Ubiqus- Online Transcription Services

Ubiqus: Online Transcription Services

Operating for almost three decades, Ubiqus is now an internationally-recognized transcription service provider that offers a diverse range of transcription, foreign language interpretation, and translation services to businesses across the globe. And through the years, Ubiqus has provided long-term transcription solutions for its corporate, legal, and medical clients.

This French-owned online enterprise, which has local offices in California, New Jersey, and New York, is always on a constant lookout for qualified transcribers who are experts in converting audio sources into formal written text. And you might be interested in enhancing your transcribing skills by joining Ubiqus as one of their overseas transcribers, particularly if you want to make money online.

Is Ubiqus a Legitimate Company?

Ubiqus is often searching for talented and dedicated remote staff to fill up their work-at-home English transcriber positions. Some of the job vacancies include specialized transcription, language translation, speed typing, and proofreading.

Ubiqus is a legitimate enterprise that has vast experience in converting over 187 source languages and more than 40 foreign language translations. Unless you can perform speed typing with perfect accuracy, however, you won’t be able to make a decent income as a transcriber for this company.

Ubiqus is currently looking for interested applicants who want to become English transcribers. They accept both beginners and experienced transcribers, and all transcription projects are to be performed through online based on the availability of the transcriber.

Ubiqus Application Process

Before submitting your application, you should first know the requirements of Ubiqus. A qualified candidate is expected to possess the following qualities and skills:

  • Resident in the United States with native English speaking skills
  • Adaptable and can work with minimal supervision
  • One to five years of relevant experience, working as an office secretary, proofreader, editor and publisher
  • One to five years of work experience as a legal secretary if you are interested in working as a legal transcriptionist
  • One to five years of work experience as a medical secretary if you are interested in working as a medical transcriptionist or at least completed medical transcription training
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Responsible in meeting deadlines
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Word (for document formatting)
  • Typing speed at least 70 words per minute
  • High quality headset, good-working computer and foot pedal

Ubiqus openly accepts applicants with no prior transcribing experience, but just like any other transcription companies, you should pass their typing test before getting hired. During application, Ubiqus will request a number of credentials, including educational attainment, seminars attended, relevant transcription experience, and internet speed, though you may find a “No computer” option in the drop-down list. After this, Ubiqus will require you to submit your updated resume and cover letter, indicating the specific position you wish to apply.

Even though you have selected a category, Ubiqus won’t force you to undertake any transcription project which you are not comfortable to work on. The recruitment manager will discuss the parameters of every transcription project with you before you can accept the assignment.

Lastly, Ubiqus will ask for your salary expectation if you are applying for a full-time position. Don’t forget to include any additional information you wish Ubiqus to consider before you start working for them.

Ubiqus Work Process

When you work for Ubiqus, you will be offered a part-time contract position, allowing you to make flexible working schedules and still do your regular job. However, you need to know some few job responsibilities for general transcribers and transcript proofreaders, as stated below.

General Transcriptionist

  • Producing high quality transcripts of various lengths and types of audio sources
  • Following a standard template for all finished transcripts to make them consistent and organized
  • Performing document formatting indicating the timestamps, speakers and appropriate meaning of abbreviations
  • Translating the transcripts using correct word usage, sentence structure, and language expression

Transcript Proofreaders

  • Transcribing all forms of audio files regardless of audio quality and source length
  • Comparing text transcripts and audio files performed by other transcribers
  • Ensuring all transcripts is well-formatted
  • Making necessary corrections on typographical, punctuation and time stamping errors
  • Researching proper names of the speaker, location and terms where applicable

If you are knowledgeable in more than one form of transcription, you will be given more work opportunities that allow you to earn better, particularly if you can produce medical and legal transcripts. Apart from this, accepting more than one project may also increase your chance to have a steady flow of the task.

When there is work available, Ubiqus will call you via Skype or other means to ask if you are interested in taking on the project. They may even send you an invitation email, denoting the type of transcription work, turnaround time, and length of audio source for every available task. However, if Ubiqus has not offered you any work for a while, you may call them to make inquiries of any available job.

Salary Rates

Ubiqus offers better rates for qualified transcribers who can perform more specialized transcriptions, such as corporate, foreign language translation, legal and medical transcription, but transcribers are only paid based on per word submitted. So the more specialized transcription projects you accept, the higher the rates you may receive. Ubiqus pays their transcribers every two weeks.

Some transcribers mention that Ubiqus pays $0.00588 per word for legal and $0.00695 per word for medical transcription. Ubiqus also offers no work benefits for freelance transcribers since the job is a contract-based position. So if you wish to earn more, you need to take on as many projects as you can and deliver high quality transcripts with minimal errors.

Pros and Cons

For part-timers and freelancers, Ubiqus is an average type of transcription company that offers a slightly higher pay than other competitors. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of working for Ubiqus:


  • Pay rates are reasonable as compared to other long-standing transcription firms
  • Job platform and work process are easy to adapt.
  • Working hours are flexible, though each project has its own deadline to follow.
  • Experienced transcribers are prioritized to receive more specialized transcription projects if they want, giving them more opportunities to earn more.
  • Instructions are clearly written.
  • Others think that the per-word rate is better than the per-line rate, but this may depend on the word volume of the source content.
  • You are likely to receive an assignment when you call.


  • Similar to other transcription companies, workflow can be inconsistent, which may force you to find other projects from somewhere else.
  • Expect various degrees of audio quality from hard-to-decipher sounds to mumbling speakers
  • A project can be canceled or forfeited if the work is returned to you three times.
  • Ubiqus may terminate your account if you have been inactive for a long time.

Ubiqus has continued to lead the transcription industry for nearly three decades. This global enterprise may offer you a vast range of career opportunities, whether you are seeking to begin a transcription career or planning to expand your earning potential.

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