Freeeup: Be One of the Top Notch Virtual Assistants (VA’s)

Freeeup is one of the online platforms you can apply for online work at home.

Their main service is more into e-commerce related type of work, or it’s what they specialize in. Also, their main goal is to help other business owners in the e-commerce business to earn more on Amazon or as an affiliate with the help of outsourcing.


Even though they have vast experience when it comes to e-commerce, they have a wide array of skill set to offer to their clients.


What they offer to Filipinos engaging online work at home are opportunities, rates that are fair, and a chance to climb up the ladder and master your skills to the highest level.



Does it mean if you’re in another online platform your skills aren’t good enough?


Not likely, I would say what they are looking for are skillful VA’s backed up with long experience in the field.


We Filipinos are very hard working, so we tend to get more clients, let’s say to me for example 3-4 clients (This is okay as long as you can handle it and give quality work). If your unlucky to get more clients on other online platforms like Upwork, Onlinejobs, Freelancer and other platforms, and you have the skills related to Amazon, Shopify, Easystore, etc.. try Freeeup.


If you’re confident with your skills already plus you have a different set of mid to high-level skills. Then try to apply. A word of advice though, only apply if you’re confident as they are very picky when it comes to choosing a VA. I even applied when I was still a newbie but sadly was not accepted.


Even if you’re not accepted, it’s okay, and it’s still not the end of the world. Polish your skills and look for other platforms in the meantime.


What Freeeup can offer to its clients

Clients really can find a reliable freelancer whether Non-US or from the US.

Freee up Pricing

As you can see in the image, Non-US freelancers are cheaper, but I can say the difference in the quality of work is only slight.


But before that


Be sure to know what you will outsource. This needs more a lot of thought, so I leave it up to you now..


Download here 10-Most Common Mistakes of Outsourcing.


Have you decided?


Great! Be sure to register if you don’t have an account yet.


If you hired Filipinos, just want to let you know that most are silent from the beginning, but when they are accustomed, they are very talkative.


Just talk to them and let them know that they can ask questions if they don’t understand something.


If you like to hear from the CEO Nate, then watch the video below.



What Freeeup can offer to its Freelancers

Sign up here though if you’re interested.

Freelancers signup

Input your information, and if you like, you can mention me in the referral section.

Referal name in Freeeup

Once done, you will be scheduled for an interview at Skype.


The interview is only through chat unless it was mentioned that it would be a video interview.


Success! The interview is done and let’s hope for the best.


If you’re accepted, share your experience to help other freelancers out there.






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