INSKY: Work at Home as a Professional English Teacher


What is INSKY?


INSKY or known as Kakao English in Korea is an online ESL school for Koreans. They cater both kids and adult learners. It is a one on one video class via Skype and you will be given regular students. Students usually enroll with you for 4-8 weeks or depending on how long the student wants you to be his/her teacher. As for the books, you don’t have to worry since the school provides a soft copy of the student’s learning material. Moreover, the best thing about this company is that there is no tax deduction. This is by far the easiest and hassle free company to apply with. Once you pass, you can start right away. They encourage their teachers to open a slot from 5pm-11pm since that is their peak hours.


How much is the Salary Rate?


The rate is 83 PHP per 25 minutes class, which is far different from what they advertised. During the interview chat through Skype with the manager, he will mention that the rate is 200/hr; that makes it 100/30 minutes class. In reality, since we do not conduct a 30-minute class the rate is only 83 pesos. Your 5-minute break in between each class is not paid which makes it only 166/hr. Even so, the offer is still a bit higher if you compare other online ESL schools with starting rates of 50 pesos per 25-minute class. Payouts will be given once on the first week of the month via BDO. As of the moment, they don’t have a specific date for their payout.


Do Insky Provide Incentives?


Yes, they have and they call it a renewal bonus. You will have 20% of your total salary for the month if 50% of your students re-enroll with you. Let say for example you have 10 students for the month of March and your total salary is, say for example 8,000php. If at least 5 of your students re-enroll with your class (or book from you again) for the month of April then you will get 1,600php for the renewal bonus on top of your 8,000php. You can earn 9,600php in total for the said month.  

*In cases where your student will be absent, you will still be paid half of the amount (41.67php) per 25min class. Take note, slots with no booking are not paid.


What are the Requirements?


  • Wired internet connection of 3 Mbps speed. If you are using a WiFi internet connection and the connection is unstable, then think twice before applying for this company. They are very strict when it comes to your internet connection. When a student complains about a bad connection, they will ask you to explain. They take this complaint seriously and will always put the blame on their teacher’s internet connection. According to the company ’s manager, Korea has the highest speed of internet so, it’s likely impossible that on the student’s side has the bad internet connection.
  • Web camera and a room with good lighting. Students will somehow complain if the teacher’s room is dark.
  • Headphone with a microphone that has a noise cancellation feature.
  • Laptop or desktop
  • Quiet working environment.


Steps to Apply?


  1. Send your resume to [email protected]
  2. Then you will be required to add kakao.steve on Skype
  3. During the chat interview via Skype, Expect these kind of questions:
    >Do you have stable internet connection? Which Mbps Plan?  (unstable connection like mobile wireless is not allowed)
    >Are you living in internet & power stable area?
    >How many times have you experienced ‘power / internet outage problem’ in a month.
    >Teaching experience (how many years and which students did you teach?)
    >What personal computer do you use for teaching? (DeskTop, Laptop) (memory, CPU)
    >Do you have comfortable teaching environments? (noise free and clean background)Do you have a kids? if so, who will take care of them when you’re teaching?
    >Which online english company do you work for and what is/was the salary per hour?
    >Which times would you plan to work in a week (can you include early morning and/or evening time?) let us know exactly like 5pm~10pm Mon to Friday
    >Do you think you’re reliable and responsible teacher (rarely make cancelation of classes)?
  4. When you pass the interview with Mr. Steve, he will ask you to add Ms. Cherry (Head teacher) to schedule for a one day orientation and training that will only last for 2-3 hrs.
  5. You will then be asked to send a 2×2 picture and an audio recording about yourself and why should the students will choose you to be their teacher.

If you have further questions about Insky, just leave your comments below.



Belle has been working as an English tutor for 3 years. She’s been with several online ESL schools teaching Japanese, Chinese and Koreans from super beginner to advanced level students.

9 thoughts on “INSKY: Work at Home as a Professional English Teacher”

  1. In addition to above, this company has incentive programs up to 40% of base salary every month.
    This company is very strict to teachers teaching environment especially the stability of power and internet.
    And only hire proved top level teachers with top salary.

  2. Hello everyone~
    I’m hiring manager of Insky Education
    If teachers are interested in working for our company, pls send email to [email protected] with the CV and voice recording self introduction around 1min.

    We hire limited number of top level teachers with industry top salary with the conditions below.
    1. Almost perfect accent and pronunciation.
    2. Very stable internet and power
    3. Having stable schedule in our peak hours Mon to Friday 6pm to 10pm


  3. Is a college degree required to apply? I have 18 months of working experience from a Chinese ESL company and I’m currently working in a Japanese ESL company. Thank you

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