Secret2Success (S2S) Review: Legit or Scam?



Curious about Secret2Success?

Well you’re in the right post since you seen this on Facebook a lot of times posting about making money by just sending invites or as what a lot of them say “You can earn if you’re into Facebook all the time regardless of your status


So What is Secret2Success (S2S)?


Well.. aside from the flowery words they put it, It’s a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) AKA (“Pyramid selling“, “Networking marketing“, “Referral Marketing”) and a”Pyramid scheme“. It’s a contentious marketing strategy for services where the income of S2S is derived from promoters or recruited investors who will continue to look for other investors and so on.

MLM is different from Pyramid scheme where MLM differs by offering legitimate products, while Pyramid scheme differs since the initiator of the scheme is the guilty one for running a corrupt business. The participants may not be included in the guilty party if they are unaware of the illegal doings of the business.

In my opinion, it is both.


Since they offer services as what they claim:

  • e-loading or Smart Padala business,
  • 30,000 php company assistance,
  • Gadgets and Travel income

and at the same time a pyramid scheme by inviting other investors (to invest 250 php for unlimited or lifetime access). They will also surely give gadgets and travel income to people who recruited a lot.


1) For Show


If you’re performing well and gets incentives then good for you but for the initiator of this scheme, he will be most happy since he knows a lot of people would join easy money with less work.

Who would not want that, right?

2) More Investors


It’s a strategy that they will give incentives to a person who performs well. It’s both an appreciation at the same time to gather more proof and entice or lure other people. If it’s just for promoting a service then they should have promoted that instead of telling people to just gather referrals.


So How Does S2S Work?


You can visit their site (S2S)

1) 250 php membership


  • You will get unlimited access
  • Free training
  • Paymaya Visa Card
  • 30,000php Company assistance
  • e-loading or Smart Padala business


2) Invite other people


Invite through Social media like Facebook, offline, and any messaging system

That’s it.

These are the common post that people usually post on Facebook as shown below.

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Why do People label Secret2Success as Scam?


1. Curiosity kills the Cat


This is where most people get hooked on since most of their strategy to get referrals is to let other people join first before answering more questions. They will then not reply to your chat or questions and only answers them when you join. Most of the promoters do this to get a guaranteed referral. 

Most of you are in this part.


2. What they say is not entirely true


They will say that its 40php for 1 referral daily but in reality, it’s 40 php per referral and you get 5php every day on your 1 referral.

For how long will you get 5php every day?

In my opinion forever, why? because they know you will not sit by and will get more referrals to earn more.

That’s a good strategy on their part.


3. Buying Multiple Accounts


Buying multiple accounts does not let you earn more. You think you earn more due to the daily earnings but you should know that the amount you invest and the ROI you get is lesser. You will not notice this since they will divert you either how much they earn, what gadgets they get, and what other people have accomplished.


4. Expectation VS Reality


People label S2S scam when their expectation isn’t met. They thought that it’s just easy to earn money by recruiting people when in reality for them it’s hard. You won’t earn right away by just simply posting then leave it. You need to know social media marketing to succeed.

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5. Transparency


They are not transparent and will only tell you:


  • Pay 250 php for membership and you will earn the said amount in a week
  • Even with no referral you will still earn
  • For 1 referral you will earn 40php a day


Promoters should tell people:

  • Once you pay 250php for membership you will earn the said amount only by referring the said number of people.
  • You will earn when you refer people
  • For every referral, you will get a one time 40php and will get 5php everyday


6. Fake Proof


Some promoters will go this far and post they earn this much when in reality it’s not. The reason for this is just plain simple, to get referrals.

Want to know how some of them fake their proof?

Through Computer:


1. Log in to your account

2. Highlight the amount no matter how big or small it is

3. After highlighting, right click on your mouse and choose “inspect element

4. The highlighted amount will show in the code, just right click on your mouse and choose “Edit HTML

5. The amount will be shown, change it to your desired amount you want to show then click outside of the area in “inspect element

6. Screenshot now the edited proof


Through Offline


1. Get or prepare any amount of money that was not earned by S2S

2. Go to any pera padala like Palawan express

3. Take a picture of you holding the money

4. Post in Social Media Sites.




I can understand why other people deliberately do this since they are not very good at convincing people. They don’t have personal relations (PR) and credibility to show or they just don’t care and only want the referral bonus.

So for questions:

Can you earn money in S2S?

Yes, you can.

So, Is Secret2Success a Legit or Scam?

It’s for you to judge since people have a different point of views.


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      It’s really up to you on how you perceive it but if ask me in my own opinion whether you can earn, then probably. If you ask me if it can be a monthly recurring money, my answer is it depends. Overall I don’t recommend it.

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