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Transcriptions & Translations (T ‘n T): Passion Meets Precision

Thanks to hundreds of online companies showing up on the web these days, searching for quality work at home jobs from work-at-home guide has become a lot easier. And you can work as a remote transcriptionist, even if you live in the Philippines, with T’nT.

Is Transcriptions and Translations Legitimate?

Transcriptions and Translations (T’nT ) was established over two decades ago with a primary objective of helping professional women pursue a career that would allow them to work remotely at home while raising a family. The company has supported that lifelong dream by providing remote career opportunities to talented individuals who possess great listening and comprehension skills.

Transcriptions and Translations (T’nT ) has provided global brands and enterprises a huge variety of professional transcription services that would help them generate more viewers and followers. This stable company covers translation services as well as other related services, including closed-captioning, subtitling, language interpretation, and even content writing to diverse clients in line with print media, film, marketing, and production firms of various sizes. Though T’nT can afford to charge clients with inexpensive rates, the company assures that the quality of their services will not be compromised.

Transcriptions and Translations (T’nT ) also prioritizes hiring the best transcribers from around the world, as long as they perform with full commitment and practice team collaboration to ensure the reliability of the finished transcripts. As an audio transcriptionist, you are expected to transcribe various levels of audio and video materials, including conference meetings, interviews, focus group discussions, lectures, corporate reporting, and self-produced media contents. Here are the specific types of job positions which you can apply with T’nT:

  • General Transcription
  • Specialized transcription, such as medical, legal, corporate, finance and scientific
  • Document translation
  • Data entry/encoding
  • Closed-captioning and subtitling
  • Web content writing
  • Transcript editing

Transcribers with multiple spoken languages are warmly accepted to the team. Languages supported include English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and German, among other popular global languages.

Transcriptions & Translations (T ‘n T ) Application Process

Transcriptions and Translations (T’nT ) expects all transcribers to demonstrate exceptional command of the English language, knowledgeable in word processing, and superb listening skills. This means that transcribers should know the use of English grammar, sentence pattern, punctuation, and appropriate vocabulary use very well. Check out these job qualifications first to see whether if your skills and preference would match this platform:

  • Ability to translate completed transcripts (intended for captioning and subtitling)
  • Average typing speed of at least 40 words per minute
  • No college degree or training certification required
  • Basic computer skills, including web browsing, troubleshooting, software installation, and document creation
  • Fast internet service
  • Personal working equipment, such as laptop, stereo headphones, foot pedals (preferred), mobile numbers, transcribing software or media player

To join the T’nT transcriber team, you should fill up the online form upon visiting their official career page. Input all necessary details, particularly the country of residence, years of transcription experience, description of previous employment, and work preference.

Upload your current resume and previous work samples to the platform. After this, submit your application and wait for an email response within 24 to 48 hours, though this may extend up to one week due to a high volume of applications.

Once you receive an email response, prepare for a short transcription test, but you need to download the Style Guide first to become aware of their work policies and standard work templates. Take the test and wait for the results within a week. If your application has been successful, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and assigned your personal job account.

Work Process

Newly-hired transcribers will undergo a stringent training course before they can work formally for T’nT. The whole training process will take 90 days after passing the initial requirements, but you will be paid for the work completed. You are expected to work closely with your lead transcriptionist to ensure quality and full compliance with the standards of T’nT.

For new transcribers, transcription assignments will be sent to them in accordance with their preferred work schedule and expertise. As you move up the ranks, T’nT will grant you access to special jobs that will allow you to earn higher than your starting rate. With regard to actual work, you may use the built-in software of the platform or download the file to work offline.

Completed transcripts will go through a strict three-stage quality control process to ensure quality and consistency before being released to the client. The first two stages are handled by transcript readers or editors, while the last stage is performed by a quality control officer.

Salary Rates

There’s no clear explanation from its official page on how T’nT will pay the transcribers. However, for each project, you will be paid per page, per audio minute, per line of text, or per word transcribed as indicated along with other details, like audio length, media content, and special instructions from clients. The payment method will only be discussed during the application or training period before you can officially join the team.

T’nT Transcriptions and Translations also enforces attractive rewards systems to retain good-performing members. Performing transcriptionists may expect to receive salary hikes, performance bonuses, job incentives, and health insurance coverage to compensate for their effort.

Pros and Cons

T’nT Transcriptions and Translations doesn’t reveal that much information on its website, making it difficult to find anything positive about the company. Nevertheless, you may experience the following benefits when you work for T’nT:

  • Initial screening process appears straightforward and easy to comply with.
  • Vast majority of projects are in line with entertainment, academic, and general videos.
  • More career opportunities for multilingual transcribers
  • Practical rewards system is given to hard-working team members.
  • Work flexibility is granted once you’ve proven your reliability and consistency.

By the way, here’s the bad side of working for this company:

  • Long 3-month training period after passing the initial screening
  • No work flexibility during the first 90 days
  • Pay is comparatively low during the first three months of your stay with T’nT.
  • Submitted transcripts will undergo several stages of quality control, which may potentially delay your weekly salary.

Transcriptions and Translations (T’nT ) seems like an ideal place to begin your transcription career. However, you really can’t find a lot of in-depth information about the company policies from the website. But one thing is for sure; your efforts will be greatly rewarded if you are able to keep up with the working standards of the company.

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