OnPal: Is it a Good Investment that’s Worth your Time and Effort?


What is OnPal?

OnPal or “Online Paluwagan” is a form of lending and savings system in the Philippines.  It is otherwise known as ROSCA or “Rotating Savings and Credit Association” in other countries. The beginnings of OnPal is unknown, but it became popular around the Year 2015.  

How to Earn in OnPal?

Only three people are needed to make OnPal work. 

All members should agree on a fixed amount and payout frequencies – weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  Usually, OnPal assures a weekly payout, so the waiting time is shorter. 

Each member should also invite another three people to participate, and so on and so forth.

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So, here’s how it works: 

Say, three friends, Mark, Juan, and Tonyo join a paluwagan scheme.  They agreed to pay weekly Php500.00 each. At the end of the first week, Mark will receive Php1,500, then Juan on the second week and Tonyo on the third week. 

This cycle goes on as long as they want. 

OnPal guarantees earnings in addition to the return on investment.

An example of which is a Php3,000 investment will give you Php5,000 in a matter of two weeks.  It is usually promoted online or through social media because of its bigger potential recruitment base, thus, growing the group is faster.

Each person joining an OnPal are all required to invite three people to participate. See illustration below:

   OnPal Paluwagan Scheme

OnPal Paluwagan Scheme


Why are People Joining OnPal?

Even with the awareness that most OnPal systems aren’t registered companies, more and more people are joining due to the following reasons:

  • The need to earn instant money. People have been more open to any form of earning extra income especially those that don’t require so much work.  In OnPal, one needs only to convince three people to join in and contribute to an agreed amount of money.  OnPal promises earnings in a short span of time with the “investment” that you put in the system.  It is already good enough to add to personal project funding. 
  • Forced savings. Some people join OnPal because it will force him/her to save on a regular basis, be it weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. If everything goes well, the savings is returned back to the person.  Basically, there is nothing to lose for them. 
  • They trust the people who recruited them or the ones on top.  Some join because they simply trust the people who convinced them to join.  Most people are invited by their friends and families who they put their trust on. 
  • No reason at all, or, out of curiosity.  If the amount of money that they will invest doesn’t hurt them, it’s extra money, they just simply try for no reason at all.  A sum of money that they can afford to lose. It will not be a big deal for them if something goes wrong.  Some are just out of curiosity, maybe, wanting to find out if they would really earn from it. 

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Who are the groups that are using OnPal Scheme?

Several groups are employing the OnPal scheme, such as, but not limited to:

  • Royale Paluwagan Team Positive
  • Hawak Kamay for Negosyanteng Pinoy Global Community
  • Team Fast Earning Online Cavite Paluwagan
  • Team Angels International
  • Diday’s Paluwagan

What is the common problem?

Problems don’t exist if an OnPal runs smoothly.  The problem usually starts when some members don’t pay on time or can’t contribute anymore which greatly affects the whole system. In turn, the promised payout will also be affected.

What do you need to know?

It’s a reality that any money-making scheme involves a certain level of risk.  It’s up to you to gauge whether to invest or join in it.  But, as with anything involving a money being spent or invested for a possible income generating activity, the basics should first be considered:

  • Check if the company is registered at the concerned government agency. You don’t want to be involved in the complications of an illegal business. 
  • Do a bit of background check about the people involved in the scheme. Check how they started, their business background, and their credibility. 
  • Find out their business plan and gauge its feasibility. You can consult another person who you think can best advise you on this. 
  • Most importantly, check your funds. Be sure that it’s an extra money and not coming from your basic daily needs budget. 
  • Calculate risks. Remember, any investment involves a level of risk. You don’t want to go through the hardships of funding your basic needs because of investment went.


So, whether OnPal is worth your time and effort or not? You alone can decide because you are the only person who knows your risk appetite.  Always go back to how you got your hard-earned money.  Make sure you invest it well.

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