Work from Home Policy: Private Employees Working at Home

work from home policy

We already know the heavy traffic in Manila and probably it won’t be resolved anytime soon. Our government is making an effort now by planning how to solve it, and one of it is private employees to work at home.

Even in Cebu, Cebuanos are having a hard time going to work due to heavy traffic, and like in Manila even the road widening won’t solve the problem.

The House Bill No. 7402 is approved by lawmakers who say “workers in the private sector use telecommuting—meaning a versatile working agreement where an employee may work in a suitable alternative workplace with the use of equipment such as computers.

What do you think will be the requirement?

First and foremost the initial requirement is the agreement of employers and employees working at home. It does not necessarily mean you can only work at home; you can work anywhere as long as you have the equipment and fast internet connection.

Clocking in time for work can be done using probably, time doctor, Hubstaff, and other similar tools.

For employees working in a voice account, a no noise background is needed. Either you buy a noise canceling headset, find a quiet place to live in, or create a soundproof mini office at your home.


The Common Problem in the Philippines—Slow Internet Connection

When it comes to choosing the best affordable internet service provider, there is none actually as of the moment. There are good ones but damn its expensive.

In some location PLDT Home fibr is good, in some areas, Converge, and others areas is Sky. There are expensive ones but judging from the salary as an employee I don’t think its practical to get an expensive one unless the company provides which is probably impossible.

If your work is not doing calls (chat support) then the ISP mentioned can suffice and a backup pocket wifi in cases of blackouts in an area.


Alternative Working Place

In Manila, you can temporarily work here

1. Loft Coworking Philippines

Located in Ortigas Center in Pasig, where you can enjoy unlimited coffee and fast wifi.

2. Clock in BGC

Located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, where you can get; to meet a community of freelancers and startups, convenience in work, and collaboration between the people you meet there.

3. SocialSpace Coworking

Located in Alpha Tower Investment Drive Madrigal Business Park in Ayala Alabang, where you can build networks and meet people in the same field

4. Diligence Coffee

If your a coffee addict or need caffeine when working, then this place is good for you. If you’re tired, just take a shower and take a nap for a while.

It’s located at 2nd floor Elizabeth Hall, Diliman, Quezon City.

5. Accelar8

A combination of a relaxing ambient coworking space and instant office located in Legaspi Village, Makati.


In Cebu

1. ASpace

The environment can be not so loud but not so quiet at the same time. Good for working non-voice and hosting small events.

2. Cebu Seat Leasing by Supporting Enterprises

Located in the Insular building and near Ayala Mall. Price for a day of coworking space is 500 PHP. Fibre optic ready by PLDT 40 Mbps, Rise, and Globe 100 Mbps. Hp i3 or i5 and headset (Plantronics) is provided.

3. Call Center Office by BPOSeats

Its made for people who want exclusive spaces with the latest equipment. The environment has a call center kind of look and for a seat leasing space for 24 hours cost you $99.

4. WorkPlace Cafe

For 280 PHP, you can get one brewed coffee or iced tea and stay for 24 hrs a day. The good thing is you can go in and out anytime you want. If you’re tired, you can take a nap at the napping station.

5. Regus

Has a nice ambiance and interior design but can accommodate fewer people.



The Department of Labor and Employment are tasked to build and maintain the work at home program in selected industries which will be for 3 years. After, DOLE will submit its findings to Congress. 

If all goes well, probably in the future more industries will be selected to ease the traffic in the country.


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