QuickTate: Transcription for Beginners

QuickTate: Transcription for Beginners

If you are just starting out to become a transcriptionist in the Philippines, you may find a lot of career opportunities from QuickTate. QuickTate regularly hires independent contractors to work as transcribers at home regardless of training or work credentials.

Is QuickTate a Legitimate Enterprise?

The answer is a resounding yes as QuickTate has remained operational in the field of transcription for over two decades. Founded in 1999, QuickTate is an established service provider that offers professional transcription services to diverse range of industries worldwide.

QuickTate does not really focus on professional training or seminars attended by their applicants, but rather the ability to transcribe any audio source with accuracy and less mistakes. Aldrich from work from home guide HOWPO found out that this notable company continuously hires new and seasoned transcribers to work on various transcription projects, including but not limited to video records, voice mail messages, conference calls, court proceedings, self-made videos, medical records and random audio clips among others.

Application Process

Interested applicants need to sign up for an account through http://typists.quicktate.com/transcribers/signup before they can proceed to the actual application stage. Note that you should remember your username and password details when you sign up for an account. When you create your QuickTate typist account, you are obliged to follow certain confidentiality requirements and professional code of ethics established by the company before you can continue.

You should carefully read and follow the application guidelines written inside the “Help Desk” tab. Fill out the online application form with your personal details, including preferred work schedule and previous work experience, and then take the spelling and grammar test. After completing the quiz, take the transcription test, which may consume at least 30 minutes to achieve.

Once you pass the quiz and typing text, however, QuickTate will conduct a background check on you, which will cost you $20 to be paid via PayPal or credit card. This ensures that QuickTate will only hire qualified transcribers free from any civil or criminal liabilities. After QuickTate has evaluated your test performance and character reference, your typist account will be activated, allowing you to receive transcription projects in the process.

QuickTate will notify you after three to four business days, though response time may vary due to an overwhelming number of applications the company needs to handle. Apart from this, the score from the typing test will also determine whether you can qualify for the iDictate. This particular division allows transcribers to dictate documents using mobile phones. Now, to be eligible as a transcriber for QuickTate, you should possess the following working tools and qualifications as listed below:

  • Ability to type out all forms of audio files with a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute
  • Excellent research and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with different projects and transcription styles as per client requirements
  • Highly motivated, goal-oriented and honest
  • Excellent in spelling, punctuation and document formatting
  • Strong command of the English language, but multilingual applicants are highly encouraged to join
  • No criminal conviction or any record of misdemeanor
  • Conducive workplace or home office
  • Working tools include high-speed internet, contact numbers, foot pedals, desktop or laptop and a great pair of stereo headphones
  • No specific transcribing tool required

Work Process

Once you successfully pass the typing test, QuickTate will send you transcription projects based on your set schedule through email notification. Project details will typically include turnaround time, formatting style, length of an audio source, and project rate. These details will help you decide whether to accept it or wait for another available work.

You are allowed to work as many hours as you want or take as many projects as you wish in a single day. But this will depend on the number of available jobs and specific project types.

To receive the audio files, you need to log into your account. You may transcribe the audio file directly from the platform, and most of the audio sources are just a few minutes long. However, you won’t receive another project after you have completed one, which may significantly affect your average weekly pay.

QuickTate may offer you to work with iDictate, it’s affiliated transcription company, if you consistently submit high-quality transcripts. Aside from general transcription, you may also be offered to work as a transcript editor or proofreader to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Salary Rates

General transcribers will receive $0.025 per transcribed word, while medical transcriptionists get $0.050 per transcribed word. QuickTate sends out a payment every week through PayPal only. These rates are comparatively lower than what other professional transcribers are receiving from other providers, so working for QuickTate would only provide you an alternative means of extra income.

QuickTate transcribers can earn $240 on average while experienced and fast typists can earn as much as $950 monthly. However, if you possess additional skills, like translation or closed captioning, QuickTate may pay you higher than the usual rates given to general transcribers.

Pros and Cons

Working as a transcriber for QuickTate may provide you the chance to convert your spare time into extra cash, but definitely not enough to sustain a decent living. Nevertheless, here are some advantages when you work for them:

  • Flexible work schedule which allows you to decide how much work you can take
  • Flexible workspace since you can decide where you want to work
  • QuickTate does not control the work sequence on how you want to transcribe the audio sources.
  • Freedom to accept or reject the work without greatly affecting your performance rating
  • No suspension or penalties for being inactive

Despite these benefits, you should also expect some worse case scenarios when working for QuickTate, including:

  • Risk of suffering losses especially when dealing with poor quality audio sources or when you maintain a team of transcribers on your own
  • Tight turnaround time per project
  • Inconsistent flow of transcription projects
  • Long waiting time after you have submitted a transcript

As you see, QuickTate sounds like not the type of online company that could replace your regular paycheck, but transcription may offer you an alternative way to earn money through online. QuickTate would be a great place to jump start your online career if you really plan to get into transcription.

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