Buy Cheap Domain at Namecheap

Excited to create your own Website?

First, you need to have a domain to start.

In choosing where to buy a domain, you should ask or check yourself how:

  • much is your budget?
  • well versed are you in regards to choosing a site to buy a domain?
  • long are you planning to put up the site?

These questions are important to guide you along the way if you’re still new.

Well if you ask me, I recommend Namecheap.

What is Namecheap?

One of the best and popular sites who offers service on domain name registration. It also offers other services like hosting, reseller hosting, WHOIS, SSL certificates and more.

Why choose Namecheap?

Namecheap is good and the best choice if you’re planning to run your site for more than a year. Upon purchasing a domain you will get a free WHOIS protection for 12 months.

WHOIS guard is very important to prevent your information visible on the net. When a hacker looks up your site, the domain owner information will be visible. This also prevents spam and avoid receiving emails from people who will make an offer. When you’re protected at least you can direct people from the contact page you provided


Price, Renewal Rate, and Term

In choosing a site to buy a domain you should check first the price, its renewal rate and compare it to how long you’re going to put up the site. On Namecheap, the price for each domain varies. If you’re looking for a popular domain which is “.com”, it would cost you $10.69 for a year. Namecheap is at a disadvantage if you compare it to other domain name registration sites like such as Godaddy which is cheaper for the first year since you can get coupons and discounts.

Why buy a domain when you’re going to run it like 4-6 months, right? for that term, you can opt for a free domain which is offered by Wix and Weebly.

Customer Support and Experience

On Namecheap, it’s very easy to navigate since its direct and has a user-friendly interface. You won’t see a lot of upsells compared to other sites which will confuse you in the process and think if you need to buy or not. What’s needed in a site is already included for free when you buy a domain

Their customer or chat support responds very well and fast if you have any queries. So if you have any problems just contact their support.

When it comes to buying a domain they can give you suggestions which are located on the suggestion tab.

To Get Started, Buy a Domain

1) Sign up HERE

Sign Up

Verify the link in your email.

2) Hover or click “Domain” in the menu and choose “Registration


Type your desired domain like “MYDOMAIN

3) Choose the domain you like which matches your budget also or you can choose the cheapest domain.

Choosing a domain

There is a lot to choose from.

You just need to check each tab on Popular, New, Discounted, International, and Suggestions tab.

Below, you can find some additional information on their disclaimer:

  • You are required to pay the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on Namecheap with an amount of $0.18 for each registered domain, renewal and transferred from another domain to Namecheap.
  • WHOIS guard costs $2.88 and is already free for a year,
  • Free $1.99 Comodo SSL certificate for the first year

4) Click “Add to Cart” button on the right side

5) On the right side, click “View Cart” button

6) If the information is correct about the domain cost is for 1 year and you’ll get a free WHOIS guard for 12 months or a year also.

7) Click “PayPal” button to pay

Choosing an Excellent Hosting is the Next Step

Choosing a good hosting is very important.

It should have 99-100% uptime and no downtime.

Since you already have a domain now you would probably buy hosting at Namecheap, right?

A lot of people opt for this setup since it would be convenient to store all of it on one site and don’t have to remember new username and password.

In my experience, I would suggest buying a hosting elsewhere.


2 years ago my site was hacked and it was a very hassle experience since the hacker can access your files. That site where I bought my hosting was where I created or bought my domain. So it’s very hard to prove ownership when all the information details are changed.

At present, my hosting is from another site which is from Interserver

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Even if someone can get access to my files, at least my domain is safe elsewhere. Better use a different username and a very long password for your protection just in case.

How to Change your Default Nameservers to your new Hosting?

1) Go to your dashboard and click ” Domain List

2) click “Manage” located at the right side of your purchased domain

3) Under Nameservers click “Namecheap Basic DNS” and choose “custom DNS

4) Input your new DNS which is provided by your hosting company. 

If you chose Interserver you can get your DNS at:

1) Login on their website

2) Click “Webhosting” and click the gear icon on the right side to view.

3) On the Default DNS Server, Copy both DNS

4) Paste the copied DNS at custom DNS on Namecheap

That’s it.

Remember, always purchase your domain and hosting separately. When choosing a domain registrar always look at the price, additional features you can get, good customer support and if that site has a good reputation through reviews and testimonials.


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