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The Ultimate Guide for UnionBank Eon Digital Me




The new UnionBank Eon Digital Me offers more convenience compared to the old Unionbank Eon Visa Debit card which has your name on it.

You don’t have to go personally to the bank for submission of requirements and wait 3-5 days for your card to be available.

In the New Eon Visa card, you can just buy it at any selected 7-eleven branch or at Lazada.

In regards to the selected branches of 7-eleven, you can just ask the CSR on their Facebook page which is EON ph and username eonbankph.



What’s the Difference Between Buying at 7-eleven and at Lazada?


When buying at 7-eleven, you need to contact the customer service of eon which can be done by locating their FB page which is Eon ph and username of eonbankph. By doing this, it saves you a lot of time from going randomly at any 7-eleven store hoping they sell Eon Visa card.

Once the customer service replies, usually around 2 hrs, you can be sure where to buy your Eon Visa card. Upon visiting the said 7-eleven of your choice make sure to ask the teller and inform them what is UnionBank eon in case they tell you they don’t know. If you have pictures to show what it is then the better. It’s just they are not familiar with it. That’s why you need to let them check again or let them ask their manager.

When Buying at Lazada, you don’t need anymore to ask their customer service representative about the specific locations. Just wait for the said date of delivery. The downside when choosing to buy at Lazada is that if it’s the only item you need to buy, then you need to pay for the shipping.


How to Register your UnionBank Eon Visa Card?


Once you have now the EON Visa Card follow these simple steps

  1. Download and install the Eon ph app at google play store or Eon ph at iOS
  2. Take note of the activation code at the package (see image below for reference)
    UnionBank Eon activation code
  3. There are two choices at the bottom either 1st register as a new user or if not, a 2nd choice is to “sign in.” 
  4. Just click “Agree” to the terms and condition 
  5.  On facial recognition, you must have sufficient lighting for it to work. 
  6.  Fill up your personal details


    > Make sure your name is same as what will be on PayPal
    > Be sure to remember your password and PIN
    >Possible of additional ID’s will be needed (Philhealth ID, TIN ID, and NBI Clearance)
    >For 2 point verification system make sure you put your correct phone number 
  7.  Once done, log in to eonbankph


What are the Different Types of Account or Subscriptions?

Eon Starter kit


  • Maximum cash in of 5,000 PHP
  • Annual fee of 100 PHP (8 PHP monthly)
  • Can’t withdraw at atm
  • Can’t verify with PayPal


Eon Lite


  • Maximum Cash in of 100, 000 PHP monthly
  • Annual fee of 100 PHP (8 PHP monthly)


Eon Plus


  • Maximum cash in of 500, 000 PHP monthly
  • Annual fee of 200 PHP (17 PHP monthly)


Eon Pro


  • Maximum Cash in of 1, 000, 000 PHP monthly
  • Annual fee of 350 PHP (29 PHP monthly)


What can you do starting from Eon Lite to Eon Pro?


  • online purchase
  • can withdraw at any atm machine (15 PHP)
  • Pay bills


How to Upgrade from UnionBank Eon Starter Kit to Eon Lite?


Log in at eonbankph then at homepage click Eon Starter Kit then your card info will be shown. The first icon on the right at “Account Type” click it to upgrade and an email verification will be sent to your registered email.

Then wait 7 days for your account to be upgraded. Just a reminder that within the span of 7 days, an employee of Unionbank will visit your address to confirm and ask questions from friends and neighbors then will take a picture at your house or the place you stayed.


How to Add Your Card to PayPal for Withdrawal?


Linking your Debit card is easy just follow these simple steps:

1. Log-in to your Paypal Account

2. Click Financial Information or Wallet

3. Click Add Credit/Debit Card

4. Add your 16 Digit Card Number. It’s the 16 digit number in front of your EON card

5. Card Type: Visa, input expiry date (it’s found in front of your card) and CVV code (it’s the 3-digit number at the back of your card)

6. Click the link (LINK AND CONFIRM MY CARD)

7. Log in to eonbankph and send a request for the 4 digit PayPal code

8. Type the PayPal code at PayPal. (UnionBank CSR will send you an email asking for your phone number to call you so that they can give you the 4 digit code. Expect they will be asking security questions like birth date and complete name or middle initial.)


Reminder:  You will need to cash in at least  200php to your EON because PayPal will temporarily charge that amount to verify your account.


How To Add Money/Cash into Your UnionBank EON Account?

  1. Go to eonbankph 
  2. Click “Cash in
    Cash in at unionbank eon
  3. Wait for the reference number or copy it 
  4. Go to the nearest 7-eleven store with the reference number and cash in money


How To Change Pin of UnionBank Eon Visa Card In Case You Forgot?


  1. Log in to eonbankph 
  2. Click Eon Lite (It depends on what type of account you’re currently in) 
  3. Below “Type of Account” 2nd icon on the right click “Change PIN.


How Many Days For the Money to Transfer PayPal to UnionBank Eon Visa Card?


Usually 2-4 business days. If you request a withdraw on Saturday, usually PayPal will inform through email it will be on the 4th day, but the money will arrive on your eon Visa card on the 3rd day at night or at dawn on the 4th day.

Update: You will notice that once you withdraw from PayPal to your bank, you will receive it the next day (except Saturday and Sunday). I’m not quite sure why, but probably on March 2018, EON texted me that once you link your PayPal to your card, you will receive it the next day, but it’s not the case for a month in my end. On the second month, I constantly receive my money from PayPal the next day.


How Many Days to Transfer Money from UnionBank Eon to another Eon Account?


It’s instant when the moment you requested to transfer money from one eon to another eon account. The fee will be 10 PHP per transfer regardless of the amount.


My Account was Blocked After 3 Log in Attempts


In case you forgot your password just click forgot the password and create a new one.


Can I Have Multiple UnionBank Eon Visa Cards?


Yes, just log in to your account using the app and just click “add card.


This is what I gathered so far and the rest you can contact eon support in case you haven’t found the answer on this article.

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