Teaching Business English the BIZMATES Way


Japanese professionals who want to achieve GLOBAL BUSINESS SUCCESS are the target market of BIZMATES, Inc.

We call the teachers in the company as TRAINERS because Bizmates, Inc. aims to be a long-time partner to help Japanese professionals reach a certain mastery over the English language and achieve confidence in using the English language, especially in business situations.

It’s more than just fluency. It’s all about sounding natural in a conversation.

 Do YOU want in?

Ask yourself these questions first.


Do you have an associate/college degree?

If you don’t, do you have at least THREE YEARS of work experience in relevant field or other professional fields?

Do you have excellent written and verbal communication skills?

Do you have basic computer skills?

Are you at least 23 years old?

Can you at least commit 10 hours a week for the job?


If you answered YES to these questions, then come and teach Business English the Bizmates Way!

You may learn more about the company, job requirements and job responsibilities at:

Bizmates Now HiringBIZMATES.PH


So, how to be a TRAINER?

Like all other online schools, Bizmates, Inc. requires the following baseline requirements to get you started in the ESL industry.

  1. Laptop/PC
  2. E-mail Account
  3. Skype Account
  4. Has Internet Subscription
  5. LAN Connection
  6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You may start applying for the job even you do not have an internet subscription, a LAN Connection or a noise-canceling headphones yet. Just make sure to have them by the time of your interview.



6 stages hiring process at bizmates



Bizmates, Inc. has organized and systematized hiring process. As an online school that teaches about corporate culture and concepts, it embodies what it tries to instill in its students. From trainers to facilitators, they uphold professionalism. 



Start by going to their homepage and click the APPLY NOW button.

Apply Now

Fill in the application form asking for your:


Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation within 24-72 hours.




The e-mail confirmation has the link for the written English test. You will also be asked to:




If you’re not that confident, have Google to your rescue in case you’re unsure of the correct answer. Or better yet, review the basic grammar rules.

You have to get a score of 11 out of the 15 questions in the test.


It’s always smart to get a feedback from a friend or from grammar checker websites. Use a professional tone in your essay.


Impress the recruiter with how well you pronounce and enunciate English sounds. If possible, try to record with a little to no regional accent and/or with a neutral accent which could be easily understood by second-language learners. Moreover, it’s important to make a research about Bizmates, Inc. so you could add that and incorporate it into your introduction.

When you’re good to go, click SUBMIT and wait for a few days to get an update with your application.





You got through the first hurdle in the application process. Applicants who the passed the screening test will receive log-in details to their applicant portal.

Once logged in, you will have to book an interview. Many available slots are for your choosing. Make sure to give yourself an ample time to prepare for the interview.

The interview will be in THREE PARTS:

 1. INTERVIEW: This part will be the usual kind of interview: self-introduction, etc.

NOTE: FAMILIARIZE WHAT WAS MENTIONED IN THE WELCOME VIDEO. The CEO has discussed some important points and values being upheld at Bizmates, Inc. Your interviewer will ask you some questions about them so show them how well-prepared you are.

2. YNK ACTIVITY: An applicant would be asked to derive three questions from a given sentence which are answerable by a yes, no and the given sentence itself. Fret not for this will be discussed by the CEO in the welcome video.

NOTE: It is most of the utmost importance to know how to construct ynk questions. You can not proceed to your demo if you can’t pass the YNK activity.

3. INITIAL DEMO: Bizmates, Inc. has a prescribed lesson flow which you must observe and follow. Acquaint yourself with it to get a two-thumbs up from your facilitator and even from your students in the future! You will have access to sample audio classes and lesson materials for you to study and learn. Your facilitator will be acting as your student, so be the best trainer that you can be.

After the interview/initial demo, you’ll be receiving feedback from your facilitator. Keep them in mind and work on them for your final demo.




Kudos to you! You’re almost done! The training period is where you get to learn more about the lesson materials in Bizmates, Inc. You will have to familiarize the prescribed lesson flow and incorporate your own style into your teaching. You will also have access to more audio classes and lesson materials where you would learn how others handle the Bizmates Way. Learn whatever you can and carry yourself with confidence onto the next stage.




COME PREPARED TO YOUR FINAL DEMO. You will have to deliver two lesson demos with one of the facilitators of Bizmates. Use the feedback you received from your initial demo and whatever you learned from your training to outdo your previous performance and your facilitator’s expectations.

The final demo will be in two parts:

1. DEMO LESSON: You facilitator will be acting as your student from the very start. Hence, you’ll have to 15-30 minutes earlier than the appointed time to get instructions.

2. FEEDBACK: The result will be given right after the demo along with other feedback and other tiny details. You will have 1-2 weeks to complete the HR Requirements.




What’s best about online teaching especially in BIZMATES, INC. is that you can manage your own schedule. Open and close slots according to your availability. However, to start teaching, one must adhere to the teaching clearance instruction sent to your e-mail. You will only receive such e-mail after you submitted all the HR Requirements.

This is the part where you get all jittery and excited especially when you receive an email containing your Bizmates trainer account.



The HR Requirements are to be submitted after passing the final demo. They are to be all uploaded to the applicant’s portal. You may have to start complying them even before the final demo so that you can start teaching the right away. You have to have the following:

  2.   BPI Bank Account/Paypal Account
  3.   Transcript of Records/True Certificate of Grades (or TOR/TCG Receipts)
  4.   Tax Identification Number

In addition to these basic requirements, you should submit the following below. These will be your front line: your portfolio. They will advertise your professionalism, educational background, and experiences. Remember: “First impression lasts”.

Remember: “First impression lasts”.

  1.   Photo
  2.   Audio Introduction
  3.   Written Introduction

NOTE: Submit all the HR Requirements before the due date. Hence, have them ready in advance to avoid being deactivated by the system. If you can’t produce them on time, ask and inform one of your facilitators who you could talk to about your concern.




Newly hired trainers receive 140php/50 minutes or 70php/25 minutes.

Bizmates, Inc. has a promotion system where trainers could get higher rates. You will have to reach a certain amount of lessons and a certain rating which is computed from the student’s evaluation score, average opened slots, cancellation ratio, etc.

For example, you reached your 500th lesson and your rating is 4.35, you are qualified to get the 160php/50 minutes or 80php/25 minutes.

The highest rate a trainer could get is 210php/50 minutes or 105/25 minutes.

Hence, make sure to WOW your students every time. It’s not that easy. Certainly, it’s not that hard if you keep your eye on the prize!


Unlike other online schools, the company won’t penalize you for canceling lessons. However, there are repercussions when you reach a high cancellation ratio, e.g. lesson slot limit which prohibits you from opening lessons in advance, etc.



4:00 AM Taught Lessons is paid at 110php/25 minutes. It motivates trainers to open slots at this hour. What a steal, right?




There are things that you must remember to impress your facilitators.

  1. When it’s time for your demos and for your photo shoot, do wear a blazer over your shirt/top to appear professional on cam.
  2. The moment you appear on cam, do have a white and clutter-free background.
  3. Make sure to have a quiet environment when conducting demo classes. Have a space exclusive for teaching where no noise or any form of distractions could arise while you teach.
  4.  It’s suggested to use headphones with a noise canceling feature to filter out the barking noises or vehicles passing by. Sometimes, noise can be inevitable so try to invest a quality headset.
  5.  BE ON TIME! or better yet, come 15-30 minutes before the appointed time for your interview and final demo. Aside from making a positive impression, you can also do some last minute troubleshooting.
  6.  COME PREPARED for your interview and demo lessons. Go through all the learning materials before the appointed time and date.
  7.  ACT PROFESSIONAL. Since the target audience of the company is working professionals, it’s best that you act one like, too. Address your facilitator Mr./Ms. unless they offered their first names.
  8.  Know how to conduct speed-test using the Tokyo server and how to go about Skype particularly how to share your screen.
  9.  Maximize the chat box when conducting your demos.
  10.  Do not cancel your booked sessions with no apparent/valid reason.


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FINALLY, we are at the end of the article but it’s certainly the beginning for you. If you have any further questions, you can always send me a message on my Facebook account.

NOW, go and teach English the BIZMATES way!

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