List of Audio ESL Companies

Isn’t it best to work in your most comfortable pajamas?

Would it be better to work without using the camera so that you can prop up your feet on the table or you can lie on your back during the lesson?

Isn’t it better that way?

It is for me since working and/or teaching with the camera open was a tad bit difficult for me.

Believe me. It is difficult for someone like me who grows uneasy when sitting on my ass for long hours and even more restless when I just have to sit still. It’s maddening.

However, it turned out to be a learning experience for me since I became more patient and more focused.  These experiences have made me a better teacher.

Regardless, I would still prefer conducting lessons away from prying eyes so that I can walk around or stare at the ceiling while talking. That scenario tastes and feels like freedom.

Of course, there are challenges in teaching without any visual-aids or any kind of hand gestures to help you explain things better especially for beginners. Fret not, though, because I am sure that these online schools have really good learning materials to help you facilitate the class and that you are capable of teaching even with such condition.

Experience is, indeed, the best teacher.

Anyway, if you would prefer teaching without the camera on, then this list of all audio ESL Companies listed would definitely help you find the online school best suited for you.

Audio ESL Companies

ESL CompanyAudio/

Video Lessons

Nationality of StudentsSystemRateQualifications
ACTIONS LANGUAGE ONLINEAudioTaiwaneseRegular Schedule130php/ hour to 150php/hourFemale

At least High School Graduate

Experience is Required

Neutral Accent

SPIIKERAudioChineseRegular Schedule10 RMB/20 minutes to 12 RMB/20 minutesAt least 18 years old

No experience is Required

CLASING ELTSAudioEuropeansRegular Schedule130php/hour to 150php/hourAt least 18 years old

Experience is Required

Neutral Accent

TUTORINGAudioKoreansGo AVAILABLE and wait for calls$4.20/hour or $0.07 / MinuteAt least 18 years old

College Graduate or Currently Enrolled

Experience is Required

Native-like Accent

JASON ENGLISHAudioChineseBooking110php/hour to 140php/hourCollege Graduate

Experience is Required

Native-like Accent

ENGLISH TONEAudioChineseBooking150php/hour to 170php/hourCollege Graduate

Experience is Required

Native-like Accent

NOW & TALKAudioKoreanRegular Schedule125php/hour to 150php/hourPreferably 26-37 years old

Applicants with or without experience are welcome to apply

College Graduate

Must have a good American or British Accent

It must be noted that I did not put proficiency or fluency in English in the qualification sections because as English Teachers/Tutors, it is required that we can express ourselves well in English.

Now, there are online schools that just don’t exclusively offer audio lessons. There are some that offer both audio and video lessons, given that video lessons are paid more than audio lessons. Find these online schools below!

EsL CompanyAudio/Video LessonsNationality of StudentsSystemRateQualifications
RarejobAudio/VideoJapaneseBooking100php/hour to 160php/hourAt least 18 years old
No experience is required
ABC360Audio/VideoChineseBooking105php/hour to 200php/hourAt least 18 years old

At least Highschool graduate
No experience is required


Enjoy! 🙂






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15 thoughts on “List of Audio ESL Companies

  1. Hi Mari, im interested to work as a tutor. Pls. Let me know the details how can i apply. Thanks!?

    1. Hi Maryjune!

      Which online school would you like to work for?
      If you have teaching experiences, then I recommend TUTORING.
      PM me via Facebook so I could walk you through the application process.

      Best Regards,


  2. Good Afternoon,
    I’m interested to teach again,but since I’m not a college graduate, I’d prefer to teach Chinese or Taiwanese. How to apply for this position?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Myla!

      If you have teaching experiences, then I recommend Viptalk.
      If you don’t have any, then I recommend 51talk and ACADSOC.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hello, I am interested to teach however, I don’t have any formal experience in teaching english. I would love to hear your suggestion. Thank you.

  4. Hello Mari I am currently an online English Teacher at Bibo Global Opportunity Inc please send me the details. ?

  5. Hi Ms. Mari, good day. I am interested to apply this online job (tutor services). Could you please send me details? Thank you so much. God bless

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