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Did you notice when you try to go online to download from a website related to software, games, data files, mp3 music and when you click the “download button or link” an ad shows up?

If you encounter those ads when browsing then it’s one of the methods earning money online and one of them is url shortener’s.


What are Url Shortener?


Url shortener are sites to shorten your website link, blog link, referral link or any kind of link which are long. Some url shortener sites can earn you money and some really don’t. Great example of link shortener that doesn’t earn you money are and You probably heard the popular  link shortener which are, and linkbucks, these are the ones that can make you money. Although there are a lot of buzz, talks and reviews about them which are totally half true.

I’ll explain later why it’s half true but first let us talk about one of the sites that can earn you money.


What is Linkbucks?


Linkbucks is one of the url shortener that can earn you money by sharing links to websites, blog, forums and social media sites. If you have a website with a niche of mp3 music, games, and data files then you can earn money by shorten your download link to linkbuks. There are other ways to earn at linkbucks beside link shortener but first let me tell you how to register first.


How to Register?


1) Sign up at Linkbucks

2) Click the verify link on your email

3) Log in to the site



Login page


How to Create your link Shortener?


Go to “create links” tab and paste your link example “


Create Link


You can choose which “Ad type” you like, intermission, pop under, and short link. The only ones that can make you money are the first two while short link doesn’t. In regards in deciding what to use depends on:


  • What you want to show to your viewers that isn’t annoying or irritating.
  • The type of website you have
  • What links to shorten and how many


For pop up you can make money out of it but make sure to set it to 1-2 frequency per ip and to open it to new window so that your viewers or readers won’t be irritated.

For “Page Content” you can choose clean or adult +18, it depends what site or blog you have.

In “Alias” just choose then click “Generate link“.

Copy your linkbucks link then paste it to any site you want.


Other Ways to Earn besides Shortening url?


You can try their “Visit Script” to earn.


visit script

Create a link name for identification and in “page content” choose clean. You don’t have to change the intermission and alias url. But it’s important to customize the frequency cap and delay. To customize the frequency cap, you can set it to once per ip so that it won’t be annoying to your readers or viewers and it should open in new window so to prevent them from interruptions.


For delay set it to how many milliseconds it will appear when they open a post or visit your website. Again make sure to set the time so that it won’t be an annoyance. Once done click generate script.


That’s it feel free to explore what settings you set it on your site or blog. Share the link to social media sites, in your chats, email, websites, and blog.


Payment Method


Linkbucks pays through paypal when you reach a minimum cash out of $10.


Truth about the buzz, talks and reviews about Linkbucks


In regards with what i meant on the reviews on the popular url shortener that can generate you money is depending on the method you use either white hat or black hat. People say it’s scam since they use bots, scripts and other scheme to earn faster with these sites. When they are found out of their method they say it’s scam or not paying but they really do pay and i got many payments from them.


I’m one of the guilty ones when i first tried it. That’s why i suggest if you try to use url shortener don’t think of ways to earn money using black hat. Just put a lot more content or download link then earning money out of it will follow. This is not a 1 day millionaire scheme, it takes time also. I suggest to stay away from those black hat methods. The reason why i suggest to stay away from those kinds of methods is you won’t learn, if you want to try earning online you will automatically instinctively think of using those kind of methods and trust me you won’t really learn. Earning online is tough and you need to learn to earn.


My Strategy to Boost Earnings


Find strategies to boost your earnings. My strategy to boost my earnings in linkbucks is to get referrals.


It’s faster that way but it’s not just getting referrals but how to keep your referrals to work.

In linkbucks you get a 20% of referral earnings when they cash out a minimum of $10. So for every referral that cash outs $10 you will get $2. What I did is  I just gave $1 for every referral that can cash out $10, so it’s $1 for every $10 cash out.

Nice right?

You’re referral will be happy that way as a way to increase their earnings.

It’s a win and win strategy and to keep your referral to work and not just give up half way.


My Thoughts on Linkbucks


Linkbucks can earn you money but not fast. Think of it as another method that can add income. Find new strategies to apply depending what is your site’s niche. Feel free to explore new earning possibilities.


Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

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  1. Sir, it seems your “make money online” schemes are all good, you present it very well, but for a new online job hunter like me, I need to learn first all the possibilities that you are offering, I am not that ‘tech-y” at all. I need a mentor for all these things, but thanks anyway for this site, it helps a lot.

    1. Hi,

      If you’re still new then you need to learn a few things first. The post is already spoon fed already. The reason why they label it scam due to they never got paid by the black hat (bad or illegal) method they used. Some just label it scams so that their method won’t saturate. Most people give their method for free or for a price to earn from referrals but due to the fact of the mentality of most people that they won’t be under someone of the thought, they will earn more money. I have earned money from Linkbucks and other sites similar to it.

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