PlanProMatrix (PPM) Review: Legit or A Scam?



Are you curious about Planpromatrix?


Is Planpromatrix a big scam or a legit online site where you can earn money and depend on it as a stable income like Secret2succcess (S2S)?


A lot of prying cats has been trying to know how can they be sure that they are going to earn hard cold money when they join Planpromatrix and I am sure that you are one of them, that’s why you are here.


So, what is Planpromatrix and where it originates from?


Here is a short overview of the company:


Name: PlanProMatrix Online

Owner: Mark George Naval, Junnel Millano

Website: PPM

Year Founded: 2013  

Price: 600 pesos (starter account) or 1,800 pesos (premium account)

Services and their Products:

-Data Entry Job

-E-Load Dealership

-Referral Bonuses

-Knowledge-based E-Books

-2000 Text Advertisement

-Unlimited Text to All Networks


PlanProMatrix is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Company and it only implies that it’s a pyramid marketing and network marketing. Simpler terms are, you need to refer people in order to earn.


Here’s how it works:


1.The Matrix


Like what I have mentioned above, it is all about referral marketing.

With the matrix, you have to convince people to join PlanProMatrix starter membership (Php600).

When these two people join under your name, you will surely get $14 though in reality, $5 only goes to your account and the other $9 will go directly to PlanProMatrix’ pocket.

Imagine that you are on top of a pyramid and once everyone under you refers people, you will get a commission no matter how many they are referring as long as they are paying the membership fee.

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2. Data Entry


They said that if you don’t want to refer people, you can join PlanProMatrix and just do data entry.

This is for those who are really looking for a job and who wants to earn by doing the real job.

With this option, you will be encoding random captchas.

They say that if you’re a fast typer, you’ll probably be earning $200-$300 a month by just doing random captchas.

Easy money, eh?

You can even do it on your device like a tablet or with your smartphone!


3. Table of Exits


This works the same as the matrix but on a larger scale. The faster you are going to refer, the faster the exits on your table are.


A blogger once said that someone explains it to him this way, “When you exit your first table you’ll make $66, you’ll re-enter to a new table where the payout is higher ($211) and so on…

Sounds a bit easy, right?


However, I have read a lot of reviews on this MLM company, bad ones mostly.

Some say that they don’t really pay people especially in the data entry department and you still need to refer people even though you have chosen the data entry option of the business.

It is also not true that you can use your mobile phone for data entry as what they are advertising.

One former member told me that the software they are using for the data entry job is not working on mobile phones (only in computers/laptops).

It’s awful to hear.

Why do people need to lie to get referrals?

That’s weird.




A friend once recommended this to me, and I said no not just because of the reviews but because I find it difficult to refer people and convince them (it’s not my thing) especially if I have no proof at all.


If you are planning to get inside the PlanProMatrix company, please reread this blog and decide for yourself. Still, you are the one who can justify if this is a scam or a legit online site where you can earn real money.


Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

58 thoughts on “PlanProMatrix (PPM) Review: Legit or A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for this info Dale!!! I was about to join this company since a friend of mine keep on convincing me to be a part of them. However, I was hesitant because I have to pay the membership fee. Gosh, another type of networking,

  2. I joined planplomatrix last july dahil sa mga nakikita ko. gusto ko lang data entry dhil ayaw kong maginvite at baka mapahiya lang ako. until now hindi ko pa din nababawi ung 600 pesos ko. ilang beses na kong nagtype ng captchas, pero hindi ko alam kung bakit ako laging nababan, alam konman na tama ung mga tinatype ko. Hindi pa ako nagiinvite, at wala pa din akong kita. sa data entry naman ang bagal palaging no image available samantalang malakas ang internet ko. Nanghinayang tuloy ako sa 600 na pinuhunan ko wala pang balik

    1. Hi Annie,

      Thanks for your comment, The only people who got rich from this is the upline. Inviting other people is not for all but for people who are good at this will definitely convince other people. In due time, when people realize this that it’s not really easy as they say will worry specific people (uplines). This kind of thing is not for long term. Like other similar sites to PPM it will last 6-8 months or depends. For people who are still promoting it, obviously, they won’t tell the whole truth about it.

    2. ..i feel you girl…ganyan n ganyan din ang storya ko sa ppm !! tama yung cnabe mo sayang tlga ung 600 n binayad mo di lng nmn ikaw ang nbiktima ako din?!!

  3. September 30, 2017 at 10:53 am
    I joined planplomatrix last july dahil sa mga nakikita ko. gusto ko lang data entry dhil ayaw kong maginvite at baka mapahiya lang ako. until now hindi ko pa din nababawi ung 600 pesos ko. ilang beses na kong nagtype ng captchas, pero hindi ko alam kung bakit ako laging nababan, alam konman na tama ung mga tinatype ko. Hindi pa ako nagiinvite, at wala pa din akong kita. sa data entry naman ang bagal palaging no image available samantalang malakas ang internet ko. Nanghinayang tuloy ako sa 600 na pinuhunan ko wala pang balik

    1. Hi Ann,

      I understand how you feel, a friend of mine just invested 600 php just to try the captchas and not invite but the issues he is facing is similar to yours. PPM can earn you money but only through invites. Not everyone has the skill to invite another person but it doesn’t mean it’s a scam. the reason why other people label it as a scam is due to they were given false information.

  4. Nagulat naman ako sa reviews na ito. Bakit yung reviews mo ata more on negative side? Halatang may pinapanigan. Just to share po, I am a PlanProMatrix member. Sa loob po ng isang buwan ko sa pagiging member e ok naman po dahil kumikita naman po ako, depende talga sa tyaga at diskarte mo po. Di rin ako mahilig sa invite invite na yan dahil mahiyain ako at first time ko sumali sa ganito, but what I did is just keep on posting on my page and other groups. HInayaan ko lang may mag-inquire, di naman sapilitan ang paginvite,HINDI PO TOTOO NA KIKITA KA LANG THRU INVITE. I beg to disagree. Im sorry. Alam nyo po bukod dun sa 600 kong binayaran, naginvest pa ko ng another 400 pesos para sa loading.kikita ka pa rin thru E-loading. Sim activation at saka retailer ng load, mostly nga dun malaki ang kita sa e-loading dahil dealer ako ng load.Mabilis maubos yung 400 pesos kaya nagpapadala na ko ng big amount, take note sa e-loading lang po yun.
    Sa data entry, tyagaan lang din, I’ve tried other free data entry sites bukod sa mababa ang rate hindi mo pwede isabay sa ibang gawain. May sariling software si PPM, ang cute nga kasi may sounds pa sya na nagsasabing “image available”, kaya madalas sinasabay ko sya sa pagfafacebook o kapag naglilinis ng bahay basta make sure na malakas ang sounds para marinig mo. Uo madalas nakalagay No image available. Ganun po talga ang data entry kahit saan po kayo maghanap. Have you tried megatypers? same rate din sya pero walang bayad pero kailangan nakatutok ka sa computer as in walang alisan, believe me mamamaga mata mo dahil hindi ka kukurap.

    Basta po depende sa tyaga at diskarte po yan. Dun po sa member na hindi pa nabawi ang puhunan? I dont know what happened to you, sino upline mo? Hingi ka po ng tips. Work it out 😉 Yun din po pala pagdating din sa ganyan dapat mapili ka sa UPLINE mo kasi yung iba pabaya referral lang ang habol hindi nakikicoordinate o kinakamusta man lang yung downlines kaya watchout pa rin po.

    Kung gusto nyo po ng tips pwede nyo po ako email. Just let me know. I’ll give you my email address.

    Nagcomment po ko just to share kung ano na-experience ko sa pagiging member ng PPM. Respect my post/comment. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary,

      It’s not that the reviews are on the negative, I just stated the concerns of most people. A lot are also giving false information, why? because they realize that they can’t do it or can’t and each of us has a different skill set. I think you don’t understand what I meant about “you can earn only through invite”, It means if you want to earn big it will be through invite and not the captchas and e-loading. About Data entry, no offense. I guess you know a little about it. It’s not about typing captcha. You are associating Data entry to sites like PPM and the likes who type captchas. I have worked with Data entry with clients before in Upwork and Onlinejobs and other sites and its not just writing captchas.

      If you’re earning money through PPM, well and good.
      Clearly also you’re fishing for possible downline by commenting.

      1. Your review is a second hand information, if you haven’t tried it yet never write a review. Because you’re letting yourself be called biased by others esp. mentioning S2S. You have to check the other side of the coin. Not all members are the same. Not all Uplines are the same. In all business or anything in the field of entrepreneurship you’ll always have to take risks. In reality there is no easy money, you have to work for it before you can earn it. Regarding to all the people you’ve talk about this, maybe they we’re not guided or they didn’t have the initiative to learn the system they joined in. Bago ka kasi pumasok sa isang laban dapat prepared ka, may enough info ka. Hindi yung nakarinig lang ng word pagdating sa earnings nagpapantig na agad yung tenga. Knowledge accompanied by wisdom is sure success. God bless you. But I suggest you better take this review down and write another one. Try some searching and listen to the testimonials of every member. Yung kapatid kong bunso never naginvite but got her first 3k. My 2nd sister got hers too. But aside for that Tables she got an additional 1800. So is it a scam then?

        1. Did I ever mention I got this from secondhand information? And I don’t plan to take down this review. Who says this review is biased? Read it first before claiming its biased. Did you say your brother and second sister earned from it? So who is now biased? LOL..


        sir Dale any recommendation na legit online typing jobs. I find you credible enough for recommendations of company

  5. Hi Mary,
    You know what? You’re really good.. I think you’re one of the upline people who keeps on convincing us non members to join. I’ve been invited to many pyramid scams no need to name them but I know they just want us to believe bla bla bla.. You know what I noticed to you Mary? You’re like them, WORDS can really affect people.. You’re really good at it, sasabihin pa na “Uy tamang tama! Nandito si Boss namin, “although halata namang scripted at pupunta sya para madagdagan interest namin sus! Don’t me”. So please sa mga gusto mag try jan,, go ahead it’s you’re choice and you’re money.. But believe me i’ve been there so yhup! Nasa sanyo kung mag papauto kayo sa mga matatalinhagang WORDS nila na mapapa oo talaga kayo.. 🙂 Good luck am not against with PPM.. Ito lang tanong lagi.. May “BUSINESS BA NA PURO POSITIVE SASABIHIN AND NO NEGATIVES”? If meron man bakit kinocover up nila ung negative?.. 😀

    1. @Franco I work before as a fraud analyst for U.S account. At Kung legit ito why asking for money diba? There’s no such thing as easy money, lahat ng bagay pinaghihirapan. Hindi Naman magsasabi ang Tao Ng maling comment. Ang Hamon ko sa PPM Kung legit kayo allow us to join free at pag kumikita na kami we will pay you then. Pwedi nyo naman yun ededuct sa kikitain namin.

      1. @Red, First, Let me quote you:

        “There’s no such thing as easy money, lahat ng bagay pinaghihirapan. Hindi Naman magsasabi ang Tao Ng maling comment.”

        And you also said this in the last part:

        “Ang Hamon ko sa PPM Kung legit kayo allow us to join free at pag kumikita na kami we will pay you then.”

        – Isn’t your second statement is exactly the definition of “Easy money”??, You wanted to earn without any fee and pay after you have earned already? I can’t understand the logic of the two contrasting statements.

        1. Kung sa pagpasok nga sa mga companies wala kang babayadan diba? Kahit medical o uniform? Bayad lang ay salary deduction or kung minsan ang medical lang ang free. Pero kung babayad ka para lang mag trabaho is iba diba? Edi sana lahat ng tao nagbayad nalang ng 600 at kumikita na ngayon ng libo-libo araw araw?

  6. So, the so called “Easy Money” doesn’t come so easy pala..

    Parang si Crypto Currency lang yan, after mag boom ni BITCOIN sa market biglang labasan sangkatutak na COIN andyan si MSD Coin, BitConnect Coin, etc. pero pag tinanong mo kung saan pwede magamit ang coin nila. ang sasabihin investment lang muna hintayin daw tumaas tulad ni bitcoin.. bili ka daw muna ng coin nila.. HUWAW!

  7. well sa akin as member ang pag ka alm ko wlang sapilitan na nag iinvite dito yes we do some posting and ads just to know everybody n kumikita ang ppm at kung ikaw ay pamilya ng tamad it will not work talaga.. @ red if you are interested to know u can join see the free referral link dyan n sinsabe wla halos ng papayout ako di p naman ganun k kalaki ang kinita ko pero inaaral ko sxa at talagang may magandang resulta n kikita k talaga ng amalki if pag tuunan mo ng pansin nad willing ka talga matuto sa pasikot sikot ng ppm ..

    1. Naaliw ako sa pagbabasa ng comments kasi pinipilit na ipaglaban ang sari-sariling pananaw.

      Pero eto lang point ko, sa PPM kasi kapag wala ka direct or even indirect invites/referrals eh good luck n lang sayo kasi other option mo eh e-load business or typing ng captcha code and ebooks. Take note! sa Captcha aabutin k ng syam syam bago mo mabawi 600 mo, so switch k ngayon sa e-load. lumalabas ngayon na sumali ka pala or nagbayad k ng 600 para sa e-loading business pero wala pang laman loadwallet mo para ibenta so invest ka ulit ng Capital mo sa e-loading, eh nalaman mo na libre pala ang registration sa Loadcentral, edi nanghihinayang ka ngayon na sana pala yong 600 mo e dinagdag mo n lang sa load wallet mo.

      So anu ending? 600 mo pumasok sa bulsa ng naginvite sayo at sa bulsa ng PPM.

      Bottom line: Need mo talaga mag-invite para may kitain ka at kikita rin si PPM.

      ASTIG DI BA?

  8. I joined PPM, June 2016 I think but not an active member since my upline didnt even bother to teach me “How” to earn so until I got tired asking and waiting for her to come online as a result I already forgot my username and password. Now I want to get active on PPM again but got this problem on username/password. I sent 2 tickets already to SUPPORT department along with my valid ID and 3 signatures and a selfie holding my valid ID but I think its not successful since until now I am not receiving any emails from PPM support, anyone here tell me what else I should do? TIA.

  9. @Joe
    No harm intended po, Pero eto po ang tignan nyo. dba po sa normal work, let’s say office work, newly hired ka and you are going to the office since its your first day. dba po papasok ka para magka pondo sa darating na sweldo (gagastos ka ng pamasahe, pambili ng lunch at minsan pangbili ng isusuot mo sa work). That’s how I see it po. yung payment fee ay pondo nyo po para mag earn. wag po sana kayo magalit skin neutral lang po ako. Yung topic na “magbabayad para magtrabaho” lng po ang focus ko dito and nothing else.

    1. Bryce you are right, fheres so investnent wirhout a capital. You as the investor have to take the risk or work hard on it for your equity.

  10. Business is business. If you enter in business, you need an investment. And if you invest, you should be a risk-taker. I think PPM is really a business, so the amount 600 is an investment. simple!

  11. Hey. Just wanna say madami po successful data entry encoders. Hindi lang po through inviting ang possible ways para makaearn sa PPM. Maybe other members na sumali sa PPM is really providing false information but still, you yourself is to blame. Anjan naman un GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, and many reference. Wala naman pong pilitan sa PPM. Kung d ka kumikita sa Encoding and ADVERTISING, Edi magbenta ka ng load. Dami daming negative feedbacks eh. Nakakasama ng loob. Respectcomment po

    1. Hi,

      There’s a lot of negative feedback and you can’t blame people. When you say “you yourself is to blame” that’s the usual line some of the networkers say when their downline fails. You as an upline is also part of the blame and downline’s failure.

      Also, your comment is obviously promoting PPM. Why not stop mentioning other people and look at yourself if you’re successful with it. Usually, networkers promote other peoples success to gain referrals, I’m not against it but for me, if people can really earn big at PPM then a lot of people should have been resigning right now with their jobs. You said in your last comment respect comment, right? then respect other comments as well.

      Have a nice day!

  12. Vincent Norman Ballucanag

    Sorry but i strongly disaggree, with the part of successful in data entry encoder. Well, if some of the people got successfully on data entry as you’ve claimed, then that’s awesome hands down and I do respect that, which was what My GF wanted, thats why she joined in the first place to be successful on that particular manner. however it doesn’t work out for her even applying troubleshooting guides posted in youtube, facebook or some other links in the google search engine and guess what, she even comes here to my place here in manila to check and stay knowing my internet speed capable to run your app. “time is gold” so much time been wasted figuring how to fix the issue, waiting for the next capcha to appear God knows when and when it appears thank God i just needed 994 capcha to earned 0.60$ or 1$(given here that im complaining) depending on the time , haven’t been able to get even for the capital she pays for the business. sobrang awa ako sa gf ko the fact na gusto niya ung trabaho na capcha para mabawi yung puhunan willing naman siya mag extra effort mabawi yung puhunan at magkaroon ng income just like how should business be Oo sige andun na ung option na may iba pang paraan doon para kumita like yung pag loload, pag rerefer etc.. kung may addition man, but the thing is not everyone is suited for that kind of work in the case na parang may alternative na ang doctor mag shift sa trabaho ng engineer or leon(Lion) na ibalin nya ung pagtingin sa pagkaen ng gulay… you got my point. for the reason that what she pays for is for her to work for the data entry …..

  13. hey there, anu ba yan! I’m planing to join ppm so far, but why there are to many negative comments. is ppm really a legit or not. hindi ko na tuloy alam kung kanino ako maniniwala..
    at point where you should invest, its okay because every businessman takes risk, but in the other hand that there is problem about data entry where in there is delay in capcha encoding as those members who have experienced it. how could we earn if that occurs. can we do capchas as you required to earn in a day? paano ako makakabawi sa puhunan….

    to the owner;

    Mr. Mark George Naval, Junnel Millano

    gusto ko pong maliwanagan sa mga nababasda ko.

  14. I’m doing data entry freelance at upwork for three years now. Hindi lahat ng data entry jobs ay captcha encoding. I’m earning $5 per hour. Walang babayaran,walang invite and walang captcha. If you really want a legit online job, do it sa upwork. Just giving my two cents here.

  15. Hi po sa lahat. Maitanong ko lng if itong negosyo ay madali bakit po marami paring nasa call center nkastay if ito wLang oras na nkakaperA kapa. Bakit po maraming tumatagal sa mga call center at until now andun pa din sila at nagpupuyat kng itong investment na to ay malaking tulong. Kng pag ttype lng din pag uusapan if ako nasa call center dito nlng ako di pko mgpupuyat ng ilang years at kikita pa ako di po ba? Pa clarify nlng po. Salamat sa lahat GOD BLESS PO SA INYONG LAHAT

    1. Simple! Kung bakit marami paring nagtitiyagang magpuyat sa call center, di nag resign sa trabahu. Paano sila mag resign o titigil sa pag call center eh ayaw nila subukan kung ano ang inilatag na oportunidad sa larangan ng online business. Bakit? Dahil puro negatibong pananaw ang lagi nila pinapairal sa ganitong negosyo. Subukan nyu para mapatunayan nyu kung talagang legit ba at kikita ka dito O SCAM ito dahil di ka kumikita dahil di mo trinatrabaho.

  16. Kayo na bhala kung scam kami o Hindi .. Bsta ako ma niniwala ako sa ppm . naka 2nd encashment na ako kahit papano .. At kami lang ba yung scam na may charity ?? Godbless everyone. Let there be peace on earth.

  17. svhn n nga natin na kumikita d2.. pero ung mga upline lng… d ka talaga kikita sa captcha n yan… ewan q b kung para saan un captcha na un… ndi nmn encode tawag dun.. waste of time lng e…sa 1000 captcha 1 dollor?? pota… pambayad lng g kuryente at internet kulang pa un para makuha mo ung 1k captcha e…

    kikita nga talaga ung mga upline dahil dun sa mga na rerecruit nila.. 600 ba nmn e.. tpos kung gus2 mo maging upline..kailangan mo rin mag recruit.. kailangan mo dn manloko para lng kumita..??? amf

  18. PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO.Posted 9 February 2018
    The Commission has received information that individuals or group of persons representing PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. (“PPM”) are enticing the public to invest in the said entity online or through the internet.

    Based on the information gathered by the Commission, PPM, headed by Mark George Barnuevo Naval (a.k.a. Bong Naval), allegedly offers a home-based online business with a capital of Six Hundred Pesos (Php600.00) where prospective investors/members are entitled to various e-books and electronic materials such as video/audio tutorials, icons, graphics, fonts, templates, etc. Likewise, a prospective investor may promote his own business thru PPM’s ADS Package.

    Each member/investor of PPM may earn through the following:

    E-loading business;
    Data Entry Job; and
    Advertising Agent.

    On the other hand, PPM promises six (6) ways to earn for being an “Advertiser” in the company, to wit:

    a. 2×1 Matrix System – where a member earns Php300.00 for every two (2) recruits;

    b. Pass3Unli – where a member earns Php50.00 for his every 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and onwards direct recruits while the Upline earns Php50.00 from the former’s 1st, 3rd, and 5th direct recruits;

    c. Unilevel/Indirect Referral Commission – where a member may earn Php5.00 for every direct recruit and the recruits of his downlines up to the 10th level;

    d. Profit sharing – where a member, to be qualified, is required to recruit 5 direct downlines every month and entitled to a share or portion of the income appropriated by PPM;

    e. Binary Matching Bonus – where a member may earn Php100.00 whenever his downlines activated their respective binary. To activate a binary, a member must have 4 direct recruits per account. Alternatively, a member, to activate his binary, may purchase a Binary Activation Code amounting to Php300.00 each; and

    f. Binary Direct Downlines Commission – where a member may earn Php30.00 for every direct downline that activates their respective binary.

    In addition, PPM introduced a new compensation plan which is called “TABLE OF EXIT” where a member should pay an amount of Php1,800.00 (Php600.00 of which entitles the member to the abovementioned ways to earn and the remaining Php1,200.00 shall pertain to Table of Exit). The Table of Exit is illustrated, thus:

    TABLE 1.

    LEVEL 1
    Mr. 1

    LEVEL 2
    Mr. 2

    Mr. 3

    LEVEL 3 Mr. 4 Mr. 5 Mr. 6 Mr. 7
    LEVEL 4 Mr. 8 Mr. 9 Mr. 10 Mr. 11 Mr. 12 Mr. 13 Mr. 14 Mr. 15
    In the above table, level 4 must be filled up by paying each an amount of Php1,800.00. Once level 4 is completely filled up, Mr. 1 shall exit and proceed to Table 2.

    LEVEL1 Mr. 2 Mr. 3
    LEVEL2 Mr. 4 Mr. 5 Mr. 6 Mr. 7
    Mr. 8

    Mr. 9 Mr. 10 Mr. 11 Mr. 12 Mr. 13 Mr. 14 Mr. 15
    LEVEL4 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    The table shall thereafter split into two, respectively, now being headed by Mr. 2 and Mr. 3 on the Level 1. Again, after Level 4 is completely filled up, the person in Level 1 shall exit and proceed to the next table. The process continues so long as there are invites/recruits.

    Members who exited in the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth table shall earn Php3,000.00, Php10,000.00, Php30,000.00, Php100,000.00, and Php500,000.00, respectively.

    The public is hereby informed that although PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. is registered with the Commission as a partnership, however, such registration does NOT authorize the company to offer, solicit, sell or distribute any investment/securities. Such activities require a Secondary License from the Commission and the securities or investment product should likewise be registered with SEC before they can be offered or sold to the public under Sections 8 and 12 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC).

    Consequently, those who act as salesman, brokers, dealers or agents of PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. in selling or convincing people to invest in the investment scheme being offered by PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. including solicitations or recruitment through the internet may likewise be prosecuted and held criminally liable under Section 28 of the Securities Regulation Code and penalized with a maximum fine of Five Million pesos (P5,000,000.00) or penalty of Twenty One (21) years imprisonment or both pursuant to Section 73 of the SRC.

    Accordingly, those who invite or recruit other people to join or invest in this venture or offer contracts or securities to the public may be held liable or accordingly sanctioned or penalized in accordance with the Supreme Court decision in the case of SEC vs. Oudine Santos (G.R. No. 195542, March 19, 2014).

    In view thereof, the public is hereby advised to exercise caution before investing in these kinds of activities and to take the necessary precaution in dealing with PLANPROMATRIX ONLINE CO. or its representatives.

    Should you have any information regarding the operation of the subject entity, please call the Enforcement and Investor Protection Department at telephone numbers 818-6047. For guidance of the public.

  19. Oh my? I am just joined now already ? Negativities are everywhere? How will I suppose to do? Nagbiblink blink utak ko?

  20. Inaway ko pa partner ko dhil hindi nya agad napadala ang 600, tpos 3rd day pa lng na ban na account namin sinisi pa kmi ng upline kc d dw kami nag basa kahit anong basa namin kung server ang dahilan,,hanggang ngaun d pa ok kc ang daming dhilan,,tpos sinabihan aq bkt d dw ako mag invest sa ibang services eh buti sana kng ung 600 ko parin gamitin like sa eloading pro hindi eh kelangan q na nmn magpadala ng 300 daw pro ayoko na 600 is enough as a loss kc d q lng un pinulot tabi tabi…

  21. Cherry Malou Nuez

    If that kind of business does not suits your knowledge and skills then what’s the use of investing in it. That simple. No more arguments, comments and etc. The main goal of this review is to know if PPM’s legit or scam… so, how does networking operate? If you know how, then you will know if it is legit or scam. Again, so simple as that. No need of insulting and hurting each others feelings right?

  22. can you also make a review about Another type of networking company that you need to convert your cash into their crypto coin. They dont even want you to call your investment as investment. They claim it is not investment.

  23. I joined and nagbayad ako ng 1850 but unti now hindi ako makatable of exits sabi nila tulugan pero wala iniwan ka na lang sa ere, tapos ung data entry hindi makapagpasok ng capcha naban lang ako and until now ayaw nya pumasok or ayaw maglogin kase ang security certificate is suspended na daw revoc na ng google. so ano ito?

  24. Don’t waste money investing for line of business, their way on earning is unstable especially the Data Entry, recruiters will say that of course all day all time captchas are available yet truth is, it’s not. You have to wait for the availabilty and once you receive it would only take less than 10 images, computing how many days it would take to complete 1000 is more than a week and that’s equivalent $0.70 to $1.00. Very lame, such a waste of time! this concentrates on recruiting people on a binary structure or considered as NETWORKING. yes, NETWORKING sucks because of people giving false information. so Uplines enjoy scamming.

  25. I was just commenting on an advertiser sa FB regarding PPM. Sinabihan ako na tigilan ang negative feedback. Sila dapat ang tumigil kasi it’s clear na hindi sila kumikita by data entry and load lang. May message pa sila na PM me eh kung talagang clear business yan di sana sinabi na outright ang product.

  26. ano ba yan! dami bad comments.. kakasali q lang khpon at dq pa rin naiintindidan about ppm.. cguro n nmn mababawe q ang 1850 q.. kc lifetime nmn cya..sana maiintidihan q ang ppm agad..

  27. John Mc Carthwright

    Wag nyong sabihin na Scam ang PPM, hindi kumikita, Pineperahan, kasi WALA KAYO SA SISTEMA… If you wish try to inquire from youre close PPM member…. Kung hindi naman mag inquire kayo sakin kung gusto nyo nang malinaw na explanation…. Kasi ganyan din ako nung una…. kagaya sa inyo, negative rin yung mind ko… hanggang sa pinag aralan ko ang sistema, diskarte, at mga pasikut sikut, ngayon kumikita ako sa PPM
    Facebook: John Mc Carthwright

  28. Ppm member here you need to know first how it works, kung sasali ka premium mn o starter, 5 pesos lng mkukuha ng upline mo sayo kahit ung pinakaupline mo, u are considered indirect referral. Maganda po system ng ppm pg member ka, kahit alin mn sa 2 accounts ang pipiliin mu.

  29. Sa coins free membership and may free kana agad 50 pesos pwede muna ipaikot. Maglalabas ka ng pera, pero don din mapupuntamapupunta sa wallet mo .😉 unang sali mu pa lang may kita kana.

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