PayPal Balance Not Reflecting

PayPal Balance Not Reflecting [09/28/2020]

If you’re receiving a regular salary from clients using PayPal, you may possibly experience the same problem as other freelancers not seeing the credited amount on their account. They don’t see the balance of their PayPal account even after the payment has been received or even if they already get a “payment received” notification. This payment issue has never happened to PayPal users before in the Philippines.

You can still encounter this bugging problem even if you haven’t done anything else with your account other than receiving compensation or you’re using your account to make online purchases. If you’re an online entrepreneur who accepts payments through PayPal, you might also encounter a prompt message saying “payment completed” or “status is completed,” but the money isn’t reflecting on your balance. Logically speaking, if the payment isn’t showing in your PayPal balance then it may sound as if you haven’t been paid for your services or products at all.

Now, if you get an email informing that you have received a payment, but you don’t see it anywhere in your PayPal account, there are a number of potential reasons:

Wrong Email Address

Your payment may have been accidentally sent to the wrong email address because you can always contact the sender to confirm that the payment was sent to the appropriate recipient. Always double check the email address when requesting a payment, especially if you’re using alphanumeric characters in your account.

Unverified Email Account

You may have the email address in your account, but it wasn’t confirmed. You need to confirm your email address in the payment settings as proof of your identity before you can be allowed to receive or send payments. This is an important step in receiving funds, whether local or international sources, in your PayPal account, particularly if you can’t find your recent payment transactions.

However, always be careful when confirming your email address due to potential security breach from fishing emails. These are malicious emails that attempt to collect your financial and personal details through a variety of forms, including page subscriptions, online surveys and referral links. These fake emails are usually linked to untrustworthy websites that encourage you to share sensitive information such as account password, credit card details and passport number among others. In case you receive one, you may forward the suspicious email to [email protected] or directly delete the fake email.

Automatic Deduction from Previous Purchases

Have you purchased anything and used your PayPal account to settle it since your recent payment went in? Because if you have funds in your PayPal balance and you purchase something, PayPal may directly take those funds as payment for your unsettled purchases, instead of charging your linked card or bank account. Your PayPal account always acts as your default funding source when you use it to buy consumer products while the rest of your accounts will serve as your optional funding source.

It is advisable to print out all previous transactions and reconcile against your current account balance where your purchases are paid from to determine whether PayPal did automatically apply the amounts you received from clients against the succeeding purchases you made after receiving your salary. As an initial step, if a recent payment has not reflected in your account balance, refresh PayPal website, or review your purchase history. Go to “details” next to the transaction you’re trying to trace and you will probably notice that some of them were funded via your PayPal account balance and the rest from your linked credit or debit card.

As a buyer, however, you need to make sure that you have sufficient funds in your card since PayPal will directly take funds from your set default funding source, whether you choose a PayPal account or any linked bank account. When you pay, PayPal will automatically credit the seller the funds for you and wait for the funds to move, thus preventing any delay in dispatching your purchased item. This happens when you’re paying from your PayPal account and have a backup funding source linked to PayPal like a cash card or credit card.

If you’re experiencing troubles with some of your account functionalities like transferring funds, withdrawing funds, and receiving the money to your account, it is best to confirm your identity, update your profile or refresh the PayPal website. If the funds haven’t appeared in your PayPal account balance, you can review the entire transfer process of every transaction you have made. Just log into your PayPal account and click on “all activity” with the account balance option to see your running account balance on each transaction.


A lot of people are experiencing this and this seems to be due to PayPal issues on their end. If in case to be sure, just contact PayPal support. After a few days, most people got their salary or payment.

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