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Flexjobs: Safe Place to Find a Professional Job

No matter what your college degree is or who you are, if you’re really interested in transcription, there are thousands of service companies and resources in the online world which you can explore and make real money out of it. Now, instead of browsing from one site to another, why don’t you consider searching for potential transcription jobs using popular online job portals like Flexjobs?

Flexjobs Review: Legitimate Source of Online Transcription Jobs?

Flexjobs was established by Sara Sutton in 2007, aiming to provide a more effective approach to find remote professional jobs instead of wasting time dealing with fake ads, scammers, and paid job placement sites. The trusted job portal has become a legitimate source of flexible online jobs, which somehow ignores the need to look for recruitment agencies and paid freelance marketplaces for possible employment.

Flexjobs seems different from those typical job marketplaces offering “too good to be true” promises to job seekers. You won’t find cluttering ads, scammers, commission-based and underpaid jobs from Flexjobs since all listed companies and partner clients have been thoroughly screened and checked before any job opening is posted. Only flexible jobs are regularly posted here, meaning you won’t find any client that would require you to work on a fixed schedule.

With Flexjobs, you don’t need to spend hours browsing the site using keywords as the site will only show the latest and the best freelance jobs available. Flexjobs helps applicants find remote professional jobs through different job search categories, including:

  • Part-time or full-time job positions
  • Entry-level and executive positions
  • U.S. territories and global locations
  • Education level from high school to graduate studies
  • Related career certifications and professional training
  • Required technical or field expertise

Flexjobs isn’t working as a recruitment agency or a staffing service, but rather a comprehensive job board where businesses, recruitment firms, and independent contractors can connect. This job board provider does not place anyone in position or engage in any payment process between employers and their respective recruits. Aside from this, Flexjobs deploys a reliable team of researchers tasked to find the best flexible jobs in over 50 job categories, thus eliminating all potential junk and scam jobs in the process.

Flexjobs Application Process

Before you engage in job hunting with Flexjobs, you need to register an account using your valid email address. However, you need to get a paid subscription, which costs $14.99 per month, to view full job descriptions and to apply for any vacant position.

Employers will decide how job seekers can send an application to them. Clients can either leave some contact details with their job post or redirect you to their career page or official business site to fill up an application form.

Email response time varies, but once you receive an answer, just follow the application process. Every employer has its own set of application procedures from conducting job interviews to giving proficiency tests, so you should expect some variations with regard to the result of your application. Nevertheless, if you want to apply as a transcriptionist, you are expected to have the following qualifications prior to actual application:

  • Outstanding command of the English language
  • Proficient in using word processors (Word, Pdf, and Excel)
  • Fast typing skills
  • Keen to details
  • Ability to accomplish tasks on time
  • Great listening and comprehension skills
  • Academic credentials and career certifications
  • Work experience with the field of expertise is an advantage
  • Ability to speak or translate one or more foreign languages
  • Personal laptop, built-in transcribing tool, and reliable internet access
  • Clear-sounding stereo headphones and foot pedals

Work Process

Once you get a paid subscription from Flexjobs, you will gain access to its full job listing, which allows you to browse on different available transcription job offers. Every job offer indicates its own description, project turnaround, work time requirement, client profile, specific job positions, and potential earning. Still, if you want to view the job offers in full, you really need to pay a monthly fee of $14.99.

Flexjobs has a team of in-house job researchers who will provide job seekers the most direct way to apply, either redirecting them to the employer’s career page or Flexjobs will supply the necessary information, like job summary and company details. Flexjobs also provides relevant career resources and articles in support of the job searching experience of the applicants. Special offers to job seekers include:

  • Customized job search checklist
  • Exclusive access to career coaching through webinars and voice conferencing
  • Skills test (typing, analyzing and data management)
  • Short online courses

The above-mentioned resources are paid services offered to both job applicants and clients. Flexjobs also recommends using the keyword search tool to help you find exactly what type of transcription job you prefer. This tool is set to search the database for jobs related to the title or qualification you have typed, particularly jobs that can be outsourced globally.

Remember that every employer has individual work policy, grading system, and performance evaluation process covering all in-house employees and independent contractors. So you need to follow certain guidelines that are enforced by the client, including standard work templates, turnaround time, and maintenance of good performance scores while employed. Rest assured that all listed jobs on Flexjobs provide flexible options that can suit anyone’s lifestyle.

Salary Rates

Salary rates are not usually posted along with the job details since this matter is entirely up to the client. In general, transcriptionists are paid in different ways, such as per audio hour, per audio minute, per transcribed word, project-based, and per transcribed line. It is just normal for employers to disclose such information about project rates during or after completing a series of interviews.

Pros and Cons

Flexjobs welcomes everyone who wants more flexibility and convenience with regard to set work schedules, amount of workload, and acceptable rate. Here are some great benefits when you look for transcription projects on this site:

  • Safe place to find a professional job
  • Open to all forms of flexible job settings, like telecommuting, freelancing, part-time and remote setup
  • Individual job offers which allow you to choose which one will suit your current lifestyle
  • All registered employers, recruiters, and businesses are cautiously screened and validated before available jobs are posted.
  • No questionable job positions are posted.
  • Stiff market competition, but you’ll be able to discover more transcription companies

However, you should also know the disadvantages when you sign up with Flexjobs:

  • Legitimate registered clients, but job placement isn’t guaranteed
  • Hiring process is directly handled by the client.
  • Paid monthly subscription and other service packages

Flexjobs is an exceptional job posting service that allows professional workers and global businesses to meet in one safe haven. Whether you’re interested in remote job opportunities, flexible work setup, or freelance gig as a transcriptionist, Flexjobs might be the right place to build your exciting transcription career.

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