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Transcript Divas: Better Pay & Career Advancement

Are you interested in transcription jobs or any promising work-at-home career that would relieve you of traffic stress in the Philippines? Then working for Transcript Divas as an audio transcriber could be an awesome fitting choice for you.

Is Transcript Divas Legit?

Yes, it appears so as Transcript Divas has remained competitive in the transcription industry for over 10 years. Transcript Divas aims to provide high-quality transcription services to millions of global brands not only in the United States but also in other territories.

Transcript Divas, a New York-based transcription enterprise, was founded by Andrew Dodson in 2009 with an objective to deliver television/film transcription, market research, legal transcription, academic transcription, and corporate transcription to clients of all kinds. The company works as a business processing office that facilitates the production of quality transcripts for clients that require file conversion from audio contents into written documents. The actual transcription job is outsourced to its pool of talented and reliable transcriptionists residing within the United States and elsewhere.

Transcript Divas Application Process

When you check out the career page, you won’t see any list of job qualifications, but Transcript Divas is obviously searching for talented individuals with excellent listening and comprehension skills. The company is only considering applicants who are able to deliver projects with a high level of accuracy and fast turnaround time.

Transcript Divas often considers applicants with diverse experience in the medical and legal fields as well as specific industry terms related to education. Also, if you are familiar with highly technical terms, then you may use it as your advantage. Other important job qualifications may include the following:

  • U.S. resident or foreigners at least 18 years of age
  • Strong command of the English language, specifically grammar use, punctuation and vocabulary use
  • Ability to translate one or more foreign languages
  • Fast typing speed, though Transcript Divas did not specify
  • Relevant work experience as a virtual assistant, legal secretary, caption writer and proofreader
  • Knowledgeable in paralegal, software and medical terms
  • Modern computer specifications with access to high-speed internet
  • Experience in various transcribing tools and video players
  • Experience in using word processing tools, spelling and grammar checkers

To begin your application, just visit the career page and fill up the necessary fields with your personal information. After this, upload your present work resume along with a cover letter, indicating your work experience as a transcriber. You may also include any training certification related to the field of transcription.

Transcript Divas only processes around 15 applications per week, and you won’t receive any response if you fail the initial screening process. However, if you qualify for the next step, Transcript Divas will contact you for an interview and a short transcription test. Note that response time may take up to 30 days due to the high volume of application backlogs.

Work Process

There’s no prior training course after passing the initial screening stage, but transcriptionists should come out fully equipped with the necessary skills to transcribe different media contents. Transcribers are not required to work on a fixed schedule. However, they are obliged to finish the entire transcription project within the set deadline.

Transcript Divas strictly enforces a high level of quality work standards, requiring transcriptionists to submit the transcripts on time with nearly zero mistakes. If not, the company reserves the right to remove you from their list of independent contractors. This means that you need to maintain a high level of work performance during your stay with Transcript Divas. Transcript Divas may also deny your access to the job platform or stop offering new projects to you.

As a contractor, Transcript Divas grants you the right to accept or decline a particular project before starting to work on it. Each project is already written in full detail, indicating a brief description of the media content, project rate and required date of submission. In addition to that, feedback time normally takes two to three working days and you need to revise the transcript according to comments and corrections made by the proofreaders.

Salary Rates

Transcribers are capable of earning between $0.84 to $3.00 per transcribed audio minute and $1.38 per audio minute on the average. This potentially equates to at least $20.00 per audio hour based on a 15-minute long audio source which can be completed within one hour.

Payment is sent out through direct fund transfer if you live in the United States or PayPal if you are located outside of the U.S. territory. Transcribers may receive their salary on a monthly basis, but they need to send an invoice for the completed services in advance.

Salary calculations are based on the number of accepted transcripts within 7 working days, and you can get your accumulated salary by the end of the month. Expect not to receive the same salary each month since Transcript Divas may not guarantee anyone a regular stream of the workload at all times.

The project rates will also depend on what the client orders from Transcript Divas. As a general rule, the more time it requires to complete a transcription because of poor audio sounds or the presence of multiple speakers, the higher the company charges the client. In turn, the transcriptionist can receive a bit higher pay.

Transcript Divas is committed to helping transcriptionists make above the standard living wage in New York or at least surpass the average pay rate of transcriptionists in the United States, which is $16.00 per hour.

Pros and Cons

Transcript Divas seems to be a potential job marketplace for individuals with excellent English-speaking skills. But the company has its own advantages and disadvantages when talking about contract worker satisfaction. There are a few things that you might like about the company, such as:

  • Better pay rates as compared to other existing transcription providers
  • Established business with a broad range of career opportunities
  • Pre-qualifications are not that complicated.
  • Work flexibility which allows you to accept or reject job offers
  • No initial training required to complete
  • Contract terms can be negotiated during employment.

On the opposite side, you may likely encounter these scenarios:

  • Difficult to get transcript approved due to high standard of work accuracy
  • Irregular stream of workload
  • You can’t find Transcript Divas on the Better Business Bureau information listing.
  • Feedback time takes too long.

As claimed by other transcribers, Transcript Divas pays well and you can always have room for other career advancements.

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