Tutoring: Korean based ESL Company | Full Review


The second part of the review series is a review of TUTORING, a Korean-based ESL Company.

There aren’t a lot of comprehensive reviews on Tutoring around. If there are, they are difficult to find because of how generic the company name is. Even then, don’t let it fool you because I believe Tutoring is one of the best ESL companies out there.

Of course, for every good side, there’s a side not quite pleasant, which I will be discussing in a while.

Again, what exactly are you going to find in this review?

  • PROS and CONS

So without any further ado, let’s get to know about Tutoring more!



Target Market: KOREANS
Material Focus: Conversational English/TOEIC/OPIC/KIDS, etc
Rate:    4.2 $/ hour or 0.07 $/minute
Peak Hour Rate: 5 $/ hour or 0.083 $/minute





Is there a rate/salary increase? NO, but they give incentives.
Do they deduct tax? NO.
How often is the pay? Thrice a month. On the 10th, 20th and on 30th
What is the mode of payment?     PayPal
Are there any monetary penalties for absences? NONE.
Is it a booking System? NO. Instead, you go AVAILABLE and wait for calls from students.


 Tutoring A Korean Based Esl Company




When I say user-friendly, I say it’s the best platform there is.


No need to open multiple software at the same time because all you have to do are the following:

·       Log In

·       Go AVAILABLE

·       Wait for calls from students.

·       Get paid.


No need to be tech-savvy because everything you have to do and know is all in one place.


Out of all, I’ve worked for, I must say this has to be one of the best and easiest. Not only that, you get paid quite well which would lead to the second good point about Tutoring.




Relatively, the pay in Tutoring is better than others because, on regular hours, you get paid 4.2 $ an hour which is not bad. That’s more or less 200ph an hour.


What’s better is that you get paid more on peak hours because rate jumps to 5 $ an hour.



·       From 5 AM to 8 AM;

·       From 6 PM to 12MN.


It is definitely better than other ESL schools which pay 100php an hour and that’s teaching with video. While in Tutoring, you teach without a camera, which is a 3rd good thing about this company.



What makes teaching without the camera hogging at your face really convenient that teachers prefer it more than anything else?


For starters, you can lie on your stomach or you can sit with your feet tucked in your thighs while nursing a cup of coffee.


Secondly, you won’t have to comb your hair, wash your face or maybe brush your teeth – if it makes you comfortable – while you teach.


Looking not-so-presentable is now an option because all you need are your teaching prowess and bright personality.



One of the most loathed aspects of home-based teaching is the penalty for canceling classes due to power interruptions, awful internet connection or any unprecedented events.


Here in Tutoring, you can now bid farewell to these outrageous penalties because of its unique platform: going online and waiting for calls.


Work only when you can.


Don’t work if you can’t.


5. EASY TOPIC CARDS (Lesson Materials)

What’s even convenient in working in Tutoring are the materials used for teaching.

Unlike others, we use TOPIC CARDS instead of materials which could be a chore and redundant.

The topics are something both teachers and students can enjoy because they are easy to relate and can be deviated into something interesting.

Just make sure to find time to explore them because you have to have certain mastery –or at least be familiar with the topic cards.




When I advertised Tutoring in Facebook, most criticisms I’ve read are usually about the lack of feedback from the company of whether they received the application or not or whether they passed or failed the screening test.

I have noticed that they don’t have systematized procedure yet when acknowledging applications and scheduling interviews since they’re done manually.

This makes getting in the company quite difficult, and that’s speaking from my own experience.

When I was up for an interview, it was moved to a later date due to technical problems with Skype. Even then at the new schedule, the interviewer did not go online nor reply to my messages until a few days later.

I guess you have to be resilient to get booked for an interview which I was since I kind of bombarded them with follow-ups.



Since teachers are paid in dollars and not in pesos, the money you receive may vary,  which depends solely on the dollar-peso exchange rates.

Moreover, they send your salary via PayPal so expect that you’d be charged 0.04% for every transaction.

Worry not though because Tutoring adds the amount on top of your salary so that you won’t have to carry the charges made by PayPal and that leaves your earnings scot-free.


3.    NO Training FOR TEACHERS

Most ESL schools offer newly-hired teachers some training to prepare and equip in handling classes.

Instead, an orientation of the topic cards, incentives, the portal and anything you have to know about working in Tutoring is given.

No demo classes are needed to prove your competence as a teacher since an evaluation score from students would determine your popularity or infamy.


As you can see, there’s a glaring difference in the number of pros and cons of working in Tutoring. In conclusion, Tutoring can be worth your while.

Do I recommend Tutoring then? YES! Definitely!

Do you want in? Send me a message and I’ll help you out.

How about you? Let me know what you think about Tutoring!

Mari Lapuz

By heart and by profession, Mari is a teacher.
Her go-getter attitude has brought her to the world of writing about ESL companies, investments and anything under the sun.

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