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ESL- English as a Second Language: Online Teaching Opportunity at Home

English as a second language or well known as ESL is one of the most common home-based jobs and is by far the easiest to apply with. It is the most in-demand job since English is the most widely spoken language.

Millennials nowadays are compelled to travel around the globe under the influence of social media and for you to enjoy the most of your travel, you have to know how to at least speak the basic English language.

Moreover, now that the world has faced the financial crisis, globalization surfaced. It has contributed to the popularization of the English language. Businessmen need to learn English for them to start their operation on an international scale. Here at HOWPO, you can get an idea of which companies to apply.

ABC360: Chance to Increase a Teacher’s Market Value?

ABC360 is an ESL company catering mainly to Chinese students- both children, and professionals. ABC360 is just like any other ESL companies when it comes to their hiring process. Anyone may apply, even those who don't have any experience in teaching online. ABC360 is one of the biggest paying ESL ...
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ESL Smartphone Apps That Let you Teach and Earn!

ESL Smartphone Apps: Teach and Earn Earning is no longer exclusive for employees working in an office and/or workers carrying out services for customers/clienteles. Earning is already possible by the internet and creative entrepreneurs outside of these typical scenarios. What made these entrepreneurs creative? What are these untypical scenarios? Entrepreneurs ...
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Teach Audio Lessons Only at Jason English

At Jason English, you will have to bid goodbye to strained smiles because in here, you can teach without the camera hogging at your face.   Many teachers – experienced and inexperienced – prefer to teach audio lessons. Out of all the blogs I’ve written here at, the List ...
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When I put up the blog listing ESL Schools that only require audio lessons from their teacher, English Tone has been one of the ESL Companies which has the most inquiries from interested applicants. Finally! Here’s the blog I have been meaning to write and share to everyone. There’s a ...
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16 ESL Companies and Their Application Process

As ESL Teachers-wannabe, we all aspire to land on a company which will suit our availability, resources, and qualifications. That's why we always look first for ESL Companies and their application process. I’m sure that there are many ESL Companies we don't know yet and I’m also sure that newbies in ...
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NativeCamp.: Get Hired in Less Than Five Hours!

The most common problem of the application process in some ESL companies is the fact that we have to wait for a week or two to start opening slots and teach. I know most of us are aiming to get hired as soon as possible (especially to start in the ...
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Choose Your Own Student at ANTOREE

I know every one of us is tired of waiting for the words “BOOKED” or “RESERVED” to pop up on our Teacher’s Page. Aside from waiting in vain, it’s also a waste our time, resources, and energy.  Tiring, isn’t it? We would not like to experience it every day, right? ...
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  Be a WEBLIO Tutor! There are many sprouting ESL Companies nowadays. And I know that all aspiring ESL Teachers are looking for a company which offers a bigger starting rate. We all deserve a decent compensation, do we? So since we all do, time for you to brace yourselves ...
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English City: Earn The Right Rate

Searching for greener pastures? The search is over because English City is nowhere for you. English City is a new ESL company based in Taiwan that offers online English classes to young professionals. Why start a rate of 100 pesos when you can start with 180 pesos? Yes. You heard ...
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First Future Philippines Inc.

I’m going to broaden your horizon about the company which will solve your typical problems at work. Yes, bros and sisters in job-hunting. I am referring to FIRST FUTURE PHILIPPINES. Who wants to set their alarm clocks every day during wee hours just to avoid being late for work? Do ...
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Earn in Four Ways with PalFish App!

Unconventional ways on learning the English language have been becoming the trend nowadays. It is no longer just teacher-student interaction in a controlled virtual classroom.  Teachers can now use their mobile phones. No laptop? No problem! With just a tap of your finger on your mobile screen, you can go online and wait ...
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Teach it easy with CLASING ELTS!

Europeans who are learning English is not unheard of, but it wasn’t that common either. Most ESL students are Asians especially the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese; hence, most online schools are focusing their on them. However, corporate culture became more globally sensitive due to growing interest in expanding its market ...
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