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Ispeakbetter is an online company that caters English classes all over the World. Currently, their biggest markets are the Middle East, the Balkans, and a few countries in Asia. Demographics also range from Elementary-Level Students to Middle-Aged Professionals. iSpeakbetter is able to bring the classroom directly to its learners anytime and anywhere that is most convenient to them.


WHAT’S an iSpeakBetter Coach?


Your job is to conduct online video-English classes with international students, assessing student’s ability, and submitting periodic progress reports.

ISPEAKBETTER Online English coaches focuses in teaching English as a Second Language. They make lesson plans to teach other non-native speakers to read and speak English easier and convenient. They help students learn English grammars, pronunciation and help improve conversational skills. Most ISB instructors prepare future lessons and do research to make it easier and faster for the students to learn English. The number one responsibility of an Online ESL instructor in ISB is to improve the English reading and speaking skills of students of diverse ages and nationalities. They must adjust their lessons for students whose native languages and English-speaking abilities are varied. Moreover, an Online ESL teacher’s responsibilities often include introducing cultural aspects of English to students, especially to those who are fresh to the English-speaking culture.


How much would the rate be?


Well, fortunately you are paid per class here. The basic rate is 70 pesos per class, it will be 30 minutes per class so that’s 140 per hour. You will be paid on a Bi-Monthly Basis. Salary will be sent on any Philippine bank. For those with no existing account, ISB will send you a secured PIN code, which will allow you to withdraw your Payment on any Security Bank ATM.


What’s the job schedule?


You only get to work during weekdays; you are free to choose your own schedule from 9pm – 5am. Yes! It’s like a graveyard shift because our students are Europeans. There’s no minimum number of hours required so you don’t have to worry about it. It is an automated booking system but what’s even more amazing is that the company will assist booking your first few students.


So what now? What are the requirements? How do I get hired?


ISB is looking for male and female English coaches who are at least 18 years old, has neutral accent and above spoken average English grammar and guess what? You don’t have to have a bachelor’s degree or ESL experience to apply. Isn’t that great? You just have to be someone with strong motivation, care and compassion to learners and high levels of integrity and passion.


Equipment criteria?


Of course, before we consider working home-base we must have these essential tools to perform our job well. That includes the following:

  • Desktop or laptop,
  • Stable internet connection at least 5mbps,
  • Headphones with microphone (noise canceling mic would be preferred) and
  • Bright and quiet space with a light background where you will conduct your classes.


How do I apply at Ispeakbetter?


Ispeakbetter application process


You won’t believe how fast the hiring process is. The maximum would be three days because they only need serious applicants. Three days inactivity will deactivate your account, so make sure to complete your Application process as soon as you can.

First, you will create an account on their Recruitment Site. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome

You will need to input the information, same details needed when you apply. That would be your name, your address, and contact information.


Next stage would be the preliminary evaluation.


This stage will consist of your English Proficiency Test, Screening of Basic Requirements & a Short Interview. In this stage, ISB will gauge whether you’re fit to be a home-based language coach based on your self-presentation and English proficiency level, your compliance with basic requirements and your basic coaching skills. The preliminary evaluation serves as your screening to check if you have the qualifications and the required skills of an English Language Coach. If you pass the preliminary, ISB will give you the training materials; those materials will include few videos and documents. Make sure to study and pay attention to important details, it contains the articles about the company, the steps on how to conduct the classes and other important rules. Oh and they will also ask you to install some software necessary for the class.

Ispeakbetter tips


Lastly, the Final Evaluation


…. During the Final Evaluation, ISB will test your knowledge on everything about ISpeakBetter (background of the company, coaching methods, website navigation) as well as ask you to conduct a sample lesson. Once you pass this, you will be enrolled on their system and will be given a Username and Password; then Congratulations! You’re all set; you are officially an iSpeakbetter language coach.


Ispeakbetter end of application


Tips during the application process!


-After signing up get yourself ready for an English proficiency exam and prepare a professional looking photo (Image will be seen by students).

-Always check your mails

-Wear something professional during interview/ class (blazer, collared shirt or blouse)

– Always have a tech check before the interview (Check internet connection, computer, and headset well to avoid technical problems)

– Be on time, never be late. Every second counts.

-Make sure to submit the requirements as soon as possible.

-During your demo, make sure your background is well lit and no background noises

– Always smile & maintain a neutral accent

For any questions, concerns or you need help regarding the application just send me an email at [email protected] or email them directly at [email protected]


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