List of Home Based Jobs in the Philippines

People look and search for “Home-based job Philippines” or “Work from Home” to actually start working and earning from home. There are a lot of options to choose from for you to earn money and what hits us next are questions that would arise depending if you’re new to home-based work, want to try out different jobs, and jobs that offer more money.

Common Questions if you’re new:

  • What is the type of job that best suits me?
  • Do I have the necessary skills to do it?
  • How about the tools for me to use?
  • What site would I apply?
  • Are there any guides for Filipino freelancers or tutorials on the net?

Common Questions if you’re not new:

  • My current job is boring, is there a job that can make me hype or not lose interest?
  • Are there other jobs that I can do to earn more money?
  • Will I be capable of doing other jobs that I’m not familiar with?
  • What would be the necessary skills and tools for me to use?
  • Are there other jobs that I can do besides my current one which I can do at the same time?

What you read on the questions above matters but for me, it boils to two things either you do it or not because if you really want to work at home to get away with the corporate world, able to spend with your family, and for whatever reasons you may have then just do it. Study if you don’t know and never stop the eagerness to learn.

Look at the list of sites below where you can apply.

Websites or Online Platforms Where You can Apply as a Freelancer or Virtual Assistant

You can find more information of these websites mentioned below on here about online platforms to find work online.

  1. Upwork
  2.  Onlinejobs
  3.  Indeed
  4.  Freelancer
  5.  Remotestaff
  6.  Myoutdesk
  7.  Myfreightstaff
  8.  Salesstaff
  9.  Craiglist
  10. Pinoyjobs
  11. Freeeup

List of Home Based Jobs in the Philippines

They enjoy having some quality time with their family members and friends while still making a considerable living income.

Look at the common lists of home based jobs in the Philippines and check out information of;

  • Companies or website you could apply,
  • Tools and minimum skill you may need,
  • Articles and reviews for the specific job, and
  • Possibly their rate.

Working from Home in the Philippines Typically Includes the Following Conditions:

1. Remote Office Setup

Referred to as telecommuting, this option allows full-time employees to carry out tasks outside of the regular office location. However, they are still required to attend weekly and monthly business meetings at the office for work briefings.

2. Part-time Freelancer or Independent Contract Worker

This follows freelancers who are performing part-time services as additional work aside from their regular job. Part-time freelancing also involves receiving projects on a short-term basis or job contracts, which may only require a number of working hours per day.

3. Full-time Freelancer

For this setup, freelancers offer different full-time services either to single or multiple clients. Clients can be overseas companies, local enterprises, or someone who also works as a full-time freelancer. Job contracts can be either short-term or long-term work arrangements depending on the complexity of the project.

When you work at home, there’s no need to worry about getting late for work due to heavy traffic, crowded spots on the streets, and long queues in passenger terminals. Working at home also allows you to save money since there’s no need to fill up the gas tank of your car or transfer from one public transport to another. This encourages savings on maintenance costs, food expenses, and of course, impulsive spending.

Home-based work allows you to adjust your preferred work schedule aligned with your most productive time, as long as you finish the job according to schedule. Since work-at-home jobs only need a stable internet connection for communication means, you can practically set up your virtual workplace anywhere.

Here are the existing industries that often require work-at-home workers and their respective job positions available.

1. Created Services

  • Video production or editing
  • Photography or image editing
  • Animation and graphic designing

2. Administrative Support

  • Transcription
  • Language translation (video or documentation)
  • Virtual assistants and back-office services
  • Project management
  • Data encoding

3. Client Support

  • Customer sales support
  • Tech support
  • Community management
  • Customer management

4. Finance Administrative Support

  • Payroll management
  • Project invoicing
  • Financial management (accounting or bookkeeping)
  • Taxation

5. Technology

  • Web Design and development
  • Games, mobile apps and software management
  • Software development
  • Quality assurance
  • Computer programming

6. Content Writing

  • Academic writing
  • Business research
  • Blogging
  • Content editing and proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • Web content

7. Marketing

  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, Pay-per-click marketing
  • SEO management and social media marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation
  • After sales services

8. Professional Services

  • Architectural and engineering design
  • Consultation services
  • Business planning
  • Paralegal
  • Medical billing, insurance, and health management
  • Real estate

9. Language and Academic

  • Language teaching
  • Language translation
  • Academic tutorials
  • Video and audio transcription
  • Class Performance assessment

10. Other services

  • Voice over
  • Event planning
  • Language interpreter
  • Logistics

The List of Home-Based Online Jobs in the Philippines

With thousands of online enterprises spurring up on the market, you’ll never run out of career options, potential clients, and job opportunities in the Philippines and overseas. Here are some popular home-based jobs in the country, most of which are found in the field of administrative support, digital marketing, and software development.

1. Web Content Manager


  • Proficient in native English language on both writing and speaking
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • Experience in digital marketing and SEO is an advantage
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, co-workers and target deadlines

A web content manager directly works with a pool of content writers who are assigned to produce fresh content for businesses and clients. This person often oversees the development of the materials based on specific project needs and marketing trends.

A content editor is responsible for the quality and coherence of the material being delivered. This person ensures that the content is tailor-fitted to the delight of the target readers. He is also responsible for monitoring the work progress and making sure that the execution plan is carried out on time.

2. Software Engineer


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer programming, mathematics, and computer science
  • Skilled in various applications and computer systems from development to troubleshooting

A software engineer is responsible for the design and installation of software programs. The person conducts system analysis, troubleshooting, and an amendment to existing computer systems. In fact, software engineers are among the most in-demand professionals who can earn huge paychecks.

3. Project Manager


  • Graduate of any degree in business, marketing or engineering
  • Effective in cost analysis and project management
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills in dealing with contractors and in-house employees
  • Keen to details with the ability to meet target deadlines

Project managers are expected to perform oversight functions about the proper execution of the project from start to finish. They ensure that everyone on the team is working collaboratively within the target date and budget allocation.

4. Digital Marketing Analyst


  • Graduate of computer science or computer engineering
  • Full mastery of SEO tools
  • Content creation and lead generation

Digital marketers are experts in marketing strategies for promoting different brands, services, and websites. These professionals are often knowledgeable in the fields of content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media management and email marketing.

5. Web Designer


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, graphic designing and computer programming
  • Proficient in design software applications
  • Experience in digital design and programming

Web designers work over the design aspects of the website often required by clients. They also enhance the overall appearance of the website to attract more visitors while improving user experience. Global clients seek for Filipino designers as they have the natural talent to manage and improve the interface of online shops and service pages.

6. Web Developer


  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer programming, computer science or any related field
  • Skilled in computer programming or coding languages
  • Experience in web programming is a must

Web developers are professionals creating websites using standard HTML/CSS practices. They are also tasked to maintain a website or make an upgrade when needed. Since this job requires a higher level of technical skills, web developers are now considered one of the highest-paying jobs available for Filipino tech specialists.

7. Client Services Specialist


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing and business administration
  • Excellent client relationship, account management, and project management skills

Client service specialists are tasked to lead team members in communicating with existing and potential clients. They are expected to maintain a close relationship with clients while trying to establish more connections from overseas customers.

8. App Developer


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, and computer programming
  • Skilled in developing Cross-platform apps (for iOS and Android operating systems), mobile UI and programming languages

App developers are experts in creating, testing, and implementing the source codes for the development of mobile apps and desktop apps. These computer wizards should be skilled enough to locate the errors and make necessary changes before rerunning the functionality of the app.

9. Business Analyst


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business administration or Engineering
  • Excellent communication skills in both speaking and writing
  • Excellent problem solver, cost effective and team leadership
  • Ability to Analyze Complex sales Information
  • Performs research and development based on feedback and trends
  • Proficient in different MS Office applications

When working as a business analyst, you are expected to act like an account specialist capable of solving business communication issues with clients. With some help from your team members, you will be tasked to create business solutions through documentation and proper analysis to maintain or enhance the current business operations.

10. Human Resources Manager


  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management, psychology, information management, and business administration
  • Experience in recruitment, staff development, human resources management, onboarding and employee relations among others
  • Excellent oral and written skills

Overseas companies outsource their HR processes by recruiting HR professionals in the Philippines to handle their recruitment needs. Similar to the corporate setup, HR managers are responsible for developing HR strategies and company policies. These people carefully screen out potential candidates for the vacant job positions and make recommendations to the upper management. They also conduct job interviews, job postings, staff orientation, and performance assessment.

11. Systems Engineer


  • Expert in computer science, networking systems, data analytics, software engineering, and other IT and-related fields
  • Ability to install, test and configure systems aloud by the business or institution
  • Perform routine software audits and evaluation

Systems engineers make sure that all networking systems, including hardware and software components, in a business organization will run flawlessly. They are tasked to maintain, install, manage, and provide conceivable solutions to all technical issues which may arise during operations.

12. Virtual Bookkeeper


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in accounting, finance, banking, mathematics or any related field
  • Post-graduate certification, licensure examination passer (CPA)
  • Experience in bookkeeping, accounting software, payroll management and project invoicing
  • Individual or corporate taxation (filing and tech support)
  • Knowledgeable in advanced Excel program

Certified public accountants can generate income from local and overseas clients through online. Work demands for accountants in the Philippines are relatively high, so Filipino accountants can easily find one.

Accountants are assigned to manage bookkeeping, accounts receivables, accounts payables, and payroll processing. In most cases, they prepare financial reports or statements for their clients regularly.

13. Technical Writer


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering and communication arts
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Keen to details
  • Knowledgeable in Office-based suites, but familiarity with Java, CSS, and HTML can also be an advantage

Technical writers create easy-to-read content to help ordinary customers understand a specific process. They write instructional manuals, user guides, necessary technical information and product specifications which are delivered either in web contents, marketing tools, or video tutorials.

14. Telemarketer


  • Graduate or undergraduate of marketing, business administration, and communication arts degree
  • Excellent command of English
  • Experience in sales, lead generation, outbound call center, and telemarketing

Telemarketers always look for qualified leads online where they set appointments, sell different products or services, and even ask for donations. This is similar to what call center agents do in the BPO industry, but you are just working remotely at home. Aside from fixed compensation, telemarketers can also earn performance bonuses and commissions for confirmed appointments and guaranteed sales.

15. Quality Analyst/Assurance


  • Graduate or undergraduate of business technology, computer science, and engineering degree
  • Expert in software QA methodologies and tools
  • Excellent analytical and technical expertise

A quality analyst performs various research studies to develop new tools and business processes. An essential part of their job description is to review and resolve internal errors for different services and products. This position ensures that the methodologies and procedures are in full compliance according to the standards of the company.

16. Marketing Manager/Specialist


  • Graduate or undergraduate of marketing degree
  • Superb oral and written skills
  • Experience in using social media and other marketing platforms to promote a product or service

A marketing specialist performs regular research studies on current market trends while expanding his or her online presence for the benefit of the client. This position requires the constant creation of marketing campaigns and product demos that will ensure the continued success of a specific service or product.

17. Language Translator


  • Bachelor’s degree in language arts, international studies or any related field
  • Fluency of a foreign language on top of English communication skills

Translators are hired to translate one source language into English or another language according to the target audience or purpose. Source materials may come from documents, videos, websites, audio records, live speeches and direct voice calls. Filipinos can earn big if they are familiar with other popular languages, including Chinese, Japanese, French, Arabic, and others.

18. Academic/Research Writer


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, computer science, engineering, journalism and communication arts
  • Flawless writing and communication skills
  • Keen to details
  • Knowledgeable in Office-based suites
  • Experience in academic writing (various fields of research)
  • Excellent research construction, proofreading, and formatting skills

Academic writers produce error-free academic papers often required by students, business organizations and research companies for various purposes. These writing projects likely include thesis, dissertation, college admission, academic essays, and written reports.

19. Video Editor


  • Ability to create and edit pictures, videos, animations, and raw feeds
  • Transforms concepts, research tools and storylines to a video output
  • Proficient with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut and other video editing tools
  • Keen to details

Video editors are responsible for editing different video sources and preparing them for broadcast and distribution. They put in the video effects, sound effects and audio clips into the raw footage according to the specific needs of the project as well as the target audience.

20. Virtual Assistant


  • Graduate or undergraduate of any Bachelor’s degree
  • Proficient in English communication, both oral and written
  • Skilled in project management, social media management, data encoding, fast typing, English communication and other related fields
  • Keen to details and vast work experience is preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Perfect for working students or stay-at-home mothers, a virtual assistant doesn’t require technical skills but at least advanced computer skills to handle various tasks. They perform different administrative tasks, including appointment setting, answering calls, responding to emails, and organizing a business calendar. They are also responsible for handling social media accounts and various communication platforms.

21. Copywriter


  • Graduate or undergraduate of any Bachelor’s degree
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Ability to create highly engaging copies
  • Ability to conduct internet research
  • Experience in SEO, web development and web marketing is an advantage

Copywriters deliver highly persuasive content, that should draw interest from the target audience, though the copies don’t have to be written in a hard-selling manner. The objective of the materials is to help businesses gain more clients and convert them into sales through newsletters, email campaigns, video scripts, and other communication forms.

21. Web Content Writer


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, communication arts, advertising or any related field
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Ability to create fresh contents using digital marketing tools and exposure to current news, pop-culture, sports and celebrity life

Web content writers are expected to generate a vast range of digital content applicable in different multimedia channels. These contents come in various formats, including blogs, video scripts, news articles, E-books, podcasts, and marketing campaigns, among others. This position is often interchangeable with copywriting and other writing jobs, except academic writing.

22. SEO Specialist


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, IT or any related field
  • Skilled in keyword research, competitive analysis, link building, and website optimization

Work-at-home SEO positions are now gaining popularity since global organizations seek qualified professionals that can help boosts their online ranking. SEO specialists are responsible for handling off-page and on-page SEO by performing site audits and link-building methodologies. Additional skills, such as PPC marketing, affiliate marketing and copywriting, can become an advantage.

23. Customer Service Representative


  • No specific educational attainment required
  • Excellent command in English communication, both oral and written
  • Ability to provide an appropriate solution to customer inquiries

Falls under business processing practices, customer service representatives fulfill the expectations of the customers by answering their questions. Their primary responsibility is to educate customers, providing specific assistance to complaints and requests about purchases, product delivery, refund and other transactions. And if you have been working as a call center agent for a while, you might want to consider switching to a work-at-home CSR position and still receive the same compensation, but you get more quality time for your loved ones.

24. ESL teacher


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, communication arts or any education-related field, though undergraduates can also be accepted
  • Excellent command in English, both speaking and writing
  • Teaching experience as a school teacher is an advantage
  • ESL teaching certificates (for additional credential)

In recent years, ESL teaching has become a popular work-at-home profession among Filipinos due to its flexibility and high earning potential. ESL instructors teach international students to communicate in English through reading comprehension, writing, and speaking. An online tutor is expected to explain the learning material to the class and evaluate the performance of the student regularly.

25. Sales Account Executive


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics and information management
  • Excellent marketing skills
  • Experience in product sales, client relationship build-up and account management

This position may require strong salesmanship skills since sales executives are expected to generate new customers and lead for the clients. These sales professionals make frequent calls to customers, offering different products and services, or establishing new job contracts. They also create weekly or monthly reports on actual sales and product evaluation.

26. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist


  • Graduate or undergraduate of business administration, marketing or any related course
  • Skilled in Google AdWords and social media ads account management,
  • Possesses math proficiency and good analytical thinking

PPC marketing is a highly technical profession that usually requires relevant experience in managing paid advertising accounts and Google Analytics. Key responsibilities include A/D testing, geo marketing, and handling of other data analytical tools. This person gathers the necessary PPC data and provides expert recommendations on how to improve the PPC campaign.

27. Graphic Artist or Graphic Designer


  • Graduate of fine arts, digital design or multimedia design
  • Highly skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and different Graphic design software programs
  • Experience in multimedia application, logo design, photo editing, photography and animation

Graphic designers are gifted with excellent design and editing skills. These graphic artists make use of different designing tools to draw concepts, create new logos and web layouts as the outputs are being utilized for digital or print media, such as brochures, online magazines, or print ads.

28.  Technical Support Representative (Tech support)


  • Graduate or undergraduate of computer science or Information Technology or any field
  • Strong command of English language, both oral and written

Technical support representatives provide technical solutions and troubleshooting procedures to customers over the use of different hardware or software products. They assist customers who have issues with service connections, cable subscriptions, electronic products, gadgets, and other tech products.

29. eCommerce Specialist


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, information technology, and other related fields
  • Experience in product listing management on online shopping sites, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify among other e-commerce platforms
  • Basic knowledge of PPC concept, SEO, social media marketing and copywriting is an advantage

E-commerce experts are tasked to monitor the performance of various e-commerce platforms regularly to help businesses gain more sales. They manage and perform regular updates on product listings while coordinating with advertising affiliates.

30. Social Media Manager


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communication arts, journalism, advertising, or any related field
  • Relevant experience in social media management, online community moderation, Facebook ads, email marketing, and different SEO tools

Social media managers enforce the client’s social media marketing strategies. They review the social media plan, manage contents, and evaluate the performance of the social media campaign. No related field of expertise may be required, but having relevant work experience in social media marketing can give you a massive advantage over others.

31.  Lead Generation Specialist


  • Graduate with a degree in marketing, business administration, and economics, though undergraduate can also apply
  • Excellent entrepreneurial skills
  • Impressive research, analytical and organizational skills
  • Knowledgeable in different online marketing channels

Lead generation specialists develop substantial leads capable of converting into potential sales. They reach out to potential clients through voice calls, emails and video marketing and then process the point for the sales team.

32.  Transcriptionist


  • Graduate of any four-year course
  • Excellent command of the English language, both verbal and written
  • Exceptional comprehension skills, especially those hard-to-decipher audio sources
  • Ability to type fast for at least 40 words per minute

Transcriptionists are hired to convert voice records into a clearly-written document. These documents are used for various purposes ranging from article writing to digital marketing. Superb listening and typing skills are required to get this job.

33. Data Entry Specialist or Data Encoder


  • No specific educational attainment required
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Necessary computer skills, such as web browsing, emailing and social media communication

Data encoders are responsible for encoding all information gathered into the database of the company. Information may come in as scanned images, sales reports, profile indices, and other sources.

34.  CAD Designer


  • Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, architecture or any other technical field
  • Proficient in both 2D and 3D drafting
  • Knowledgeable in engineering and architectural drawings

CAD designers work hand in hand with architects and engineers for the production of technical drawings. The drawing outputs are directly used for design, building construction, and manufacturing process.

35. Blogger


  • No specific educational attainment or work experience required
  • Superb command of the English language
  • Expertise over a field of interest or specialization
  • Ability to write engaging contents

Bloggers are hired to deliver fresh and informative content which is often uploaded in a CMS or content management system. Blogging involves uploading regular blog posts to draw interest from your target readers or readers of the client. This work-at-home position may allow you to earn through advertisements, affiliate marketing, direct selling, and sponsored posts.

36. Data Analyst


  • Bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, and marketing
  • Superb analytical skills, data management, and advanced Excel skills
  • Proficient in Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and data analysis

Global businesses seek the help of data analysts to understand the needs of their clients as well as the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. A data analyst manages data collection using various digital platform metrics in providing relevant insights based on the gathered information. This person also evaluates the performance of multiple marketing campaigns and SEO analyzing tools. A data analyst should offer solutions and recommendations that can improve the quality of data management.

37.  Animator


  • Bachelor’s Degree in advertising, animation and fine arts
  • A natural talent for story creation and character development

Animators refer to as talented individuals who create motion graphics for different visual media presentation. These may include short films, online games, digital marketing, and tutorials. Experience in video editing and graphic illustration can also be advantageous.

38.  Internet Researcher


  • Excellent research, quantitative, analytical and organizational skills
  • Proficient in internet research and data gathering
  • Superb English communication skills

Internet researchers browse through the internet world to extract relevant data for various purposes. As a researcher, you should be resourceful enough to gather data and clearly interpret them according to the exact needs of the project. Information may come from official government sites, research organizations, and accredited survey firms.

39. Online Community Manager


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communications or any related field
  • Excellent communication and project management skills
  • Relevant experience in public relations, community management, and customer service
  • Excellent writing and editing skills

The role of the community managers complements the customer support initiatives of a particular brand or organization. They are tasked to monitor social media platforms and online forums in order to assist customers and forum participants concerning any issue or concern which may arise.

Responding to the posts, inquiries, and complaints of the participants is also part of their job description. Community managers are also tasked to organize different community events to improve social interaction and brand loyalty.

40. Legal Assistant


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field, but a law degree is preferred
  • Strong Analytical and communication skills
  • Keen to details
  • Experience in legal services and legal writing

Legal assistants perform various research tasks, create legal documents and review contracts for proper interpretation. Aside from documentation, legal assistants also coordinate with lawyers and court officials concerning case briefings and legal proceedings through emails and voice calls. Interest in paralegal services is required to become successful in this field since you will be dealing with huge volumes of documents for the most part.

41. Dropshipper


  • No specific educational attainment required
  • Skilled in the product listing and market research
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills
  • Knowledgeable in different e-commerce analytics and competitive research tools

Online businesses hire remote dropshippers to help them establish their online stores in different e-commerce platforms. Dropshippers typically operate the online store of the client, where they will perform product sourcing, order fulfillment, and customer service under a tight deadline.

42. Voice-Over Actor


  • No specific educational attainment required
  • Proper audio equipment (professional-quality microphone, is required, along with headphones and audio editing software
  • Clear speaking voice with a superb accent

Voice over actors is hired to produce voice-over recordings for different video sources, including YouTube videos, academic lectures, audiobooks, movies, and radio commercials. All you need to do is to read the script aloud and sound like an American native speaker.

Pursuing a work-at-home career might become challenging due to the competitive nature of home-based jobs, particularly if you have just started recently. But there are lots of online resources and career tips which you may utilize to become equipped before heading out for your next career move.