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NativeCamp.: Get Hired in Less Than Five Hours! - HOWPO

NativeCamp.: Get Hired in Less Than Five Hours!


The most common problem of the application process in some ESL companies is the fact that we have to wait for a week or two to start opening slots and teach.

I know most of us are aiming to get hired as soon as possible (especially to start in the current cutoff and receive salary on the next payday). 

NativeCamp is a Japanese ESL company which just recently offered home-based teaching positions.

It has its own teaching platform which is very easy to navigate and use.

NativeCamp has an application portal where applicants can log in and out any time they are available to finish the whole application process.

Most companies require applicants to wait for at least three (3) days or more for the applicants to start the hiring process or even to start teaching.

They will schedule you for an interview, demo lesson, and training and/or orientation, which typically last for many days depending on the applicant or the facilitator’s availability.

It’s a hassle for some because it’s undeniable that days are wasted.

Therefore, if you want to take a shorter wait, this company is for you.

Are you ready for the blast? Here it is.

These are the five easy steps to get the job. However, before we discuss each step, know where to find the hunting ground first. You may click the link for the online application form:


Application Process on NativeCamp


Now let us discuss the application process one by one.

  1. English Proficiency Test


This will decide whether you can go on the next phases or not. You have to get at least 75% score. The test is composed of forty – (40) items.

You do not need to worry because it is easy especially if you have a little knowledge about grammar rules and vocabulary,


  1. System Check


Unlike other ESL Companies, NativeCamp does not schedule applicants for a System Check via Skype. Their own system will provide the first phase of the check.

Therefore, you do not have to write reminders on your phone or to put sticky notes in places where you can easily see them to remind you of your schedule.

Again, just log in on your applicant page any time you think you can have the System Check. Stay online for ten (10) minutes and if no one from the HR gave a ring, try again after several minutes for they might be busy conducting System Checks to other applicants.

Below are the things that you will check:

System Check


Be reminded that there will be a short interview during the check. It is just a brief introduction of yourself for the HR staff to see for themselves that there are no background noises on your work place.

So check your camera, headset and see to it that the teaching place is conducive for learning.

System Check is from Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m.


If you passed this stage, you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Learning Kit

Here, you will have to watch the sample demo lessons and read the guidelines in conducting classes.

The videos would be your guide in conducting the demo lesson so familiarize the lesson flow and the lesson material to ace the demo with the NativeCamp staff.

  1. Demo Lesson


You are almost there.

Go online and wait for the staff to call you.

As soon as the staff calls you, proceed immediately to your demo.

The staff will give you the lesson topic during the call.

So make sure that you have reviewed the lesson materials provided in the learning kit very well.

It will determine your future in the company. Smile, be confident, and give your all!

  1. Account Information



If you have come this far, then you are fit to become one of their teachers!

Time to provide all the information needed and you are good to go.

After filling up all the necessary information, wait for an email after a few minutes.

This will direct you to your teacher’s page so you can start plotting your class schedule.


The starting rate is 120 PHP per hour. NativeCamp offers new promos teachers can avail. You can choose to enjoy the privileges.


For questions, please feel free to leave comments.


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17 thoughts on “NativeCamp.: Get Hired in Less Than Five Hours!”


    Good day to all. I have been a teacher in Native Camp for 2 weeks now. The staff who handled my application was very accommodating. They helped and guided me all throughout the process. I’m enjoying every discussions and lessons I have with my students. It was a worthwhile experience for me. Thank you Native Camp and I’m proud to be a teacher.

  2. I’m interested to apply but I have a lot of questions. Does this company have tax deductions or penalties? Is it a booking system or have a regular schedule? What is the mode of payment? Does the rate increase? Is it okay for undergraduates to apply?

  3. Why does the email took so long? I’ve already compeleted the application process. I’ve passed the demo and the teaching material quiz. I’ve also completed my account info. How long will it take for me to start plotting my sched for teaching?

  4. Emmanuel P. Jarillo

    Will the lesson materials for the learning kit be provided ahead of time (not same day) prior to teaching demo?

  5. hi everyone i’m planning to apply here thank you so much for the information you’ve provided. i’m just worried because i’m living in a slut area so there is always noise with my neighbors what do you think is it okay to continue my application even i have a noisy environment sometimes they also do videoke and its loud.

  6. Hello,

    Is it really already required to have an HD external camera and a noise cancelling headset?? Or can I invest on it after being hired??? I don’t have a budget yet for that.

    Thank you.

  7. My referral said that you can retake the test thrice, and I failed in first try. And I don’t know why I can’t retake again. Then when I research online about this question, it said that you can only take once.

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