Ultimate Guide for Linking BDO to PayPal

Ultimate Guide for Linking BDO to PayPal

Filipino Freelancers receive their salary through online money transfer, and one of the most popular platforms used is PayPal. For almost 20 years since it was launched, PayPal offers a convenient and easy way for freelancers to get paid.

There are more than 30 banks in the Philippines that are affiliated with PayPal. Amongst these banks, many freelancers have put their trust in BDO. With more than 1000 branches and 4000 ATMs nationwide, BDO is a smart choice if you want hassle-free and convenient transactions.

Why Choose BDO?

Surely, you can’t just randomly pick a bank to put your investment on.

You would need to make some research and compare the features each bank offers. We’d like to get the most out of the services that we’re signing up for, and it also goes the same with our savings account.

So why choose BDO amongst other banks?

Below are the reasons why:

  1. Security

BDO is known to be the largest bank in the Philippines, with more than 2 TRILLION pesos in deposits. With this figure in mind, you are confident that you have invested in a company that has built a strong reputation and that your hard-earned money is in good hands.

  • Accessibility

You can literally see a BDO ATM at any SM branches. This is because the SM Group owns Banco De Oro. Because of its accessibility, you have a peace of mind that you can withdraw your money wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Long-term Goal

Establishing a credible savings account in BDO will benefit you long term. Aside from the fact that it serves as a venue to grow your money, it can also help you reach your long term goals. You can apply for a car loan or even a housing loan, and there’s a high likelihood that the bank will approve this since you’ve had established your credibility when it comes to your finances.


Just like with any other services, you may also find some disadvantages when it comes to BDO services. It’s important that you know this before deciding to open an account.

First, you have to know that they offer a lower interest rate compared to other financial products like mutual funds or stocks. There’s also a limit to the amount of money that you can withdraw per transactions. And of course, let’s not forget the charges. There are a P50 deposit fee and Php100 for over-the-counter withdrawal, among other fees.

Regardless of the disadvantages, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Opening a BDO account is one of the smartest choices that you will make.

How to Open a BDO Account?

When it comes to credit card applications, freelancers are having a hard time getting their application approved.

Most credit card companies would require a certificate of employment, proof of income and income tax return and sad to say, we don’t have these documents in our hand. We don’t have SEC or DTI registration papers either to be considered a reliable business owner.

While other banks offer secured credit card as an alternative for freelancers who want to have a credit card, BDO does not offer this service yet.

So do you just throw the towel and give up?

While it’s nice to have a BDO credit card in your wallet, you really don’t need this if your only purpose of opening a BDO account is to have your PayPal balance transferred there. Your safest bet to get this going is opening a BDO savings account instead.

Unlike credit card application, opening a savings account is not tedious and complicated at all. All you need to do is going to the nearest BDO branches and bring 2 valid IDs and the minimum initial deposit with you.

What Other Documents you may Show to BDO?

According to Dale Basilla, if you have an Upwork account, he suggest to print the “Certificate of Earnings” and show it to the staff to increase the chances of opening an account. Another way, If you have an EON Digital me card and already linked from PayPal, you can request from Union Bank to send you your previous three months of earnings from the client or clients who have hired you. Then show the site of your client and/or provide the name of your client in the form including how many months or years you have worked with your client.

How to Get the Previous Three Months of Earnings from EON Digital Me?

Login from their site eon digital me. Click help to contact their support. You can choose any subject or issue that is almost or near to your question. Then state why you need the three months history of transaction, choose 6 months transaction to be sure. You will then receive a word doc and an excel file which is signed from Union Bank for the said purpose.

Why Open a Savings Account?

Probably one of the most important reasons why people choose a savings account over a current account is the lower initial deposit and maintaining balance that it requires. You still have the privilege of opening a savings account even if you don’t have that huge amount of money.

And with the nature of work that freelancers have, it’s important that we have a trusted bank that can help grow our money. Clients and projects may come and go, so it’s necessary that we have stashed savings in times of rainy days.

Shown below is the step-by-step guide on how to open a BDO Savings account.

  1. Decide on the type of Savings account that you want

There are about 7 types of savings account BDO offers. Choose the best one that meets your needs. Below are the 3 types that are most suitable for freelancers:

  • BDO ATM Savings

This account offers the most convenient way of banking. Because you can carry your ATM card wherever you go, you can easily withdraw your money, pay your bills, receive payments and shop. If you prefer cashless transactions, BDO ATM Savings is your best choice.

  • BDO Passbook Savings

You can avail this type of savings with or without an ATM. BDO Passbook Savings is perfect for your short or long-term financial goals. If you want to secure your money and avoid the temptation of spending it on guiltless splurges, I suggest you opt out of the ATM feature.

  • BDO Optimum Savings

This one goes to all freelancers who want to get the most out of their savings account. True to its name, BDO Optimum Savings offers the highest interest rate. Aside from the security that your money will grow, you also have the convenience of withdrawing money from your bank for up to three times a month without incurring any charges. 

  • Prepare the requirements needed for your savings account

Freelancers are one of the busiest people in the world so we can’t afford to waste our time going to the bank only to be told that you have to go back because you did not bring all the necessary requirements.

Make sure that you already have the following requirements before you visit your local BDO bank:

  • 2 valid government issued IDs

Here are the most common type of IDs that BDO branches nationwide accept: Driver’s License, SSS ID, Passport, GSIS ID, Philippine Postal ID, Voter’s ID, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID, and School ID. Make sure that you bring an original copy and that it should be within its period of validity.

  • Minimum initial deposit

The table below shows the minimum amount needed to open a savings account.

Type of Savings Account Minimum Initial Deposit
ATM Savings Php 2,000.00
Passbook Savings Php 5,000.00
Optimum Savings Php 30,000.00 (Personal)
Php 50,000.00 (Business)
  • Go to the nearest BDO branch

Click here to locate the nearest BDO branch.

Your local BDO bank representative will provide you with the forms that you need to fill up depending on the type of savings account that you want to open. Make sure that you supply all the needed information accurately. You’ll also be required to provide three signature specimens, make sure that these specimens are all identical.

If you want to speed up your application, you can print out and fill up the necessary forms before you visit your BDO branch.

You don’t have to bring an ID picture with you since all of the BDO branches have cameras to capture your image.

While activation of your account is usually completed within 1 or 2 days from your application date, the issuance of your ATM and passbook could take up to 7 banking days.

Once you have already received your ATM card, you must activate it by following these steps:

  • Visit any BDO ATM
  • Insert your new card and choose “Other Services” from the menu
  • Select “PIN CHANGE” and enter the provided 6 digit PIN.
  • Enter your desired PIN and validate it by entering it again.
  • Wait for the “New PIN has been generated.” message to be prompted.

Important note: Make sure that you don’t forget your selected PIN. Sharing it with someone else is also a big No-no.

Now that you have successfully opened a BDO savings account, you can now link it to your PayPal account and start receiving your well-deserved salary.

How to Link Your BDO Account to Your PayPal Account

You don’t need a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology just to figure out how to link a savings account to your PayPal account.

 Just like setting up your PayPal account and opening a savings account, linking your BDO Savings account to your PayPal is pretty simple and straightforward.

Shown below is a detailed step by step guide on how to do so.

  1. Login to your PayPal account with your email or mobile number and password.
  • Click on “Wallet” then Select Link a bank account.
PayPal wallet
  • You’ll then be redirected/routed to a page where you will be prompted to enter your bank details.
Linking BDO to PayPal

Enter Banco De Oro on the Bank Name section. For the Bank Code, enter the BDO bank code which is 010530667. Then enter your 12 digits BDO Account Number. Enter your name as it appears on your bank account. Take the time to review the entered information and once you are satisfied with its accuracy, click “Link Your Bank.”

It is critical that the bank information and the name that you entered on the above section are a perfect match to your bank account. Transactions won’t be successful if any of these bank details are incorrect. If this happens, you will incur a P250 payment return fee.

Once you have received a confirmation email that you have successfully linked your BDO account to your PayPal, you can now start withdrawing your PayPal balance to your BDO account.

How to Transfer money from BDO to PayPal?

You may add some money to PayPal using your linked BDO account, whether you use a savings or checking account. But there are no transfer fees to be charged when you send money to PayPal from BDO and you can easily have it back whenever you want. PayPal doesn’t require any maintaining balance in your account, but having enough funds can speed up your payment needs.

A verified PayPal account may handle up to 8 different bank accounts, referring to 8 different account numbers from various banks at once. You are only allowed to link one account number to one PayPal account at a time.

When you transfer funds to PayPal, you need to wait at least three business days to complete the transfer process. Check the status of your account from the transaction history to verify if the transfer has been already completed. Here’s how to link your BDO account:

1. Sign into your PayPal account.

2. Go to the “Profile” link which can be found in the Account tab and then select “My Money” from the drop-down list.

3. Find the bank account section, click “Update” link and fill up the edit fields with your bank account information, including BDO bank code for PayPal.

4. Once done, click the “Add Bank Account” button and follow the rest of the given instructions.

5. For account confirmation, choose the “Confirm Instantly” button if you have direct access to online banking. If not, you may select the “Confirm in 2-3 Days” button and Follow the prompts to proceed.

How to Transfer Money from BDO to PayPal?

1. Look for the “Add Money” link, located under the My Account tab, and click the “Add Money From your linked bank account.

2. Select BDO account from the drop-down menu of “From” section and enter the amount you want to move.

3. Once you enter the amount, click “Continue” and then “Submit” to begin the transfer request.

4. If you wish to monitor the transfer status, click the “History” link followed by “Details.”

Sending Funds from PayPal to BDO

1. Log into your PayPal account and proceed to Wallet tab which you can find on the Help and Shop links.

2. Click “Link a Bank Account” option. If you have previously enrolled any existing bank account, it will be listed as your primary bank when you click the “Link Bank Account” option. Also, you are not allowed to link your BDO account to PayPal using the mobile app.

3. Provide the necessary BDO account details listed below:

  • Bank name
  • BDO Bank Code (bank routing code): 010530667
  • Account number (add 00 for accounts with only 10 digits)

4. Review your information before clicking “save.” You will receive a confirmation page after clicking the save button, informing you that you can now transfer funds from PayPal to BDO.


Q1: I have already transferred my money from PayPal to BDO then I withdraw my money from the atm. When I check BDO online, my balance was negative?

Answer: Usually it’s the BDO’s fault especially if your account is new, found large transaction or frequent small transfers. They usually do this random check to make sure it’s not money laundering or something. At first, it’s a hassle because you need to call them (customer support) and let them know about it to fix it. Expect to do this a couple of times and after that, it will be okay.

Q2: When I tried to input the account number PayPal asks 16 digit account number and my account number is only 12 digits, what number do I add?

Answer: Input the 12 digits account number and not the 16 digits card number.

Filipino freelancers take pride in their hard work and dedication. With so many payment platforms that have risen, PayPal still remains as one of the most trusted and used modes of payment as what HOWPO work from home guide gathered. And with the help of your BDO savings account, you can now start enjoying your hard-earned money.

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  1. Monique Galang

    i tried this. but it says that i need to confirm the card to complete, it needs to enter 4 code which can be seen in SOA. which i dont have because i only use debit atm card.

    1. Hi Monique,

      Even though you use a debit atm card it’s still fine. You can check it by logging in on the site or got to BDO bank and ask for it.

    1. Hi Abbie,

      Yes.. Although it kind of sucks but I just sometimes used it for purposes of having transactions for CC or loan purposes.

  2. linked my BDO last year, had few transactions, was able to send money from PhP to GBP but recently BDO restricted me to do so , I have consulted them and advised me that they have increased their security and that it might affected PayPal transactions .. Yes, I understand the security purposes but they can’t just restrict my account like that and I have spoken to lots of people but they still can’t give me a definite answer .. So I don’t know if they have restricted all the PayPal Transactions.

    1. Hi Ayuwokii,

      Can you send me details for me to understand more? I’m curious to know and I know some people at BDO maybe I can ask them and maybe it can help you. You can send me a message on Facebook if you like to have privacy.

      1. Have you informed them ahead of time or at the beginning that you will send money from PHP to GBP and for what purpose?
      2. Were you informed ahead of time in regards to a possible restriction which in turn restricted?
      3. What do you mean if they may have restricted PayPal transactions? sending money to another PayPal account from your BDO funds and not from PayPal balance?

  3. Hi,

    In my PayPal account it says checking account but I don’t have a checking account it is supposed to be savings account? How do I do this> Please help! Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Use checking even if your account on your bank is savings. I used checking as there is no option of Savings when linking PayPal to your card. Even when I link my other cards to PayPal, still I use checking.

  4. i have my own name under my paypal account but i don’t have my own BDO account. is it possible for me to link my paypal account to my husband’s BDO account?

    1. Hi,

      I think it’s possible to link but you can’t withdraw the money as the name of the card and PayPal should be matched

  5. hi, how can i transfer money from my bdo account to paypal account? Gusto ko sana pondohan ung paypal ko using my bdo account.


  6. Hello po. Mali po ang linigay ko na details ng BDO ko. Card number po nailagay ko sabi kasi 16 digits sa account number po. Nagtransfer na po ako money. If mag error po is it possible n ibabalik nila yung money ko? Salamat

    1. Hi Jemima,

      Yeah if its an error they will return your money. In my experience wait one week (business days) from the bank and wait another one week (business day) for your money to return to PayPal.

      Usually, it won’t go through when you add your card number (16 digits) when you add or link your card but if in case it was linked, inform PayPal also by sending an email to their customer support just to have documentation to be on the safe side and to be sure.

  7. Hi. How to transfer funds from my linked BDO acct to Paypal? I wanted to add funds sa paypal acct but walang option to add funds.

    1. Hi BJ,

      Before there was an option. Currently, you just need to connect your card to your PayPal and if you need to pay something your card will just be deducted when you pay or transfer money and choose your card on checkout.

  8. jill romero duran

    would it matter if my paypal name is JILL ROMERO DURAN and my BDO debit card name is JILL R. DURAN? WOULD that be problem?

    1. Hi Jill,

      That’s okay. If it’s your first time, usually BDO usually holds your money for the reason of checking if it is money laundering. Just contact them just in case. Also, don’t transfer large amount in one day to avoid delay. BDO usually hold a couple of times like twice or 3 times and sometimes they blame PayPal of the delay. Just contact support. After, there will be no delay.

    1. Hi Junella, Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, it’s possible as long as the information when you withdraw is correct and you have verified it. Also, it’s possible to transfer your fund from BDO to PayPal and withdraw the money to your UAE bank. An alternative for this is also Transferwise.

  9. Hello, I had a transaction using PayPal before, with fund transferred from my debit card, and it was succesful, no problems at all (sending money, within PH transaction, years ago).

    But now there’s no transfer money to PayPal option, and my card is being declined when I try to pay an invoice with my linked debit card, the same card I used before. (sending money, outside PH transaction). I’ll be contacting my local bank on monday to see what I can do, but I’d still like to ask for advice here if anybody knows anything. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rizaelle,

      I also tried paying invoice using my debit card but paid using PayPal (Its just PayPal used funds on my debit card). It’s best to contact your bank about this and ask why and to resolve it. I don’t know why they do that but especially during Early 2020 but what I did while waiting for it to work I just asked friends to convert my money to PayPal (those trusted ones). If you unsure, meet with them personally to avoid being scammed but transact with people you really know and trust.

      I’m still waiting for mine also to work. Update is really bad due to pandemic times.

  10. Hi, I created my paypal account when I am here already in Mexico. How can I link my BDO Savings account and paypal was asking for 18 digit account number? Where can I get that if I am not there in ph?

  11. Hi po.

    Ask ko lang po kung ano po ung next step pagkalink ng BDO debit card sa paypal. Hindi ko po kasi makita yung “add money” na option. Thanks po.

  12. Nope / Hindi Pwede!. You cannot add money to your paypal if your paypal is philippines. Link your bank or card YES but you can’t add funds to it. This article is misleading many pinoys, this site is just to get your clicks and traffic. Ayusin mo hoy.

    1. Hi Balabas,

      In my experience before, you can add money. I don’t know why or the reason why you can’t though.

      I can check this again to verify. Thanks for commenting though 🙂

  13. Hi, can I withdraw money from Paypal to my BDO Cash Card? I tried linking my cash card on paypal but there’s something that says Checking****** so I thought it would just verify my BDO but it’s been weeks since I linked it so I don’t know. I don’t have a BDO Online Banking account. And if so there’s any way that I can withdraw money from Paypal to BDO Cash Card or GCash Mastercard, tell me please.

    1. Hi Jay,

      I’m not 100% sure but I think you can still connect it as long you have received the pin from your BDO online account from your app or you can call customer service to know the pin. The “Checking” is somewhat misleading but you can add your card savings and not necessarily checking account. I have tried linking Paypal with different cards and it’s savings account.

  14. Hmmm… I’m wondering why the steps here are far from what I’m seeing in my paypal account? Like on how you can add money to your paypal account? Copyright 2022..?? It would say in my account that my bdo card is not eligible for instant transfers. BDO is not allowing instant transfers? This is confusing and misleading..

    1. Hi Liz,

      You can do instant transfer but I noticed during the pandemic started around March 2020. I can’t do an instant transfer anymore up to now. I noticed other people can’t do it either. Got no updates as well from PayPal. If PayPal answers my question I’ll let you know.

    1. Hi Jerico,

      In a few minutes only If you have a bank app which you can check the history of transactions, you’ll see the 4 digit PayPal code. If not, you can call BDO customer service or go to your nearest BDO branch to ask for it.

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