Online Platforms to Find Online Work Online

A lot of web-based freelance work platforms have been developed to help remote workers, and freelancers establish their own client networks while building up their professional work portfolio conveniently. However, you still need to know how to utilize the full potential of these websites instead of losing those opportunities that could enhance your professional career.

Reasons for Signing up a Freelancer Job Portal

Online platforms for freelancers are mostly created intuitive and accessible, allowing platform users to create impressive credentials, communication letters, and personal profiles within a few minutes. Every platform has the potential to extend your business reach from delivering your services on a local scale until you become global.

If you haven’t established a client database yet, signing up for an online platform for freelancers can be a good start to gain your first experience or meet new clients. Your previous office-based experiences before becoming a freelancer can also be a valuable advantage to win your first project. Even if the available tasks are short and the opportunities are contract-based, still, you may be able to gain the necessary experience as you continue to move your way up in the online industry. Nevertheless, it is clear that online platforms can deliver results for both remote workers and employers.

Websites for freelancers are often loaded with part-time job opportunities, which are ideal for people who want to fill up the gaps in their schedules, especially during weekends and holidays. Several of these tasks are short and straightforward which you can grab while full-time freelancers are on a “short break.” But you can also get project-based or long-term contracts which may provide you continuous flow of work for many months or even years.

These online freelancer platforms provide a greater sense of job security since you are guaranteed to be paid based on an agreed contract. It also becomes possible to review the previous agreements, evaluate such feedback or comments, and make necessary adjustments when negotiating again with the same client. What happens here is that you are able to sort out clients who can provide serious offers and let go of those who only cause you burnouts.

So before you choose where to sign up, consider discovering the pros and cons of each platform first to avoid falling into a sinkhole. Here are some suggested freelancer platforms where you can try:


Upwork is a dominant online marketplace for all types of freelance jobs. It is considered to be the largest online workplace destination with hundreds of millions of job opportunities posted every month. Job seekers and employers seek for the best deals for a specific project, finding the right freelancer or agreed offer based on portfolio, competitive prices, and project feedback. Besides, user policies are strictly enforced to protect legitimate users from scammers, thus eliminating all possible means of fraudulent acts inside the platform.

Upwork provides the following features that can support the endeavors of both freelancers and employers:

  • Candidate shortlisting through profile browsing for both freelancers and clients
  • Regular job posting
  • Project proposal reviewing and feedback sharing
  • Secured payment options
  • Mobile access (Android, iOS, and PCs)
  • Basic communication tools such as email notifications and chat scheduling
  • Efficient project invoicing


  • Accurate search filters

Upwork has a powerful search engine tool that enables users to widen or narrow down the search parameters more efficiently. Employers don’t need to browse through thousands of profiles just to find the right match since the platform will do the searching for them. Profiles of the potential candidates are automatically reviewed, so you would only be contacting those who are highly qualified for your job offer.

  • Easy-to-use online platform

Upwork features a built-in messaging system where you can directly communicate with your hired freelancers. You can exchange files, monitor the project, or send feedback to your employees while the work is in progress because the platform fully supports text messaging and video communications.

  • Mobile support

Upwork is available in Android and iOS mobile devices, helping clients monitor the performance of their freelancers or notify the freelancers with regard to payment.

  • On-time billing and secured payment

Upwork ensures that clients are accurately billed through careful reviews of the tasks rendered by freelancers, so they only pay the correct amount based on the agreed contract terms. Employers can monitor the billable work time and track the progress of the project by accessing the recorded accomplished tasks and captured screenshots.

Employers are requested to fund their account prior to the project deadline or as soon as the freelancer has completed the work. They can pay the freelancer by means of credit card or any electronic payment platforms after Upwork has thoroughly reviewed the accomplished tasks.


  • Blocking of freelancer profile

If you are not able to get enough responses from clients on your contract bids, Upwork may block your profile for a certain period of time. This system intends to filter out freelancers who are inactive or “not competitive” enough to give way for other freelancers. It may force you to upgrade your current work portfolio or find better opportunities elsewhere.

  • High commission charges

Upwork charges freelancers nearly 25 percent of the contract price as commission plus inclusive charges like FX rates and processing fees, forcing freelancers to lose a quarter of their work efforts for nothing. Also, the percentage cut significantly impacts clients since freelancers have to include this before submitting their bids, thus leaving clients with no choice but to add this extra 25 percent to the project cost. Clients will soon find it difficult to negotiate with freelancers or find a better talent due to this additional burden.

2. ONLINEJOBS.PH is an online freelance marketplace solely dedicated to Filipino talents. This workplace site only hires Filipino workers, targeting those qualified professionals in the Philippines to work for both local and foreign clients. Similar to other job platforms, you may find a variety of job opportunities here, from content writing to web development. allows you to improve your business potential by hiring virtual staff with excellent abilities at a fair price. But if you would want to get quality professionals, you should take the time to write a concise job post and conduct a proper screening process to filter out your candidates.


  • Huge savings for employers makes it possible for you to hire quality remote staff even if you don’t have a huge budget for recruitment. Project outsourcing helps you generate more savings since the cost of living in the country is relatively cheaper than other “English-speaking” nations.

  • Flexibility and freedom

When you sign up for an account, you get the chance to choose the profession or industry you would want to practice and work comfortably according to your preferred schedule. The outsourcing platform regularly displays thousands of job listings from social media management to all forms of virtual assistant tasks. Interested clients would provide the job information, including rates, job descriptions, and other necessary working terms, while job seekers can look for the job that fits their schedule and credentials.

  • Intuitive signing up process

When you sign up, all you need to do is to fill up the necessary fields and then verify your email contact. You may begin creating your career profile where you need to put your personal details as accurate as possible, including recent pictures and other credentials.

  • Efficient work monitoring requires job seekers to install TimeProof, a work-tracking software, before they can start working for the clients. With this tool, employers can monitor the actual number of hours or days the freelancer has to spend to complete the job. The recorded time will also serve as a reference for the workers’ compensation based on the agreed service terms. Apart from this, freelancers can receive payment using different secured payment platforms such as Western Union, PayPal, Payoneer, and others.


  • Proof ID score will request you to provide supporting identification details such as Facebook URL and government-issued IDs when creating your profile. The ID proof score will give clients an assurance that you are indeed the person seen on the profile. These supporting details can claim that you can complete a particular job according to experience, academic credentials, and relevant skills. Unfortunately, if you fail to meet the minimum ID score, you won’t be able to proceed with the application process.

If your score, for example, is 30, and the client requires 50, you won’t be able to submit your application. To improve your ID score, you need to upload a number of valid IDs and certificates as well as provide a screenshot of proficiency test results.

  • Highly competitive

You should expect that you will be competing against other aspiring Filipino applicants who may possess better work credentials than what is written on your profile. What you should do is to include the link of your online portfolio, so interested clients can quickly gauge your technical skills and previous work experiences.

  • Low Ballers

You will find a lot of clients who need an expert with multiple skill set but the pay is very low.

3. FREELANCER.COM is a popular outsourcing platform based in Sydney, Australia, which boasts an estimated 22.7 million registered users comprised of freelancers and clients. Global clients can directly hire freelancers through this accessible platform where people may find thousands of job opportunities, including legal services, web development, marketing, and engineering services to name a few.


  • Endless job opportunities

Freelancers can find the appropriate job that would match their current skills while employers are able to save when outsourcing a particular job. Since the number of employers continues to grow, freelancers will never run out of projects.

  • Better time management

Freelancers enjoy the work flexibility that allows them to work wherever they want as long as they would deliver the job on time. With Freelancer, they can work as a part-time or a full-time worker, and the employer can track down the progress of his project through a time-tracking software. features a downloadable time-monitoring app used to track down hourly projects. Freelancers need to take a screenshot of their completed work hours and send it to the employer so that they can be paid based on work accomplishments.

For employers, outsourcing can help them set up a business meeting with their employees using various communication tools. Business operations become more convenient since they don’t need to meet somewhere to discuss working terms, project goals, and updates.

  • Huge difference in cost

For employers, outsourcing would provide them more savings since they don’t need to pay for any rental space or equipment that their employees would use. Registered employers can choose to pay the freelancer either hourly or after the project has been completed. But if the employer isn’t fully satisfied, he has the option not to pay for the services of the freelancer. For freelancers, they can control the amount of money they can earn when placing bids, either to be paid hourly or a fixed amount on every completed phase.


  • Stiff market competition

Despite the growing number of employers signing up to the platform, freelancers struggle to land a project due to the presence of heavy competition among other active freelancers. It becomes more difficult for new freelancers to secure a contract as employers would prefer to hire experienced freelancers. Aside from this, most available projects don’t provide the security of tenure, which may force any freelancer to handle two or more clients to sustain a regular stream of income.

  • Apparent additional cost

Unfortunately, freelancers and clients need to shell out some cash before they can enjoy the benefits of using this platform. For employers, they are required to pay $3 or three percent of the project cost, whichever is higher when they sign up for a free trial. There will be no processing fees if they sign up for a premium account, which costs $199.95 per month. will also charge them if they request for the “enhanced” job visibility of their post.

Freelancers, on the other hand, are charged between $3 to $5 and three percent to five percent of the total project cost when they sign up for a free trial. If you want more bids, you need to sign up for a premium account where you will also be charged $199.95. A trial version only allows 8 bids per month while a premium account allows you to submit 1,500 bids, further enhancing your chances to land better deals. However, you should also be aware of other charges imposed by, such as currency conversion fee or inactive fee if your account remains inactive for a specific period of time.

4. Indeed

Accessible in over 60 countries, is an online freelance marketplace that offers a complete hiring solution designed for job hunters and employers around the globe. The website employs concise search engine algorithms that allow freelancers to browse through the job listings that perfectly match their work experience, skills, and academic credentials with ease. Whereas, employers can use the platform to find the appropriate candidate that would match their project needs. Indeed, registered clients can conduct interviews and directly hire a qualified candidate immediately while job seekers can create a profile and receive regular email notifications for any job opening.


  • The biggest gathering of job openings compiles job offers from thousands of sources, both local and abroad, and put them in one platform, so job seekers won’t need to jump from one job-searching site to another. You only need to create one impressive profile, and the job outsourcing platform will take care of the searching for you. Aside from creating a professional profile, registered job seekers can also upload their recent resume, so employers can easily find the prospective candidates they are looking for.

  • Easy-to-use keyword search tool features a comprehensive search engine filter which allows you to customize your search terms, so you can specifically look for the type of job you want. With this advanced search tool, you can type the specific keyword, job title, company, and even expected salary to narrow down the results. For employers, candidates are automatically filtered based on job category, work experience, and professional background, so they would only meet those who are qualified to handle such a position.

  • Full mobile support provides job seekers and employers mobile access to the platform, so they can always check for a new project or look for a qualified candidate whenever they want. The Indeed app can be installed in all Android and iOS mobile devices, but registered users may also access the platform using a reliable mobile browser.

  • Regular email notifications regularly sends email alerts to all registered users to notify them of any job opening. This handy feature may provide you the opportunity to check the available positions, especially if you don’t have enough time to browse through every job listing.


  • No “one-click” application process

Though Indeed offers job seekers countless job offers from different sources, job seekers are often redirected to another job search portal before they can apply. This would mean a longer application process and more waste of time for both applicants and employers.

  • Scarcity of career resources rarely provides registered users with the necessary career resources that may help them improve their freelance careers, unlike other job portals. Freelancers still need some valuable resources such as career guidance, expert tips, and portfolio writing tools to help them become more competitive and equipped.


Remotestaff is a job outsourcing platform focusing on BPO-related careers such as customer service, appointment setup service, virtual assistants, and other administrative functions. It has a proven track record for hiring Filipino professionals where they can work at home and achieve the balance between professional work and family life. Also, Remotestaff has invested heavily in business infrastructure in order to maintain a harmonious relationship between registered freelancers and employers.


  • Over 20 dedicated in-house company employees to ensure work quality and fast results for both parties
  • Advanced business technology including captured screenshot system, work time tracker and online timekeeping
  • Secure online payment platform, on-time billing and accurate reviews of completed tasks
  • Guaranteed payment and on-time salary remittance
  • Full assistance provided to clients and remote professionals to mitigate any cultural indifferences and communication issues
  • Intuitive platform, easy creation of freelancer profile and regular email alerts of any job opening


  • No security of job tenure as many projects are contract-based
  • No social benefits for in-house staff and client-hired remote workers
  • Excessive micro management where you can be penalized due to internet loss and power interruption

6. PeoplePerHour

Established in 2007, PeoplePerHour is a prominent freelance service platform that allows global freelancers to offer professional services to UK-based enterprises. With this platform, registered clients are encouraged to post projects of various kinds, and then freelancers can submit project proposals that correspond to the scope of work. In response, clients will select which freelancer or agency they would want to sign a contract with. Also, PeoplePerHour has an advanced job-searching tool that enables job seekers to find the right job listing that would match their present skills and expertise.


  • Bigger marketplace

PeoplePerHour is currently the largest job marketplace for job hunters and clients in the UK, boosting your chances to land on more significant projects. You get continuous access to thousands of registered clients, both new and returning ones, which allows you to continually submit as many service proposals as you can.

  • Guaranteed payment

Payment for rendered work is guaranteed since clients are required to deposit a certain amount to their subscription account. This would provide a greater sense of financial security while you are doing the job. PeoplePerHour will also take care of the invoicing job, leaving you stress-free with regards to project invoicing and payment schedule.


  • Pre-screening application process

PeoplePerHour requires registered job seekers to create an impressive work portfolio, which will be evaluated first because you need to get “certified before you can become an official PeoplePerHour team member.

  • Competitive market

Since PeoplePerHour carries the most significant number of registered users, you are up against the best freelancers from all across the globe. So the best way to grab a client’s attention is to include a personal link to your online portfolio. You also have no guaranteed workload, which may potentially leave you jobless for a few months despite submitting many proposals.

  • Service fees

PeoplePerHour charges clients with flexible service fees based on the agreed contract price, though there’s no registration free when you sign up for an account. Charges for add-on services include enhanced job post visibility and annual subscription fees.


Craigslist is an intuitive advertisement platform working as a “newspaper classified ad” section for free. This free ad platform is accessible to everyone who wants to post discussion forums, sales ads, and job listings. Craigslist is not only accessible for the local businesses as registered users may also check out other advertisements from selected cities around the world.


  • Reasonable cost

Craigslist charges registered users with a minimal fee though users may opt to sign up for a free account. It’s premium job ad subscription costs between $3 to $25 depending on location and preferred frequency of job posting. But the service fee is comparatively cheaper than many percentage-based job portals out there.


  • Limited talent

Screening of applicants is seemingly labor extensive as clients need to put some effort to find the deserving candidate. Clients can find more competitive freelancers from other job marketplace platforms than Craigslist.

  • Shorter lifespan of a job post

When you post a new ad on Craigslist, it will automatically appear on top of the listing, which pushes down the old ads below. The latest job ads get more attention since all Craigslist posts are listed in a reverse chronological arrangement, though the site has an essential search function to find your ad quickly. However, you may boost the online visibility of your job post by paying a certain amount as part of add-on services.


My OutDesk is a San Diego-based virtual assistant enterprise rendering professional services for real estate agents. The virtual assistant company employs a group of talented real estate virtual assistants in the Philippines, providing various services to all real estate clients in the US.


  • Complete real estate services

All My Outdesk virtual staff is expertly trained to perform a variety of professional services including but not limited to property sales documentation, MLS listing management, bookkeeping, and transaction coordination, among others. They can also handle different repetitive tasks such as price monitoring, Craigslist ad posting, and “process-driven” business details, alleviating other stressful workloads for both clients and real estate brokers. This clearly explains why real estate broker ads are frequently seen on the ad site.

  • Flexible subscription plans and pricing

As an employer, you can find your preferred “advanced” virtual assistant at a starting rate of $7.60 per hour, or you may settle for a managerial VA for $8.60 an hour. Whereas, for registered VAs, they can receive attractive rates, performance bonuses, and other work incentives under full discretion of the employer. A full-time executive assistant can be hired to help them handle large-scale real estate projects in the US at a starting price of $1530 a month.


  • Rigorous screening process for applicants
  • Hired candidates need to undergo a series of professional training sessions related to real estate VA jobs.
  • The job marketplace appears crowded since the real estate VA is considered a “specialized” type of VA position.

9. Pinoyjobs

Pinoy Jobs is an accessible job posting platform where employers and freelancers are welcome to join. Employers can directly hire a freelancer based on their criterion and available job position while freelancers can upload their recent resumes or create a personal profile. Pinoy Jobs has now joined hands with where employers can view their job posting in 16 different affiliated job search portals in one click.


  • The safer job hiring process

Only “verified” employers and companies are allowed to place an ad to prevent fake or scam ads.

  • Flexible posting rates

Upon signing up, employers are given two job post-credits for free, but they can request for “sponsored job ad” to boost the online visibility of the post. A “highlighted” job ad will cost 3,9990.00 Php for 30 days, and it will be posted regularly on various social media platforms for better exposure.

  • Convenient employer access

The free job posting will require at least three days for approval, while a sponsored job ad only takes one business day to process, and it will be posted immediately.


  • Job applicants are redirected to another job site before they can formally apply.
  • Limited job marketplace as more freelancers prefer other online platforms that allow them to submit project bids
  • No career resources or freelance career guides available


Freeeup is now a well-known freelance marketplace that only connects businesses to “pre-reviewed” freelancers from around the globe. What makes Freeeup different from other job portals is that the web platform carefully screens the candidates by reviewing their personal profile and then conducts an interview before they can join the marketplace. This ensures that clients would only get highly skilled professionals, thus reducing their wasted time in narrowing down the applicants. As for qualified freelancers, they are allowed to set their own rates either by hourly or fixed while business owners can access over 85 different job categories ranging from web development to digital marketing in order to find their perfect candidate.

Creating a Freeeup account is free, and there are no monthly or annual subscription fees to worry about. Clients will only need to send a request to access a pre-screened freelancer, and they can receive a response within one business day. For any work-related issues that need to be resolved, Freeeup deploys an excellent team of customer service specialists ready to assist both freelancers and clients.


  • Convenient mobile app

Freeeup app can be installed in all Android and iOS devices, giving clients unlimited access to an ongoing project. The software enables them to hire qualified freelancers, monitor the project fast, and manage the billing process of their employees. Freeeup will replace the freelancer right away if he or she ever quit the project for whatever reason, with no additional cost for the client.

  • Secure job marketplace

All created profiles for freelancers and clients are cautiously screened to ensure work quality and to prevent falsified transactions. Once you become a Freeeup freelancer, you can generate better take-home pay as clients are already informed of your relevant skills prior to actual hiring. Freeeup makes it possible for clients to get the best available freelancer while the platform serves as a one-stop-shop to process all work transactions, customer concerns, and payment.

  • Prompt response

Clients and freelancers can initiate direct conversations with top officials of Freeeup for inquiries and work-related concerns in addition to its 24/7 customer service. You can receive an answer within 24 hours.


  • The marketplace isn’t that huge at the moment, but Freeeup will likely become bigger soon.
  • The service rates are higher than other existing job portals, but it appears that the screening process is far more accurate because of job interviews, profile evaluation, and job matching being conducted.


MyFreightStaff is an all-complete home-based service platform specializing in logistics and transportation services.


  • Standard work schedule, but the workload will depend on the actual time zone of the client
  • The application process usually takes 5 to 7 business days, depending on how fast you respond to the client’s instructions. If you fail to go through, MyFreighStaff will continue to endorse your application to other clients as long as your credentials would fit the job.
  • Professional training will be provided by the client, and it is already considered “official,” meaning that you will get paid.


  • MyFreightStaff only hires Filipino professionals living in the Philippines.
  • Structured work time model where you can choose to work part-time (4 hours) or full-time (8 hours)
  • Clients often work on a standard work time that would require Philippine-based VAs to work night shift since working hours will depend on where the clients are located.
  • No work benefits, social benefits, paid leave days and holiday breaks
  • Performance bonus initiated by the remote staff is considered a clear violation of the service term, which may result from working termination.


Golance is an online freelance marketplace that works almost the same as other popular job search platforms. The online platform allows clients to place a job ad, and they will be provided with a list of recommended freelancers suitable for the available position. Golance also features a built-in search engine tool that quickly filters the qualified freelancers based on relevant expertise, so clients would only need to conduct an interview when deemed necessary.


  • Easy access to thousands of freelancer profiles equipped with uploaded resumes, work samples, professional certificates, and social media links
  • Freelancer recommendations are provided to minimize your search time so that you can focus on other tasks. Golance carefully assesses your exact requirements to find the right freelancer for the job. You get full access to all uploaded resumes and client reviews to make sure that you would only hire the appropriate person.
  • Freelancers can view the project details that would help them decide whether to submit a proposal or decline the offer.
  • Golance features a standard work diary to help freelancers monitor their projects accurately. The enhanced work diary can easily bridge the communication gap between freelancers and employers, which may arise while the project is ongoing. You can leave comments, make suggestions and accept instructions directly from the client.
  • “Cash back” is provided by Golance if you link any bank or a cash card as your default payment option.
  • Freelancers only pay a flat percentage rate of 7.95% from all projects and clients won’t be charged by, for the hiring process.
  • As part of the promotion, freelancers can receive an additional payment from Golance when they submit a blog post through their personal profile. Your blog article will be published on various social media platforms affiliated to Golance.


  • Competitive marketplace. You may likely find it difficult to land a project despite submitting many proposals.
  • All withdrawal transactions may take up to five business days excluding weekends and holidays.


Fiverr is one of the largest cloud-based freelance marketplaces for global enterprises offering a broad array of freelance services ranging from web creation to virtual assistance jobs. This versatile online platform for freelancers and business owners delivers quality results at an affordable cost starting at $5 per job. The site is primarily used by remote workers and freelancers, referred to as “sellers,” offering professional expertise to potential clients or “buyers” on a global scale. Before you get started, you need to register through the platform first, either as a seller or a buyer.


•            Good source of income

Fiverr can provide freelancers countless job opportunities with thousands of job ads posted each day. As a freelancer, you may submit project bids directly to the target client without any need to thoroughly screen your credentials, provided that you would qualify for the job position.

•            Client referrals

If you keep your account always active, Fiverr will send job invitations regularly, so you would only need to keep sending proposals to preferred clients. In fact, clients will come to you, and you only need to wait for email alerts. One thing more, if you are an above average-rated freelancer, you may also receive client referrals from Fiverr who could match your rates based on previous client feedback and overall work performance, which may significantly boost your chances to grab a new project. Tips are also provided when clients are satisfied with your performance, possibly offsetting the 20% Fiverr percentage cut.

•            Free career advancement tools

There are a handful career advancement tools provided to help freelancers enhance their professional careers. Fiverr is releasing business articles, career advice, and portfolio writing tools on a regular schedule to encourage more people to go freelancing.


•            Automatic 20% project commission

On each transaction, Fiverr will take 20% of the total cost as commission. Besides percentage cut, there are also additional charges imposed, such as currency conversion fee, subscription fees, and applicable taxes.

•            Strict user policies

Fiverr reserves the right to shut down your account if you ever commit any violation of its service terms. You may lose everything you have started from building your client database to elevating your freelancer status.

Fiverr implements a strict policy regarding making transactions outside of the platform. All business details should be kept confidential within the platform, including payment terms, client information and project details. If you ever decide to deactivate your account, you won’t be allowed to bring your regular clients with you, or Fiverr won’t allow you to contact them anymore.

•            Difficult to build a client network

When you just started out, you would encounter some difficulties trying to win your first ever project since regular clients would still prefer to hire the services of experienced freelancers. You would need time, hard work, and patience when building up your reputation in the platform.

14. GURU is a web-based service platform that connects global clients to qualified freelancers to collaborate on a project. Registered employers can access a full directory of talented independent contractors that they can hire or work with. They can review profiles and then select the right freelancer that may appear suitable for the job vacancy. allows job seekers to register as an agency or as an individual offering various professional services in over 8 job categories. Businesses, on the other hand, can post job ads for a fee as well as receive project proposals from interested “gurus.” features an intuitive interface where registered users can view all job vacancies, project descriptions, marketing proposals, and news updates conveniently in one window. The online job portal also allows businesses to perform several office operations, including recruitment, project management, and billing, so it becomes easier to manage both projects and freelancers.


•            Comprehensive dashboard and file sharing system delivers a comprehensive working board that helps you manage your projects precisely. With its powerful interface, you are able to communicate with your freelancers, track time, monitor the project status, or even send additional instructions. Freelancers can track down the work progress using a “built-in” work record, which can make billing process effortless.

•            Payment integration, auto-debit, and wire transfer supports various electronic payment options to accommodate all preferred payment platforms of clients. The website accepts payments in different forms, such as account funding, e-checks, checks, and wire transfers. Its payment system makes payment procedures more comfortable for both clients and freelancers.

•            Regular project featuring offers clients “job feature” service where new proposals can be featured for 30 days, aiming to draw more attention from freelancers. This extra service would cost $29.95, and the project would appear on top of the search results for a month.

•            Simple hiring process allows clients and hired “gurus” to form a workable business relationship. This functional platform can provide expert assistance to clients in relation to the hiring process from an actual interview to contract signing. It can give them a list of qualified freelancers with a proven track record, so recruitment officers won’t need to go through thousands of profiles each time.

•            Reasonable service fees only charges clients and freelancers a small amount for the payment process and “customized” business services. Job posters are not billed for receiving project bids from freelancers, but they are offered an additional service that would enhance the online visibility of their job vacancy.


  • Random software crash which may cause temporary data loss
  • Competitive marketplace which may require time to build up your portfolio
  • Inaccurate time tracking causing you to call them to troubleshoot your account


Hubstaff is a time-tracking software that helps business owners and project managers keep track of their freelancers during work time. This handy time-tracking tool is lightweight and intuitive, which is perfect for small and medium enterprises. It offers a diverse range of functions, including screenshot system, project invoicing, idle time notification and accurate work recording.


•            Full project monitoring system

Hubstaff still works normally even if your team members go offline because the software automatically stores the recorded data until the time their internet connection is restored. This time-tracking tool features URL tracking and works location monitoring through its built-in GPS, so you can always check the activity level of your employees without invading their privacy. Hubstaff doesn’t use random webcam shots, but you can review the apps or site your freelancers are visiting.

•            Flexible pricing plans

Hubstaff subscription plans are offered at a starting rate of $5 per month for every user while it’s premium subscription cost $10 per month for every user.

•            Third-party integration

Hubstaff can be easily integrated with different third-party apps depending on your exact requirement. For example, utilize the Payoneer or PayPal integration to send your payment to employees.


•            Not compatible for all businesses

Though Hubstaff is designed for business professionals who want to “micro” manage their operations, this may not work for all due to technical limitations. Hubstaff might not be the right software for you if you are just searching for a basic time-monitoring tool with no more additional tracking features.


Worksvianet is an online job posting site open to all business owners, private organizations, and job seekers in the Philippines. The website contains updated job posts with corresponding job descriptions and expected salary. It offers assistance to applicants in submitting their credentials to prospective employers though no prior screening is done.

Job seekers can create a personal profile or upload a recent resume while employers can check the application on their own. A basic search tool is provided to help applicants find the job vacancy fast.


•            Intuitive interface

The platform of Worksvianet is easy to use, allowing you to create your profile in just few minutes. When you reach the homepage, you will see all job listings, work location, and salary details to help you decide whether to send an application or not. Job descriptions are provided, and you only need to click the “apply” button to submit your application.

•            Email alert

Worksvianet will regularly send you email notifications of any job opening. You may customize your email alerts by providing details such as desired location, specific job category, and position.

•            Reasonable fees for job posting

Worksvianet offers affordable job posting services to employers to help their project reach more freelancers on the platform. They are given free posting credits as well as paid posting credits to boost the online presence of their job posts. Aside from this, Worksvianet is also featuring other partner sites where job seekers may have better opportunities to land a job.


•            Compilation of job vacancies only

Worksvianet displays job vacancies from various job search portals, meaning that applicants will only be redirected to another site to apply.

•            No candidate filter

Worksvianet does not conduct any pre-screening process to filter out the candidates. Employers will either wait for the applicants to submit their application or browse through the database of the platform to find a freelancer.

•            Limited job marketplace

Job seekers may find it difficult to get a project since most of the job vacancies are located in the Philippines. Job posts are mostly made by local businesses in the country, though many of them can be foreign-owned.


Truelancer is an India-based online community of talented and trusted freelancers founded in 2014 with a vision to create a global ecosystem of enterprises and skilled professionals. is the official working platform that links clients and freelancers to undertake projects of various sizes. Similar to other job portals, projects are posted based on work duration and job category where freelancers are invited to send proposals that would fit the work requirements. With, freelancers can access thousands of job opportunities, including web programming, content creation, virtual tasks, graphic design, and data management among others.


•            Multi-tasking web interface

Sending proposals, searching for jobs, and creating an outstanding career profile can all be accomplished in one window. You can connect to clients without going through any screening procedure or interview. All project funds are “pre-deposited” by the client and will be deposited to your Truelancer account after fulfilling the contract terms within the project deadline.

•            Easy to get started provides a quick sign-up process using any Google or Facebook account. This work platform won’t force you to become a high-level freelancer first before you can bid for bigger projects. And if you are currently recruiting, you can publish your job vacancies without any additional expenses unless you want to pay a little amount for the “job boosting” service.

•            Prompt administrative actions

Truelancer makes it easy to call their attention if there’s any untoward incident or work misunderstandings happening while the project is ongoing. Fraudulent acts and disrespectful behaviors are considered serious offenses that may possibly terminate the service contract or personal accounts of both parties.

•            Accurate search finds

Truelancer utilizes advanced search filters to help candidates and clients narrow down the results or determine which freelancer is readily available to get the job. There is also an invite option for clients to expedite the hiring process. At the same time, freelancers can receive regular job notifications related to their skills once they subscribe to the platform.


•            No pre-screening process

Everyone is welcome to join the platform including newbies and “overqualified” individuals. No pre-screening process is conducted, and clients should manually browse through the platform to find the best freelancer available.

•            Payment delay

It may take time before getting paid since clients will also take time to evaluate your work outputs. Other factors include payment procedures, the billing process, and conversion/transfer time.

•            Limited number of foreign clients

Truelancer are mostly utilized by local employers and businesses across India, but there are a moderate number of foreign-based clients who already joined the platform. Indian employers are “naturally” demanding to their freelancers, and they pay the workers quite low.


BestJobs is a Philippine-based job search platform serving as a connecting link between business organizations and job seekers across the country. Employers look for potential workers to fill up the vacancy while freelancers can submit their recent resume through the website. To access the description of the vacant job, interested applicants need to register to the platform, complete the online form, and then upload the resume right away.


•            Easy application process

You only need to create a job seeker profile and upload a resume before you can formally send an application. Once you have completed the account creation, just click “apply” and easily go through the detailed description.

•            Application update

Once you submit the application, you have automatically contacted the employer, so you only need to wait if the company is interested to hire you. While waiting for a response, you may check out your application status found in the “application” tab of your profile page. If the job post you have applied appears there, you are assured that the company has received your application.

•            Easy employer access

Recruiters can access thousands of profiles in the platform database and send an invitation to freelancers whom they think are qualified for the position. They can also view your resume because you have submitted an application to one of their job posts. If you don’t want your profile to become “visible” to companies other than those you have applied, change your privacy settings found in your profile page.


•            No BestJob intervention

BestJob does not interfere in the selection process, meaning clients have the sole discretion whether to hire the freelancer or not. In this case, clients have to do all the screening procedures themselves.

•            No re-application

You have the option to withdraw your application to any job offer. To cancel your application, you need to visit the “application” tab from your profile page and click “withdraw.” Remember that you can no longer send an application to the same job post once you decide to withdraw your candidacy.


ServiceScape is another exciting online platform that enables global clients to find highly skilled freelancers offering diverse professional services. Clients can browse through a number of job categories related to web development, graphic design, back office jobs, and content creation with this platform. The service company offers a constant stream of projects for freelancers on top of handling other relevant administrative tasks for both users. For freelancers, they can set their individual project rates or offer custom projects to clients if necessary.


•            Easy platform interface

ServiceScape features an intuitive service platform that allows clients and freelancers to work together as a team. Registered users can send files, exchange messages, post comments, and track down all work accomplishments in a single dashboard.

•            Multiple app integration

ServiceScape has adapted a number of online platforms, including cloud-based services and payment systems, to enhance work productivity among clients and workers.

•            Full customer care support

You can always rely on customer care support of ServiceScape to help resolve any project-related issues during work. They can handle contract reviewing, billing inquiries, and project status report to mitigate any communication problems that may arise between two parties.


•            Building up the client database takes time

Just like any other online job marketplace, you need to maintain a good reputation to gain the trust of other clients. Building up your freelance career in any platform takes time, and it may require at least an entire year before you find any consistency. Expect income increase to be slow but at least steady in terms of getting new clients.

•            High commission charges

Unfortunately, ServiceScape get 40% of your total earning per project, and other fees such as applicable taxes, annual subscription fees, and payment service fees are not included. The commission rate makes it difficult for freelancers to win proposals as they need to raise the project cost to offset it. So expect your freelance career to be daunting during the first few months.


TaskRabbit connects you to potential clients who need serious help for different jobs like cleaning the house or doing the grocery shopping for them. So TaskRabbit is an online freelance platform for all kinds of “odd” jobs and home repairs.

This service platform uses a location-finder system to help residential owners and contractors meet for a certain project. As clients, you can use this accessible app to find the appropriate contractor that would deliver several jobs such as yard cleaning, plumbing installation, carpentry works, and moving services. Registered freelancers are referred to as “tasker” who may represent an agency or work individually according to project complexity. You can become a parking attendant, a daycare staff, a mall shopper or even a personal assistant as long as you would fit the client requirements.


•            Happy customers would mean more referrals

As an independent contractor, you can display your technical expertise and services in the app, allowing it to find the right project match or client requirements. Customers can rate your performance, which can help elevate your online presence on the platform. Using the app, you can set up an appointment, negotiate your service fees and rate the clients after the project.

•            Flexible pricing

TaskRabbit is free for taskers and clients, but a paid subscription is available that would allow you to access a wider client database. This add-on service can make your presence more visible on the search result.

•            Finding the best clients

The job match is based on customer needs, such as hourly rate, work duration, relevant skill, and of course performance rating, so the better you perform, the higher the chance to get a new one. TaskRabbit only gets a small percentage from your paid services, and all payments are secured and convenient for both users.

Contractors won’t need to spend heavily on marketing since TaskRabbit will do the promotion for them. When you sign up, you get the chance to view all available jobs within your area. And if your services match the job descriptions, you are automatically “alerted” of a new project.

•            Money-back guarantee

A contractor with a proven track record may benefit a lot from using TaskRabbit. The online app ensures that all “taskers” are cautiously screened to make sure clients only hire the best-performing contractor and eliminate all possible fraudulent activities. Customers can get their money back if the contractor has ever committed any serious offense during work or if the tasker has not fully satisfied the terms of the contract.

•            Mobile support

TaskRabbit is fully accessible in all iOS and Android devices, so you can stay connected and informed of the latest job orders.


•            Only “blue-collar jobs are available

TaskRabbit only delivers a diverse range of blue-collar jobs from maintenance works to personal shopping, so job seekers should not expect any form of “job promotion.”

Despite this limitation, TaskRabbit won’t intervene in the negotiation process between you and the customer, so you can charge more if deemed necessary.

•            Limited marketplace

Projects are usually located in areas nearest you, so you still need to find customers away from your present location. You will be forced to include transport costs and food allowance in your project bid to offset these additional expenses.


LinkedIn is now the largest professional social media platform connecting over 500 million users in 200+ countries and 100+ languages. This massive business platform aims to link different professionals, global organizations, and startup enterprises in one solid interface.

LinkedIn is created for business-minded people who are interesting in taking their professional life on a high note regardless if you are a recruitment specialist for a global enterprise, a post-graduate student exploring for new heights, or someone who owns a local shop. Joining LinkedIn seems like attending a networking event where people exchange business cards, talk about their professional lives and meet fellow professionals on a “virtual” setup.

With this huge platform, you are trying to build your own network by adding fellow professionals and connect to corporate offices similar to how you run a Facebook account. You may have all of your professional credentials and project experiences laid out in a well-written profile page for public viewing.

LinkedIn delivers endless opportunities for recruiters to find the perfect candidate suitable in a wide array of service expertise. For job seekers, the platform can serve as a gigantic job marketplace where they can experience genuine professional career growth on a sustainable level.


•            Continuous networking opportunities

LinkedIn provides global enterprises the capacity to research all highly qualified professionals available to take on a particular job. Its strong online presence enables every business to build a network of professionals for specific industries that can be fully utilized in the future.

LinkedIn appears as a massive job board capable of reaching millions of freelancers, remote workers, and business owners in just a few clicks. As an employer or a recruiter, you can connect to your prospective candidate by sending a job invitation discussing the job position in greater detail. You can also utilize the candidate’s “LinkedIn” network to look for people who might possess the exact skills you are looking for.

•            Receiving fresh information

LinkedIn continues to send out fresh contents and business ideas categorized into relevant fields of expertise to keep you updated on the latest news around the business world. The social network site allows users to post blogs or share insights that might be important to other working professionals.

•            Keyword search optimization

Job seekers and recruiters can use keywords to narrow down the search results or target a specific field of industry. There are keywords that can define the job search based on a number of criterions such as job title, location, company name, and project name. Once you have entered the keywords, LinkedIn will automatically generate a list of available jobs that would match your qualifications.

•            LinkedIn forum discussions

LinkedIn encourages registered job seekers and employers to engage with one another by exchanging information. Everyone may share relevant work experiences, technical knowledge, and insights by providing feedback on various questions being posted.

•            Professional groups

LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to join one of the listed professional groups established within the platform. You can find one by using the available search tool or check out the suggested groups related to your business profile. When you join a professional group, you can initiate a conversation, share your expertise, or even promote your brand, though many of them have rules to follow.


•            Time consuming

Creating your business profile will definitely take time since you need to fill up the necessary information, write your credentials in an impressive manner, and build up your network from scratch. You also need time to build up your profile by learning the site features and making new connections with professionals whom you don’t know at first and then slowly work your way up.

•            Overloaded profile page

With LinkedIn, you can share your expertise through writing articles and posts, but too many contents may possibly lose the interest of your profile readers. Remember that your readers often look for specific answers, and if they don’t find it right away, they will look for another page similar to your industry.

•            Competitive job market

Though LinkedIn is created to connect yourself to millions of professionals out there, you should realize that you are up against the best freelancers and job candidates in your industry. Recruiters are likely to overlook your profile if it seems unimpressive or you lack the necessary qualifications to get hired. So try to find potential employers that prefer to work with newbies or average-rated freelancers and build your reputation from there.

Aside from job marketplace sites, you can also utilize the presence of Facebook groups, which can significantly enhance your professional career. These Facebook groups are primarily comprised of Filipino professionals working in various industries and business organizations here and abroad. You can join them, provided that you are interested to work as a freelancer or willing to impart any technical skill that can help other professionals. Here are some examples:


FILVAN, stands for Filipino Virtual Assistant Network, is an online Facebook community created for home-based professionals where members are encouraged to post job ads, ask questions and share information. This professional group by far, has over 25,000 registered members.


  • Provides regular stream of information about the freelancing industry such as career tips, latest market trends, business ideas, and ongoing projects
  • Potential job opportunity since members are allowed to recruit online workers directly
  • Provides career resources like career recommendations, marketing tips, resume writing and others
  • Practices a high level of mutual trust, member discipline, respect and privacy to all
  • Enforces strict policies about posting job ads, inquiries and comments
  • Provides training at a lower price which seems better than not getting paid at all


  • Potential source of scammers or fake employers
  • Employers are expecting too much from hired workers but pay quite low
  • Incomplete job descriptions (which requires you to keep asking questions)
  • Competitive marketplace though a lot of employers are handling international projects

2. OFF

Online Filipino Freelancers (OFF) is a strong 15,000-member Facebook group established for online freelancers in the Philippines. This group is not directly affiliated with any online freelance platform. Everyone is welcome to join the group as long as he or she is willing to learn the craft of freelancing.


  • Provides regular announcements of job openings
  • Detailed job descriptions are provided (bounded by rules set by the group administration)
  • Promotes professional skills through video tutorials and regular releases of articles
  • Provides suggestions and tips about job application, career improvement, payment methods, and client interaction


  • Potential source of fake employers and jobs
  • Stringent screening process usually conducted by recruiters
  • Offers paid training in forms of online lectures, mentoring and webinars
  • Potential risk of getting scammed
  • Job ads related to networking are prohibited.


Freelancing with a Heart Community (FWHC) is a Facebook community of active freelancers in the Philippines, where members are constantly receiving freelancing tips and career guidance from long-time practicing freelancers for free. This social media group intends to assist newbies, current freelancers, and interested individuals in various work-related concerns, such as receiving payments from clients, dealing with toxic clients, and hiring additional team members for a certain project.

Freelancing with a Heart Community also has an existing job platform where members can post previous competed projects to attract new clients. If the client hires the freelancer, FWHC won’t intervene in any part of the negotiation process. Members can also be hired by the group and will assign them to handle such projects with no commission.


  • Open to all Facebook users (newbies, part-timers, regular employees, and experienced freelancers)
  • Possible employment from local employers and recruiters
  • Provides latest news and trends about freelance practices here and abroad
  • Provides expert tips on handling clients, payments, proposals and project management
  • Gives prompt feedback on various questions
  • Releases regular freelancing articles for skills enhancement
  • Gives reminders and warnings against fake employers and extremely low-priced projects
  • Releases useful links (video tutorials, freelance platforms, and blogs sites) for skills development
  • Paid training or mentorship is not allowed.
  • Automatic membership ban for any fraudulent transaction and misbehavior


  • Possible risk for fake clients and disinformation
  • Any form of networking business is barred.

4. Filipino Freelancer Online Home Based Job

Filipino Freelancer Online Home Based Job is a long-running Facebook community created for Filipino freelancers searching to find a home-based job. This group has more than 71,000 registered members comprised of Filipino clients, practicing freelancers, and freelance career experts.


  • Countless job opportunities for freelancers (a regular stream of job posts
  • Easy connection with skilled professionals and business mentors
  • Allows job posting and hiring
  • Provides feedback on various work-related concerns including billing process, proposal writing, and client database build-up
  • Provides career resources from experienced freelancers and remote staff
  • Offers free and paid training on different niches


  • Competitive hiring marketplace
  • Potential source of fake employers, abusive clients, and scammers
  • Stringent screening process applied by some recruiters
  • Possibility of getting “bashed” if you display any rough behavior


HOWPO is a closed Facebook group that shares “free” job postings from clients and freelancers that are outsourcing. By joining this group, you are able to get expert tips about how to start working online and more.


  • Releases latest news evolving around the freelancing or virtual assistant industry
  • Provides suggestions on how to work online
  • Provides technical information which can be easily understood
  • Learn tips from experienced freelancers
  • Receives regular responses experts


  • There is a possible risk of clients that are scammers even though the posts are screened
  • Lack of job posters and clients

6. Philippines Virtual Assistant for Hire

Philippines Virtual Assistant for Hire (PVAH) is a popular Facebook group created to provide home-based jobs to Filipinos related to all forms of virtual assistant jobs. This group has more than 27,000 registered members to date, ready to assist your VA career dream towards success. Job seekers can apply for a number of available VA positions here, such as social media VA, virtual researcher, online bookkeeper, real estate VA, data entry specialist, and virtual marketing assistant.


  • Open to all interested freelancers who want to pursue a VA career
  • Regular stream of job announcements from local employers
  • Provides professional tips, career guidance, client handling, and work solutions through blog posts and articles
  • Connects you to experienced VAs and expert professionals
  • Receives prompt responses from fellow VAs
  • Offers paid VA training, though pay can be quite low
  • Encourages debate among registered members, but it should not be offensive or disrespectful


  • Potential source of fake employers and scammers
  • Job posting other than VA-related jobs is restricted
  • Long screening process
  • Job marketplace is competitive

As you see, freelancer platforms, including social media sites are designed to help you build a permanent client database using wireless capabilities at a lower cost. Despite their competitive nature in the digital business environment, these websites are capable of raising your online presence, ultimately leading to sustainable working relationships with clients.

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Aldrich Tan is a duly registered Filipino architect and is currently working as a freelance writer focusing on content writing and blogging purposes.

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