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Do you want to teach English online but you are too shy to face the camera? Wanting to teach but too lazy to look decent during classes? Worry no more because Actions Language Online is now here.

What is Actions Language Online?

Actions Language Online is an ESL school based in Taiwan where you get to teach Taiwanese students English. It’s a 55-minute audio class through Skype. Yes, you read it well. It’s an audio class that means you don’t need to dress up and prepares a well-lit background. All you need is a quiet room and you are good to go.


This is a good opportunity to be able to work at the comfort of your home earning a competitive salary.


Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Yeah! Let’s start with the requirements first.


This will be the magic three characteristics that Actions Language Online is looking for.

1) Yes, this is not new to us; they only accept female applicants (sorry boys).

2) Must be fluent in English and

3) has a neutral or American accent.

Do you possess the magic three that I just mentioned? If so, here’s another magic three that you will need to qualify for the job.

Of course,

1) a laptop/desktop and

2) Stable internet connection (at least 2mbps) is a must. And take note, have it wired. No connecting thru wi-fi during classes because it’s not reliable, the connection sometimes slows down, it will affect the quality of your class and we don’t want that do we?

3) Our best friend that will help us reduce the unwanted noise around us during classes—the noise canceling headset.


See? Just these three magical requirements and you can start earning at home.

What can be more incredible with this offer?


But how much will you earn? Is it enough? This is most likely our favourite part, isn’t it? The salary.

Okay, so you are to start at a rate of 130 pesos per hour. Isn’t that amazing? You will be paid bi-monthly via BPI or Metrobank only.

New teachers will receive their first salary after 2 cut-offs. Succeeding salary will be given every cut-off already.

The company also has group classes but of course different rate per hour.

Oh and before I forget. You are surely familiar with the saying “Walang Forever” Yes that’s real. I’m not being bitter but we must move on to become better right? You will not stick to the 130 peso rate forever. Would you want that? Of course no. So Actions Language Online gives you the chance where you can get yourself promoted and increase your rate step by step until it reaches 150 per hour. Yes! 150 pesos in an hour at home!! No need to catch the bus, no need to wear business attire, no need to worry leaving your baby at home. No need for paper works. Make your home your working space.

What’s even more amazing is that when you reach the 150-peso hour rate, your profile and performance will be reviewed by the company Human Resource Team and check if you qualify to become one of the jaw-dropping supervisors in the company and get to create your own team. Wow! Clap clap. I know right! 

This opportunity doesn’t only give you a chance to teach but as well as supervise other new teachers. You will lead your team, work and help each other in becoming more productive as English teachers.

Class Schedules? What time? Can I work part-time?


The company offers full and part-time positions:

Part-time schedule is from 7:00 PM to 12MN (or any 4 hours in between)

Full-time schedule is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM or 7:00 to 12MN

Part-timers are not allowed to work in the morning. Working during Sundays is optional. More classes more earnings. No class no pay but absent student is paid.

It would consist 55 minutes per class and 5 minutes for evaluation, a total of 60 minutes or one hour.

How about my students? Is this booking system?


No dear, it is not a booking system. Because Action Language Online cares for you, the customer service representative will be the one who will give you a regular student depending on your capability and availability. So if you give more time to the company, the higher you will earn. You get to earn for a living and you get to help students learn English easier and faster, it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

What if the student asks me to open my camera and I am just wearing my comfy clothes?


Well, video classes are by request. Of course, you will be asked by the customer representative first if you are willing to open the camera or not. If you say No, of course then the CSR will not put that student in your schedule.

Action Language Online sure value and respect the teachers’ decisions.

Holidays? Breaks?

Action Language Online follows Taiwan Holidays and only a few Philippine holidays. So you will get a holiday like other employees.

I know what you are thinking and I am actually aware that you are very eager to know how to apply. If the equipment checklist is complete, then it’s time to move on to how to become a home-based tutor.


HOW DO I APPLY and become an Actions Language Online teacher?


Again, the Magic Three is here in becoming Action Language Online’s next teacher.

The first stage is the online application,


click the links, they will redirect you to the online application form (ESL Application) and (View Form)

Yes, you are going to fill in your details. Be very careful in filling your information, review it before submitting to avoid errors especially your email address. They will reach you thru email so check your emails regularly to confirm your initial interview schedule as soon as possible.

Be reminded that NO confirmation, NO interviews, NO demo class.

Follow the instructions sent to your email. In any case like you have questions, never hesitate to ask them. They are so nice that they will reply to you as soon as they can.

The second stage


would be the initial interview,

Their questions are common interview questions. You are going to say something about yourself, experiences and etc.. Remember, to wear something professional, a blazer would be good. Keep your hair away from your face to avoid distractions. Avoid unnecessary movements and always smile. As for your background, it has to be clean, well-lit and quiet. It could be audio or video interview you never know so always be ready. Be honest and show your sincerity. Answer questions calmly, avoid “ahmm” or “hmmm”. Speak as fluent as you could without sounding strong. And most importantly, RELAX! Don’t feel burdened.

I trust you and I believe you will ace the interview! No Doubt!

If you pass this stage, scheduling for demo class is next. That will depend on your interviewer and your availability.

The third stage

is the demo class

This is where you will conduct a 20-25 minute mock lesson. Remember to do well as this will be the basis if you are going to get hired or not. Impress your student; always maintain neutral and calm voice. Make sure you have a quiet environment at the time of lessons to avoid sacrificing class quality. Sounds like barking dogs, cars or motorcycles must be avoided so find a quiet place where there are no distractions. You are not seen by the student, so make sure to make your voice sound naturally happy and professional at the same time without overdoing it.

If you pass this stage then VIOLA! Congratulations.



It’s time for the contract signing. For the contract signing, always make sure to review the documents over and over again for rules awareness. We don’t want to break our company’s rules, don’t we? If there are parts that confuse you, always ask and verify them to the HR or your supervisor to avoid future problems. After reading the service agreement, get ready for your big break and sign the contract to submit right away. You know they want you to start right away. After submitting the signed documents,



This is the time where you will be trained on how to conduct the lesson and how to use Google drive system. You will be able to manage it if you listen thoroughly and follow instructions well.

Now? What are you waiting for? I just informed you an opportunity that will make you earn more without leaving your house. Will you let this opportunity pass by? Don’t miss this chance.

If you apply through the link I have shared, you will be under Team Anjie. I’ve talked to her and she’s a very nice supervisor. I wouldn’t have to worry if you’d be under her supervision. She’s very friendly and approachable, I can guarantee that you won’t be having a hard time.

Actions Language Online webpage


You can do it at Actions Language online

If you have questions or concerns or you need more tips in applying, you can always email me at [email protected] .. I’d be happy to help

You can visit her website: ActionsTeamAnjie

or access their official website: Actions

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  1. Proud member here, you will be treated like family in team Anjie. To those who are interested, join us, it would be worth your while. Be seeing you in the team when you decided then.

  2. wow, thank you for the positive review of Actions Language Online and especially to our supervisor Miss Anjie and to team anjie!! We are welcoming you in our family! thank you for giving a thorough explanation and for also commending how nice and kind our supervisor is! :):):)

  3. Wow! great blog!

    Hmm.. For the interview.. it’s just an audio interview ??

    I like your blog! And I’m Teacher Marry, on behalf of TeamAnjie, we are thanking you for this!!

    You’re soo pretty! Why not be one of us?? ??

  4. Regarding this “Full-time schedule is from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM or 7:00 to 12MN”,

    Is this really “or”? What if I’d like to work part time in the morning only – 7:00am to 10:00am only? Can you please confirm or clarify?

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