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Europeans who are learning English is not unheard of, but it wasn’t that common either. Most ESL students are Asians especially the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese; hence, most online schools are focusing their on them. However, corporate culture became more globally sensitive due to growing interest in expanding its market overseas which paved the way to English Online Schools springing up like mushrooms.

Like every increase in demand, there is a corresponding increase in supply.

Where else and how else could they could meet demands?


CLASING ELTS is one of many online schools which hire Filipino teachers.




CLASING ELTS is a fairly new company compared to other ESL companies which have been around for some time and have already offered hundreds of thousands of classes. Even then, one can say that it’s starting to gain a name in the industry. It’s currently hiring; hence, it is expanding.

The students enrolled in CLASING ELTS are Europeans whose ages are 18 years old and above. The company offers audio English lessons at a fixed regular schedule.

What does that mean?

No need to fix your hair when conducting classes. No need to wait or worry to get booked.

What you have to do is give quality service.




I bet you do!

To get qualified for the job, you must have:

At least 6 months Experience in ESL industry
A Neutral Accent
3 to 5 Mbps Internet Connection

LAN connection with back up WIFI and server
No power interruptions in your area
Knowledge in Google Drive, Mail and Skype
Good working environment
Well-functioning PC/Laptop

Headset with external mic and noise cancellation
Good Time-management and Stress-Management Skills


If you want to make teaching online a career, then you have to invest time and money. I am pretty sure that it’ll be all worth it. Working in this industry just doesn’t pay well but it also able you to live out the true concept of work-life balance.




  1. Submit RESUME to [email protected] 

Start with an impressive and well-organized CV.

It is of upmost importance to impress the recruiter with your CV since this would only be your chance to further discuss the possibility of a position.


NOTE: Highlight your experience and teaching certificates if you have any.


  1. Recruiter will send a contact request via Skype

Sign into your Skype to check if CLASING ELTS has sent you a contact request yet. Getting a contact request means you passed the paper screening test.

If you didn’t hear from them in two weeks, then you have not met the qualifications.

Don’t worry though because you may reapply in 6 months. You may gain experiences and even teaching certificates while at it.


  1. Set a schedule for the Skype


You will be receiving a message from the company which informs you that you passed the paper screening test. Included in the message is the scheduled time and date of your Skype Interview.

If you are not available at the given schedule, you may message them to have it postponed at a later date.

Usually, they are online on weekdays: from 1pm to 10pm. Make yourself available during these hours to get a chance to be interviewed.


NOTE: It’s best to inform the company as soon as possible of your preferred date and time for the Skype Interview.


  1. Be on time for the INTERVIEW.

The interview would be like any other interviews.

Moreover, they would do a SYSTEM CHECK by asking you if you have a backup laptop/internet connection since classes are at a fixed schedule. Missing a lesson would create a negative impression with your student which may lead losing a client.

NOTE: Regardless of your skills and experiences, you would not be allowed to go to the next stage of the application process if you informed the recruiter that you do not have back-up laptop/connection.

In addition, before the scheduled time for the interview, make sure to be online to do last minute troubleshooting. You do not want to make a bad impression by coming in late to the interview.

Missing the interview schedule without prior notice would disqualify you for the position. You would be registered as NO SHOW.


NOTE: A NO SHOW record would prohibit you to reschedule for an interview.

You may re-apply in 6 months.


  1. Attend training

The one-hour training would be about the overview of the overall structure and activities of the company. Grab the opportunity to learn about the company and to ask questions about rates, policies, and other concerns.

  1. Observe classes

Unlike other online schools, CLASING ELTS would not require their teachers to conduct any demo lessons. What they require from their applicants as their training is to observe other teachers on how they conduct their lessons.

You would have to observe live classes at least 4 times in a week before you can start teaching.

This would give you an idea on what are classes like with their students and on how to go about their materials.


  1. Start teaching


Everything is provided with CLASING ELTS: from materials to students.


Since it’s not a booking system, the company would assign students for you. Hence, you do not have to advertise yourself by creating audio/video recording.

Moreover, the learning materials used in the lessons would depend on the level and the goal of the student which would be all provided by the company.

Now, that’s what I call a stress-free work!




Working for CLASING ELTS is like working as a regular employee in a company because aside from getting compensation for delivering lessons, you will also be getting GOVERNMENT BENEFITS, INCENTIVES and SALARY INCREASE upon regularization.

They also offer a variety of rates at different times of the day.

Rates in the afternoon shift which is from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm is at 130php an hour.

Rates in the graveyard shift which is from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am is at 150php an hour.

You can either work part-time or full-time.

Part-timers can work the following shifts:

  • 1:00pm-5:00pm
  • 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • 9:00am-1:00am
  • 1:00am-5:00am

Lastly, salary is credited to your bank account twice a month: on the 5th and 20th with no tax deductions.

Isn’t that great especially the 10% withholding tax will be increasing to 15% by June 30th? I wouldn’t be surprised if others are considering to jump ship.

Seasoned online English teachers prefer to conduct audio lessons since it’s less stressful. Even new ones prefer to teach without a video!

If you want to test new waters and teach it easy, it’s best to do it with CLASING ELTS.


Mari Lapuz

By heart and by profession, Mari is a teacher.
Her go-getter attitude has brought her to the world of writing about ESL companies, investments and anything under the sun.

16 thoughts on “Teach it easy with CLASING ELTS!”

  1. Hi Mari! It was mentioned in your post that we can work full time or part time. However, what I want to know is if the schedule allows more than 4 hrs for part timers. Say, I want to work part time but I want to have a 6-hour sched. Is that fine with them? or the sched is really fixed to the shift mentioned above?

    1. Hi Mavie!

      Sorry for getting back to you late.

      To answer your question, I do believe that they would allow you to work for 6 hours since your work schedule would depend on your preferred work schedule which they’ d fill in for you.

      Btw, have you submitted your CV yet?

      All the best,


      1. Hi.

        i wrote an email last Wednesday to them including my CV and a certificate from my current work as an ESL teacher. BUT, still didn’t get any feedback from them. i’m working as an ESL teacher online for more than 2 years already. my friend told me that her sister got the job even if she did not have any experience from the said job. so, i was wondering why i still didn’t get any feedback from them. does it take really 2 weeks to know if you pass application process?

        thanks. 🙂

  2. Hi Mari, I am currently working for a Japanese ESL company now but I am interested to apply in Clasing Elts and work for them part-time should I mention about my current work during the interview?thanks a lot!

    1. Hi!

      If your part-time job won’t clash/interfere with your preferred schedule with Clasing ELTs, then, by all means, you can disclose that information especially if it’s teaching job.

      Good luck and God bless with your application!

      Best Regards,

      MARI 🙂

  3. littlewishheart

    Hi Mari!

    Can I still choose my preferred schedule even it already says it gives regular schedule? Let’s say, part-timers can work from 5PM to 9PM, but since I have a day job, I’d rather work from 7PM to 10PM? Is that okay? And do they require a certain number of hours daily or weekly for part-timers? Thank you so much!

  4. Hi, I’m not familiar with a regular schedule system. I have a question… In the company that I’m working for now, I can plot my own schedule and it’s a booking system. Now my dilemma is I have a son and he competes for taekwondo meets so I need to be there for him sometimes it takes 3-4 days when there’s a competition out of town. Like, recently we spent 4 days in Cebu. So in this case what should be done? I just want to be sure before I apply so I know what to expect. Thanks for your reply in advance.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the information. It’s really helpful! Are you currently working on the company? I have an interview tomorrow. What about the government benefits is that includes PAGIBIG, SSS, Philhealth and they will deduct from your salary?

  6. Hi Im interested , but i dont have experience in teaching.I work in a call center but planning to do home base job if given a chance.

  7. hi.. i reacieved and email from clasingELTS that i passed and sent me links on how to start booking demo classes etc… using calendly.com
    is it even for real?

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