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Searching for greener pastures? The search is over because English City is nowhere for you. English City is a new ESL company based in Taiwan that offers online English classes to young professionals.

Why start a rate of 100 pesos when you can start with 180 pesos? Yes. You heard me right. Its a pretty good rate to start with right?

Excited? Your mind right now must be about how to get the job, how to apply or what company it is. Sit back and relax.


What are the Qualifications?


Good accent. When applying as an English teacher, it’s already a must to have a good English accent.

Teaching Experience. Good pay requires a good teaching experience; you must have at least 3 years of teaching experience for you to apply to this company.

Degree. You must have a degree to apply for this job. Education or Master’s degree is a plus.

Passionate. You need to have a passion for teaching in order for you teach effectively to the students.


What are the Requirements?


If you think you qualify for the job, here’s another checklist to check before applying.

Stable internet connection. A good internet connection is equal to good quality class. There’s no room for slow connection as it will affect the class.

 At least 2 GB of ram. Let’s avoid technical problems to ensure our classes never get distracted. Your laptop must at least have 2 GB of ram to prevent hang-ups.

Noise canceling headset. NO background noises! We must ensure to have this headset to avoid unwanted noises that may distract the class.

Well-lit background. It’s a video class; therefore your background must be well-lit. Avoid backgrounds that can distract your student during the class.


How to Apply and Hiring Process?


Oh, I’m sure you can’t wait to apply now. Did you have all the qualifications and requirements? Get your resumes ready.

Since it’s a start-up company there is no need for you to undergo a lot of steps to apply. All you just have to do is send your resume and your video recording to service[at]englishcity.com

Your video recording will include your name, your educational background, your teaching experience, and other interesting things about you. Tip: Make sure your voice is clear. Mind your accent and always smile!

After sending your resume and video, don’t forget to include your Skype ID. Now, all you have to do is wait for 2-3 days for a reply. If you don’t get a reply, you can request an update from them or you can email me at katzuyserion[at]gmail.com so I can follow up for you…

If you passed the initial screening, you will be asked to add a contact in Skype. Wait for the schedule of interview and demo class.


What’s the Class Schedule?


One class consists of 55 minutes. As of the moment, the company is looking for teachers who can work during peak hours, that’s 7 PM to 11 PM. There are also schedules in the morning, however; you have lesser chance to have students.


How much will I get Paid?


Prepare to be amazed! You will start with a rate of 180 pesos per hour. It will be 55 minutes per class. Imagine only working for at least 4 hours? That’s already 720 per day and 21 thousand pesos per month and you are at home. No need to catch the bus or wear those uniforms!
You will be paid monthly through BPI.


Do you have more questions? Just email me and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Good luck!

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