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What is is an inclusive financing which delivers financial service to people at affordable costs which is accessible to users through their smartphones (Android & iPhones).

It has the feature to:

  • Send and receive money to other users and non-users (through remittance)
  • Pay different kinds of bills at the comfort of your phone
  • Load your mobile phones whether Smart, Globe, and Sun
  • Receive rebates either from paying from bills or from eloading 
  • Earn from referrals amounting to 50 php

How to Register?

  1. Go to and click “Get started
  2. Enter your email address and desired password(at least one number and a minimum of 8 characters)
  3. A verification page will say “verification email”  check your inbox and copy-paste the verification code and paste it into the page, then click “verify button

How to Increase daily cash-ins and cashouts?

Just upload or send your verification ID, selfie, and verification of your address. trust and verification

How to Cash in?

  1. Log in and Click “Cash in

    Cash in
  2. Click your desired option to “cash in“, for example, click “7-eleven

    options to cash in
  3. Enter the amount of cash in then click “Next step

    amount to cash inEvery 500 php, fee will be 10 php.
  4. A reference code will be shown and a barcode, then visit the nearest 7-eleven branch and show it to them. Even if the 7-elven branch is offline you can still cash in, just inform them that as long you have the reference number then it’s okay.

How to Earn Money?

  1. eLoading – you can earn 5% rebates everytime you use to load a mobile number. So you can tell all your friends and neighbor if they want to load their mobile phones, they can come to you for it.
  2. Refer friends– you will earn 50 php every time a friend register through your code or referral link and when they verify their email address and selfie. When it comes to getting referrals you can post and share it on social media sites, post it on youtube, and tell your family and friends.
  3. Rebates– You will get 5% rebates every time you pay a unique bill or depends on the promo of like the image below.


    > Get 100 php every time you pay 5 unique bills in one week

    There are a lot of choices and bills you can pay for, to electric and water bill, telecom postpaid bills, broadband, SSS contributions, Philhealth, Credit cards and more.

     How to Pay your Electric and Water Bill in

    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Utility (Power and Utility)
    Utility bill

    3.  Select company name whether Cotabato Light (CLPC), Davao Light, Iloilo Electric Cooperative Inc. (ILECO1), Laguna Water, Subic Water, VECO, Manila Water, Maynilad, Meralco Kuryente Load.

    4. Write the necessary information as what shown in the image above.

    5. Save the bill information to your favorites so that you won’t have to input the same information again

    How to Pay your Credit Card in

    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Credit Card on bill type
    Credit Card

    3. Choose Credit Card company name whether Equicon, Metro Bank, Optimum Bank, Security Bank Mastercard, PS Bank, PNB, Security Diners Club, Standard Chartered Visa / Mastercard, Tiaong Rural Bank, UnionBank Visa, RCBC Bankard, Cocolife, Allied Bank, China Trust, EastWest Bank, BPI, UnionBank Mastercard, BDO, HSBC, MayBank, Asia United Bank, Citibank, BDO American Express.

    4. Fill out the rest of the information and click “Pay bill

    How to Pay Broadband in


    1.  Go to “Pay bills

    2. Select Broadband in bill type.

    3. Choose whether sky broadband, Bayan Broadband, Sun Broadband, Innove Communications Inc. Home Bro Ultera, Smart Broadband, Globe Broadband.

    4. Fill out the Information

    5. Click “Pay bill

    How to Pay your Cable Channel Provider?

    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Cable Channel Provider
    Cable Channel Provider
    3.  Select whether Cable link, Cignal TV, Met Cable, My Destiny, Northstar Cable, Pilipino Cable, Verdant Cable, Wi-Tribe, Sky Cable, Destiny Cable.

    4. Click “Pay bill


    How to Pay SSS Contribution?

    1. Go to “Pay Bills

    2. Choose SSS Contributions on bill type
    SSS Contribution
    3. Select whether Salary Loan, Farmers, and Fisherman, OFW, Self-Employed, Voluntary Member.

    4. Input the necessary Information and click “Pay bill

    How to Pay Home Credit in


    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Home Credit as bill type.
    Home Credit

    3. Fill up the necessary information

    4. Click “Pay bill

    How to Pay Insurance in


    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Insurance as bill type

    3. Select whether Prudential life, Sunlife of Canada(Phil.) Inc., Philam life, Pioneer life, Pro life UK, AXA life, Ayala life, Fortune Care, Paramount life, Cocolife plans, Manulife, and Asia link financial Corporation.

    4. Fill up the necessary information

    5. Click “Pay bill

    How to Pay Philhealth Premium in


    1.  Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Philhealth Premium as bill type
    Philhealth premium
    3. Select whether OFW, Private, Voluntary, and Government.

    4. Fill out other necessary information.

    5. Click “Pay bill” when done.

    How to Pay Tuition fee in

    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Tuition fee as bill type
    Tuition fee

    3. Select whether La Salle Greenhills, Miriam College, and Universtiy of San Jose Recoletos (USJR).

    4. Fill out other necessary information

    5. Click “Pay bill” when done

    How to Pay Telecom in


    1. Go to “Pay bills

    2. Choose Telecom as bill type.

    3. Select whether Bayan Tel, Digital Communications, PLDT, Smart Communications Inc., Globe Telecom, Abs-Cbn Mobile, and Sun Cellular Postpaid on the company name.

    4. Fill out other information

    5. Click “Pay bill” once done.

    Every Payment of Each bill saves it to your favorites so you won’t have to input the same information again.

  4. Bitcoin (BTC)– Buy Bitcoin at a low price then convert it when the value price for Bitcoin (BTC) goes up

    BTC rate The earning capabilities will depend on the value of Bitcoin, so from time to time just add money to your BTC wallet and use it only to buy and sell. The value of BTC always fluctuates so you don’t have to worry when it comes to purchasing and selling your BTC.
  5. Steam Games Credits– If a friend wants to load his steam account you can add on top of the amount to load his steam account depending on how much the amount you want to add.

There are more ways to earn at depending on your strategy and methods. So if you have not registered yet, I suggest registering now

Register at

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  1. Sir, is this legitimate? can I inquire to those companies stated above about their collaboration with I just want to make sure that this is not a scam.

    1. Hi Editha, is legitimate. The problem is those people promoting it in a bad way. is not a scam and I have been using it since 2014. Yeah, I was the same as you and that was 2014, but never been scammed by them. I use it to pay my bills, earn money and at the same time use it as a payment method for withdrawing BTC.

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