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Choose Your Own Student at ANTOREE - HOWPO

Choose Your Own Student at ANTOREE



I know every one of us is tired of waiting for the words “BOOKED” or “RESERVED” to pop up on our Teacher’s Page. Aside from waiting in vain, it’s also a waste our time, resources, and energy. 

Tiring, isn’t it? We would not like to experience it every day, right?

ANTOREE caters Vietnamese students. You can meet kids, teenagers, and professionals. This ESL Company was established on 2014. It now has made its name and still looking for deserving teachers to join their team.

In Antoree, you choose your own student and have regular classes depending on your agreement with the student.

Booking System can be very inconvenient in some ways.

You have to wait for a certain number of minutes before you can leave your workplace in the hope that a student will book on the last minute of your next open slot or your other open slots, and avoid accidental cancellations due to negligence by forgetting the time.

No teacher would like to be deducted hundreds of pesos for the “CANCELLED WITHOUT NOTICE” classes just because you forgot to click the “READY” or “CLICK ME” button on time.

Why settle for a more complicated schedule when you can choose yours at your own convenience?

Got your interest now? Great!


The Application Process


1. Register an Account

You can visit their home page and sign up to become a teacher.


2. When you have already made an account

Complete your Teacher’s Profile which includes your:


° Account Information (your photo, email address, Skype ID)

° Your Information (full name, date of birth, phone number, address, nationality, country of residence)

° Education and Career                                                                                          

° Teaching Information (voice recording, subject areas, self-introduction essay, teaching experience, teaching method)

° Available Time (your available time slots to teach)

° Your Payment Information (accounts where you can get paid)


3. After completing your Teacher’s Profile

You will receive an email from the Antoree’s HR. Always check your inbox.

Antoree Profile Completion


4. Set a schedule for your interview and demo lesson.

You will be advised to prepare your own lesson using PowerPoint Presentation. You can choose our own level and lesson topic. Give your best shot!

 5. After passing the interview and demo

The HR will send you the contract, and your Teacher Account will be activated so you can start looking for students. Almost there!

 6. Find students

Apply to become their teacher, and you can start teaching after they have chosen you.


Easy? Very! Now would you like to know the requirements to qualify for the teaching job? Alright!




  1. PC/ Laptop (at least 2GB RAM and dual core processor)
  2. Internet Connection (should be wired and at least 0.50 Mbps)
  3. Headset and Webcam (with noise cancellation feature is preferred but not required)
  4. Well-lit and clutter-free teaching environment
  5. IELTS/TOEFL/TESOL Certificate (not a must but a plus factor)
  • Work experience is not required but also a plus factor


Your starting rate will be based on your experience (it’s okay to have none, actually) and your interview/demo lesson. It usually starts from 120-150 PHP. In regards to payments, it will be once a month via your chosen payment method (PayPal or Bank Account). So give your best on the demo lesson. Impress the evaluator and hit the position!

So what are you waiting? Why wait for reservations when you can choose who you want to teach?

Join the ANTOREE Community now!

Join Antoree

If you have questions, feel free to leave your comments or leave a message on my Facebook account


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5 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Student at ANTOREE”

  1. I have my own unorthodox style of teaching (Absolutely oral teaching on how to develop speaking English fluently and confidently. American accent is optional).

  2. Hi, I’m not familiar with a regular schedule system. I have a question… In the company that I’m working for now, I can plot my own schedule and it’s a booking system. Now my dilemma is I have a son and he competes for taekwondo meets so I need to be there for him sometimes it takes 3-4 days when there’s a competition out of town. Like, recently we spent 4 days in Cebu. So in this case what should be done? I just want to be sure before I apply so I know what to expect. Thanks for your reply in advance.

  3. Vanessa Gabas Racuya

    Hi, I am done with the contract signing the profile on your website.. May I ask as to where I could find students to teach? Please send me the exact website please. I have not received a reply from the Teacher Support yet. Thank you so much

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