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Paidverts is one of my trusted websites when it comes to earning online. You have different options to earn from or combine them for bigger earnings. It’s not a quick way to earn money (unless you invest more) nor a 1 day millionaire scheme. You can start at Paidverts with investing money like $5 or less for you to start and understand how it really works.


When i started at Paidverts I only invested at that time around $2 and multiplied it for 3 months. It took that long since my BAP points is still low and the amount I invested is too low also but at least i multiplied it greater than what I expect.



What is Paidverts all about?


  • PTP– where you get paid to promote through their referral systems
  • PTC– you get paid by clicking through other websites promoting their own
  • Traffic exchange– If you have a website or a blog you can post it to get a medium quality traffic


So let me talk each of those and teach how you can earn and at the same time combine these techniques to earn you more money. If you think you have a method and strategy to earn more then apply it. What important things you need to know earning from this site are:


  • Invest less and Earn more
  • Make sure you have a bigger ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Find a way to combine the earning method to earn more


Terms you need to Know first


BAP– Bonus Ad Points, it determines how much is the value of your ads received


How you Can Earn Money at Paidverts




PTP means “Paid To Promote” , a way you earn at Paidverts by promoting your referral links to other sites like other social media sites, forums, and blogs. 


How much will you earn?


  1. If your referral buys advertising worth $100, you’ll earn an instant $10.00 cash commission!
  2. When your referral clicks on a paid advertisement worth $0.10 , you’ll earn $0.005 cash commission!
  3. Whenever your referral buys $100 worth of “Bulk Ads”. You get an instant $10.00 commission. And if your referral also earns 310,000 bonus ad points. For which you will earn up to $7.75 more, if they click on all their bonus ads!


Referral commision log




PTC means “Paid to Click” where you click ads with random value unlike other PTC sites which have fix rates of $0.001 and $0.01. On Paidverts it ranges from $0.0005 to $10 or more depending on your BAP (Bonus Ad Points). So if you have more BAP then the bigger the value of your ads you will be receiving.


Traffic Exchange


When you buy ads, you can promote your website, your banners and have visitors from top tiers. Make sure to choose from 15 sec or 30 sec to have a good bounce rate on your site. if your website has ads from CPM (Cost per mile) sites then you can earn more. If your website has ads from google adsense then i suggest you don’t use it on Paidverts.


How to Increase your BAP at Paidverts?


A way to increase your BAP is buy buying ads at “Buy Ads” then select “Bulk Ads” which gives you:


  • 2,400 BAP for $1 with free banner impressions (125*125 and 728*90) for 5 sec
  • BAP is 2,400 for $1.025 with free banner impressions (125*125 and 728*90) for 15 sec
  • 2,400 BAP for $1.05 with free banner impressions (125*125 and 728*90) for 30 sec


You can select from above the price you want to choose but i suggest the $1.025 advertising package then a few of $1.05 advertising package. At first you will only get lower value ads since you are still starting but as your BAP gets higher as wells as the value of ads you will be getting.


How To Cash out at Paidverts?


You can choose for now BTC (Bitcoin) since their Paypal account has an issue. In regards which BTC wallet you can choose, what i can suggest is two which are:



You can use the two service mentioned above when you want to add funds on your account on Paidverts.


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