5 Reasons Why Some Filipinos won’t Succeed Online


Have you wondered and asked yourself this question?

Why others succeed while others aren’t?

What do you lack and what do they have?

What would be the definition of Online success?

For others, it is as simple as earning a desired amount depending on their experience. Some would be gaining more clients or projects or a boost in their status in life.

Well, there are a lot of factors and reasons and I’m just going to point out the 5 reasons why some Filipinos won’t succeed online.

Why Won’t I Succeed Online?

1. Gravy Train

Gravity train

These are people who want’s to earn big with little or less endeavor. You won’t go anywhere with this kind of attitude. You must accept first that earning online is never easy at the beginning then slowly make your way so that later on it will not be that difficult and will be easy to manage.

Earning big is achievable but you have to work it out first to attain it.

2. Pusillanimous


If you lack courage and undetermined then you won’t succeed online. If you want something you have to work hard for it. Earning online is never easy at the beginning, you have to take the risk sometimes but be sure what you’re risking for is legit and you have researched it thoroughly online.

Pusillanimous part 2

A lot of Filipinos are timid even me sometimes but there are those people even though you posted a guide they will just send a private message to you so that you will personally explain it to them. Worst, they want you to do it for them. Now that’s a timid person with a super lazy attitude.


3. Crab Mentality

Crab mentality

All of you know this but it’s a familiar habit that some may have a hard time to change. Instead of wasting time of being envy, pulling others down, talking negative things, acting arrogant, and insecure. Why not waste your time on improving yourself for the better?

Accept and take steps to improve.

4. Right Mindset

Right Mindset

This is so important, if you want to succeed by earning or working online then you have to read and learn always. Always think what you learn is always not enough. Work is always exhausting whether it’s offline or online. The difference is it’s a different way and kind of exhaustion.

It’s tiring at first but once you have the knowledge and built a good foundation then it will be a lot easier compared to the beginning or success will just follow.

5. A Dreamer Who Doesn’t Act

dreamer who doesn't act

You can see a lot of post like this on Facebook nowadays. A person who dreams of earning big but doesn’t act, a skeptical type of person who doesn’t want to shell out money and just want to receive more money. Everyone knows or even that person knows that to earn big you have to invest but they just chose to do that.

There are a few that I admire sometimes where they post like this just to copy other people’s strategy. The only problem with some of them is they don’t even try to think of a way to improve it and make it their own.

It’s okay to dream big but you have to act in accordance with your dream to make it true. I know it’s hard, been there done that.

If ever you find yourself with this question of not being able to succeed I always ask this to myself “What have I been doing?”

Remember doing the same things will only get you the same results. It doesn’t hurt to try out new things that might turn out the way you want it to be.

Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

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