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Best OCR Software: Convert Images To Text

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  “Converting images to text to any MS Office document format like (Word, PDF, PPT) can be done easily by Cinch PDF Converter.” Pros Cons -Able to convert files fast without manually typing -Cinch PDF Converter offers lifetime license and updates at an affordable price -Useful for students at the school -Not able to convert […]


VIPTalk Review: Feedback You Need To Know

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  This third part of the review series is a review on Viptalk which is a platform used by students enrolled in iShow –an offline ESL School based in China – to enhance and practice what they learned in their classes. What’s unique about Viptalk is that you can teach with just a smart phone! […]


14 ESL Companies Hiring College Undergraduates 2017

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Who says college undergraduates can’t earn (big) bucks in the ESL industry or any industry for that matter? Individuals, even with those without a degree yet, can work or teach at the confines of their homes. With a working laptop and stable internet connection, you definitely can! With a solid background in grammar and passion, […]


ESL Smartphone Apps That Let you Teach and Earn!

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ESL Smartphone Apps: Teach and Earn   Earning is no longer exclusive for employees working in an office and/or workers carrying out services for customers/clienteles. Earning is already possible by the internet and creative entrepreneurs outside of these typical scenarios. What made these entrepreneurs creative? What are these untypical scenarios? Entrepreneurs create teaching experience more […]