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Transcription Hub: Work Anytime You Want During the Day

If you think you can type at least 60 words per minute or even faster then consider joining Transcription Hub as one of the trusted Filipino transcribers. Transcription is one specific form of online job that you can pursue without leaving your home whether you are staying in the Philippines or somewhere around the world.

Is Transcription Hub a Genuine Source of Transcription Jobs?

Transcription Hub is one popular online platform that allows professionals to demonstrate their unique transcribing skills and make decent money out of transcription. This stable business enterprise transcribes audio and video contents and converts them into written text whether in verbatim or clean-read style with serious help from their independent contractors. To give anyone a clear picture, Transcription Hub offers a vast range of transcription services in over 30 different languages, including the following:

  • Legal or court transcription
  • Academic and research transcription
  • Medical and scientific transcription
  • News media and multimedia transcription
  • Web-based videos and podcast transcription
  • Business, finance or corporate transcription
  • Investigative transcription
  • Social media transcription

Since Transcription Hub accepts transcription orders in various source languages, this opens more career opportunities for non-native English speakers to help clients convert source files into another target language. Transcription Hub covers a wide range of source files, including but not limited to academic lectures, business seminars, conference calls, corporate meetings, taped patient interviews, commercial videos, and live news feeds, among others.

Transcription Hub Application Process

Transcription Hub warmly accepts applications from new and experienced transcribers as well as transcript editors to join the team in a remote setup atmosphere. There’s no prior experience as a transcriber required to be considered since the job has something to do with accuracy, credibility, and of course, fast turnaround. Applicants only need to pass a qualifying test, which will be reviewed within 24 to 36 hours after submission.

To begin your application, just fill up the online form with your personal information, particularly your previous work experiences and spoken languages. Before you take the test, read all the styling guidelines, job descriptions, and additional instructions that you need to know. After submitting your completed exam, wait for at least 48 hours as Transcription Hub will notify you if you pass or fail the test. If you fail the test, you can take another test after 60 days.

Transcription Hub will conduct a stringent evaluation process to gauge your transcribing skills and ability to follow certain instructions before allowing you to access their live job listing. You will be graded “Gold,” “Silver,” or “Bronze” based on your test performance and acquired skills. As you move up the ranks, you will be given access to more complex jobs with higher project rates, but you really need to prove your work reliability.

When you transcribe for Transcription Hub, there’s no need to purchase any special transcribing software, but you are expected to have the following equipment beforehand:

  • Working computer with an updated operating system and browser
  • Clear-sounding stereo headphones
  • Foot pedals (for ease of work)
  • Quiet workspace to help you concentrate during work
  • Stable internet connection (wired cables are preferred)

Required skills will include:

  • Fast typing speed of at least 60 WPM
  • Excellent internet research skills
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Expertise in law, medicine, technology, and business can be an added advantage
  • Basic computer troubleshooting and software installation
  • File management skills

Work Process

Upon your acceptance to the team, you will be granted full access to the official job board of Transcription Hub to view all available transcription projects. Each job contains all necessary details, including the nature of the job, audio length, price, and date of the deadline to help you decide whether you should accept it or look for another offer on the list.

Transcribers also enjoy the freedom of transcribing audio files from any time they prefer to work. You can also set your maximum “pickup limit,” referring to the maximum number of files you wish to complete within the day. However, all transcription jobs should be completed within 24 hours upon accepting the offer. Otherwise, you will be graded poorly by other co-workers on the team.

The transcripts will be written in Times New Roman font style in justified alignment, but it can be modified if the client requires you to do so. Expect to encounter different challenges during employment, such as sound interference and the presence of multiple voices.

Salary Rates

Transcription Hub will compensate your efforts according to typing accuracy and the current level as their transcriptionist. On the average, you can receive $0.75 per audio minute transcribed, so 10 audio minutes may equate to $7.50. You may potentially earn up to $20.00 per week if you transcribe for two hours a day.

Before you begin transcribing, Transcription Hub will request you to specify the number of working hours you can commit, as this would determine your income potential for each week. Remember that you will be paid by the number of words you can type in an hour, so the faster you type, the more you can earn. Payments can be transferred directly to your bank account through fund transfer or by means of other payment gateways like PayPal on a monthly basis.

Pros and Cons

The initial pay rate appears to be the primary concern for most transcribers who want to work for Transcription Hub. The vast majority of transcribers, however, find it convenient to navigate the job platform.

Here are the benefits you could enjoy when you work here:

  • Work flexibility since you can decide how much time you want to work during the day
  • Open to all job seekers as long as they can communicate in English
  • Project details are displayed upfront, helping you decide whether to take the job or not.
  • Initial rate is based on your pre-evaluation results. “Gold” level transcribers are paid better than those categorized as “Bronze.”
  • Non-complicated application process


  • Transcribers are required to undertake different genres or media contents with various levels of audio quality and length.
  • Internet research may require for highly technical terms or unfamiliar words being mentioned from the file.
  • High level of quality control which makes it difficult to get the transcripts approved fast
  • Contract terms are non-negotiable, so any contract dispute will not be entertained.
  • Workload isn’t that consistent, though you can find more available complex jobs than those easy ones.
  • No leave credits or work benefits since you are hired as an independent contractor

As you see, Transcription Hub isn’t that different from other existing transcription companies out there. So, before you pursue transcription, it’s best to spend some quality time honing your listening and typing skills to get the most out of this profession.

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