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In a world full of bias, rejections, heartbreaking silence, and unreturned calls from most Human Resource Department of a lot of companies. What you need is a break from these kinds of unethical work ethics, Rarejob Inc. ESL School is the one to go to if you’re tired and frustrated with waiting for that email, that text message, or that phone call whether you got hired or not.


Yes, please, I would like that but what is Rarejob and how did it start?

Good question mate, Rarejob is an ESL School that is founded in 2007 by a Japanese man and is also offering video and audio tutorials to Japanese people. Rarejob was founded when Mr. Kato-san went and visited the Philippines, here, he saw that Filipinos are great English speakers hospitable, polite, humble, and very friendly. He saw great potential in Filipinos and that’s how Rarejob was born.

In 2008, Rarejob had tutors only from University of the Philippines, but after garnering some third-party investments they started to establish their headquarters in Tokyo and then started hiring more tutors from the Philippines

From 2007 up until now 2017 (wow 10 fruitful years) Rarejob is still operating, providing excellent service from Filipino people to Japanese people. Now, let us not forget to that Mr. Kato-san for seeing the potential in Filipinos and helping us be more confident that even if the language is not our mother tongue, we are good at it. Thanks Mr. Kato-san for giving opportunities beyond borders!


Wow! Great opportunity for me then, I’m a proud citizen of the Philippines, yaaay! However, do I qualify?


Hmm, let’s see mate. I’m going to put a checklist below, find out if you are indeed qualified. Do not worry, I’m sure you are! Most of us are! Or I can say, almost all of us can!




  • Good command of the English Language oral and written (Of course, this is the main requirement since you are going to teach the language.)
  • A passion for teaching. (Yes, you should be passionate about it. You shouldn’t just find it as a JOB, because by then you wouldn’t be putting all your efforts if you are bored by it.)
  • Patience (This is true, you need to be patient, for you are going to encounter students who are rude, impatient, not interested or students who just want to play all the time. So mate, if you are one to easily lose your cool, you’re not up for this job.)




  • You must be at least 18 years old. (Well, you know our law about child abuse and child slavery, so you must be in legal age. And nope, 17 and a half years is not considered, just wait till you turn 18 to apply.)
  • High school graduate or not. (Rarejob doesn’t care about your educational attainment, as long as you can teach, and you have the passion for it. Rarejob gives the opportunity to all to work online at home! It’s great, isn’t it? Now, this is a problem for a lot of Filipinos since not a lot of people gets to step in high school. Thanks Rarejob for giving them an opportunity to have a decent job!)
  • Must not be working for another English School. (Of course, Rarejob needs you to focus on their students only and also to keep you from trading secrets. ;))


Great! I qualified! But, how about the equipment, what should I have?

  • A laptop or a desktop computer. (It’s good if you have both, just in case of a power interruption, you can always use your laptop.)
  • A stable internet connection. (Rarejob doesn’t have a specific requirement of how many MBPS you should have, but I suggest you have at least 2-3 to give your students quality lessons.)
  • Skype Account (You should definitely make one if you still don’t have any, it’s to your advantage to have this account not just only for the company.)
  • A web camera. (This is used for some video classes but rarely. However, I suggest you have one with LED lights so it will be to your advantage if you are going to teach at night or if you have a dim background.)
  • Headset or headphones with an external microphone. (It doesn’t specifically say that you must have a noise-canceling headset but this would be an advantage for you, this way you and your student could hear each other clearly. I also suggest that if you are going to buy one, go with Plantronics or A4 Tech, they are the best brands that have a noise-canceling feature I know so far.)


Fantastic! I think I’m ready to go. How do I do this? What’s the application process on RareJob?

 rarejob application process




You will only fill-up personal details in here, be sure that you are honest. Also, this will be where you are going to have to make your personal account in the Rarejob website. So, I suggest that you write down the Username you put as well as the Password you entered for your future references.

Click here to register: Pre-Registration




Here, you are going to have to pass two tests: The English Proficiency Test and The Demo Lesson.

  1. The English Proficiency Test
    > This is your online grammar exam. It is divided into four parts: Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension. Each part has a time limit and you should pass each part for you to proceed to the next one.
  2. The Demo Lesson
    > You are going to be asked to book a schedule that is suitable for you to complete this task. Further instructions will be given to you on how to conduct your demo lesson.

Heads up: Your interviewer will immediately tell you if you are hired or if you can try again after 6 months.




After passing your demo lesson, orientation videos will be provided for you as your training guide on how to be a Rarejob English tutor. In your first month, you will also have a one-on-one orientation through Skype.



Your tutor profile is where the students base whether they will book you or not. So, you will need to submit a tutor photo, choose your best photo to appeal most students, you will also need a voice introduction, make it as clear, lively, and as encouraging as you can, and the last one is your written introduction, it does not need to be long, just a brief one will do. When you open your schedule, you can also put your past teaching experiences for the students to refer at.



Time to earn, mate. Plot your schedule on the Rarejob website and wait for your bookings.


What is the schedule for my work?


Your schedule depends on you. So whatever time is convenient you can open your slots from 5am-12mn.

Tip: Peak hours are usually from 5am- 6am and 5pm-12mn.


Is there a maximum number of slots I could open in a day?


You can open as many slots as you want in a day just as long as you can handle it, don’t stress yourself too much. However, there is a minimum. You should at least open one slot per day to keep your account activated.


What is the schedule of my day off?


This is the good thing about Rarejob. Your day off depends on you too.


What is the pay scale?


All of your booked slots are going to be paid, however; unreserved slots are not going to be paid. You can compute your earnings with this formula:

Your number of booked lessons in a month * Your rate per lesson

Rarejob also has incentives that will be added to the tutor’s earnings in a month.


How much will my salary be?


Your salary will be depending on what is your hourly rate. And your hourly rate will depend on your qualifications. The basic hourly rate is 100 pesos.



What are the incentives I could get?

Rarejob Incentives

If you are a hardworking tutor you will definitely be qualified to the different sets of criteria. If I were you, I’d try to be qualified for all, so that all my efforts and hard work will be paid off.


  1. Video Usage Incentive
  • This is based on the quality of your video camera.


  1. Good Attendance Incentive
  • Well, the description says it all. Come on, don’t be a lazy head and work your way to this incentive mate.


  1. Tutoring Notes Incentive
  • This is given to you if your notes are written well. Basically, make quality notes, Google is there to help you anyways.

Tip: For notes, I usually include tips for them on how to improve their English skills. Google is always there to help you.


  1. Skills Assessment
  • This is an evaluation of your skills, if you pass this 1 peso will be added to your rate per lesson. This assessment is done every after 150 lessons conducted.


How will I get paid?


Unlike other ESL School, Rarejob pays their tutors on time. The salary is released every 10th of the month. The company will transfer your salary directly through your account in Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) or Philippine National Bank (PNB).

You will be required to open a bank account to either one using the endorsement letter that will be provided for your convenience. You will usually find this is the website.

So that you won’t be having any problems, make sure to complete before submitting the following requirements before the month ends:

  1. Bank account number
  2. Scanned copy of the bank endorsement letter along with your valid identification card
  3. Passed the Profiler Quiz


Whew! That was long but at last, we are done!


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for your reference:


Is knowledge of the Japanese language a requirement?


No, it is not required but it will be an advantage for you if you can speak the Japanese language especially since most of your students will be beginners.


Will I need to go to your office to apply and get interviewed?


No, all applications, interviews, and exams are done online.


Is the application process long?


No, the application process usually depends on your availability to do the demo class. Some applications are usually finished in 2-3 days.


Am I allowed to apply if I’m in another country?


Unfortunately, no, you should be currently residing in the Philippines if you want to apply.


I am a foreigner or an expatriate in the country, am I allowed to apply?


It is not common and sometimes discouraged for foreigners to apply since acquiring the requirements are a little bit hard. If, however; you acquired your Tax Identification Number and is allowed to open a bank account here in the Philippines, then you can absolutely apply.


What bank account can I use to get my salary from your company?


The company provides an endorsement letter for you to open a bank a

ccount on BPI or PNB only. Tutors are instructed to open a bank account registered under the name of Rarejob Inc.


If I have an existing bank account, can I use it instead?


Sorry but no. Tutors are required to open an account solely for the use of Rarejob Inc. Since the account will be terminated immediately after you stop working with the company.


Will my salary be taxable?


Yes, as a citizen of the Philippines, you are required to pay your taxes and because under the Expanded Withholding Tax rule of the Bureau of Internal Revenues for Independent Contractors, Rarejob is obligated to withhold 10% tax every month. After that, it will be submitted to the BIR.


Will the company be the one to file the tax?

The company will not file your taxes for you but the company will provide necessary documents that will help you with filing your tax yourself. If you have further questions, you can ask from the Tutor Fee Group.


Am I required to teach for a certain length of time before the company can terminate my contract?


No, since you are an Independent Contractor of Rarejob, you can stop teaching any time you want and any time you need to. You just have to teach at least once every 6 months if you want to keep your account active.


Whew! That was exhausting but if that’s what it takes to help you mates, it was worth it!


I’m afraid our long journey has to end here. I wish you all the luck you need for becoming a part of the ESL world. I hope you find it interesting and decide to stick with it. If you have further questions you can send me a message here or email me at [email protected] or for faster response to your queries you can visit my Facebook page. This is the URL: FB Page You can ask me all the questions you want after liking my profile pictures. Just kidding.

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Jinanii Devii is an ESL teacher. She also loves to write, read books, and drink a lot. Her favorite authors are Jackie Collins and Sidney Sheldon.

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