your skills for the work you want.

There will lots of guides as you check on posts even up to creating a simple website for your own whether a blog, online shop or whatever you want to create.

If you want to add other jobs that Filipinos can earn and apply then contact us and share what you know.

Questions about a certain topic or if you need help then let me know



email: dale[at]howpo(dot)info

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