Blog What you Need to Know


A blog is one of many ways to get an insight on working at home through online.

Many Filipinos are looking for blog reviews which are hard to find.

What we find mostly are not for free, can’t find the right site that has the right information and not related to what we are looking for.

These reviews may vary from each person since we have different perspective on how we may view it. It may be positive or negative to some.

What matters, is that we gain tips and ideas to help us formulate a plan to prepare the necessary requirements and skills to start working at home.

15 Time Tracking Software Used by Filipino Freelancers/VA

Running your own digital business or managing a professional pool of VAs often means you have to know how work ...
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Online Platforms to Find Online Work Online

A lot of web-based freelance work platforms have been developed to help remote workers, and freelancers establish their own client ...
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Top 5 Noise-Canceling Headset Brands

Freelancing isn't that easy as it seems. Before you can apply for a certain job, you need to invest with ...
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How Freelancers Can Easily Get a Credit Card and Checkbook

Most freelancers have the difficulty of getting a credit card and checkbook unless, You have continuously deposited and maintained an ...
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Freelancer’s View of Insurance: Important or Just an Additional Expense?

Pursuing a fruitful freelance career begins from making a personal choice. Though success will always depend on the level of ...
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PhilHealth: Detailed Guide for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Everyone is facing a difficult time trying to figure out where to get the money when urgent hospital expenses come ...
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Practical Money-Saving Principles for Freelancers

If you decide to become a freelancer, expect your earning potential to go on a roller coaster ride. Freelancers carry ...
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Working Remote PH 2019: The Largest Gathering of Filipino Freelancers in the Philippines

PayStaff, a prominent Australian money transfer, and digital payment systems provider are delighted to announce its upcoming event, Working Remote ...
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Freelancer’s Guide to SSS: How to Register and Loan

All regular employees, contractual workers, self-employed individuals, and government officials are mandated to pay for their social contributions in order ...
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Freelancer’s Guide for Balancing Work and Personal Life

The standard corporate job is undergoing a massive shift as more office-based workers quit to become remote workers or freelancers ...
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Modified PAG-IBIG II (MP2): A Beneficial Savings Program for Freelancers

If you quit your regular job to work overseas or become a full-time freelancer, you should not stop paying your ...
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To Hire or Not to Hire Relatives or Friends?

A lot of people already quit becoming a freelancer or a sole proprietor working at home. Home-based jobs allow you ...
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