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AccuTran Global: Work from Home Transcription

If you possess great listening skills with fast typing speed, then you may consider transcription as one of your possible part-time job options. Doing transcription at home is one effective way to earn additional income while allowing you to expand your online career portfolio further. And you may find this promising career when you sign up for AccuTran Global as one of their qualified transcribers.

Is AccuTran Global a Legit Enterprise?

AccuTran Global has been actively involved in the transcription industry for nearly two decades, providing fast and high quality transcription services for both local and international clients. This Canadian enterprise primarily supports the financial sector, but the company also offers professional assistance for various industry fields, including corporate, legal, medical, and even law enforcement. Furthermore, AccuTran Global regularly hires independent contractors who are highly qualified to deliver specialized transcription services, including but not limited to voice typing, real-time captioning, language translation, and transcript editing, among others.

AccuTran Global Application Process

AccuTran Global is often seeking for qualified individuals to join their network, especially in handling transcription projects with foreign language translation or interpretation needs. You may consider joining the company if your free time falls between 4 PM and 8 PM EST during weekdays. Interested applicants will be required to download a batch of files to read prior to the actual testing process.

Fill up the online form with appropriate details, such as personal information, work history, available equipment, and preferred work time before proceeding to the typing test. Their complete set of tests typically includes a typing test, a three-minute audio transcription, and a trial test to check your accuracy over spelling and punctuation errors. Note that you need to reach a typing rate of 60 words per minute to qualify initially for the position.

Before you start transcribing for AccuTran Global, you need to verify whether you possess the following skills and working tools listed below:

  • Basic computer skills (browsing, downloading, website navigation, and word processing)
  • Good-working computer with moderate hardware components and installed tools, such as Microsoft Word and AOL Instant Messenger
  • Knowledgeable in running audio files using different transcribing tools, though AccuTran Global will provide you free software
  • High speed internet connection
  • Excellent communication and research skills
  • Excellent listening and comprehension skills
  • Superb typing skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Foreign translation skills can be an additional advantage
  • Foot pedals and a great pair of stereo headphones
  • At least 60 words per minute, 70 WPM preferred
  • Beginners and experienced transcribers are welcome to join
  • Work availability between 4 AM and 2 PM as well as 4 PM to 8 PM EST

Since AccuTran Global does not have any tech support, transcribers are advised to seek help from someone who can maintain their computers, particularly during software upgrading. Transcribers are also required to work in a quiet workplace at home or any location away from distractions.

AccuTran Global Work Process

Once you get in, AccuTran Global will assign you an audio file to transcribe based on the work schedule you have committed every week. Download the assigned task directly from the job platform, produce the transcript, and upload the finished transcript in either txt or doc file format. Your finished transcript should take you no longer than six times the entire length of the audio source. Three-minute audio, for instance, should only take you 18 minutes to transcribe because your performance rating will be significantly affected if you keep submitting late or poorly-made transcripts.

AccuTran Global may provide the necessary terms or may require you to conduct prior research on various subjects to ensure accuracy. The vast majority of their transcription projects include financial reports, conference calls, analysis, business meetings, and personal interviews.

When you become an experienced transcriber for them, AccuTran Global may offer you career advancement opportunities where you can receive a higher compensation plus more work. In moving up, you may become a transcript reviewer, a specialized transcriber, or a team leader after you have proven yourself as a credible transcriptionist.

If you wish to receive regular transcription projects, make it a habit to check your emails for any available work. Alternatively, you may contact them and politely ask for any available project, especially during the off-peak season.

Salary Rates

Based on experience and speed, you may earn as high as $21.60 per hour or equivalent to a 30-minute audio file, which you can accomplish in one day. The rate is based on an average of 90 words per minute or $0.36 per minute.

As a beginner, you will begin at the lowest rate of around $0.004 per word or $4.00 for every 1000 words. From there, you can work your way up to become an experienced transcriber and get paid around $0.0055 per word, which is equivalent to $29.70 per hour if you keep submitting accurate transcripts. Apart from this, AccuTran Global pays you 20% more when you transcribe audio sources with non-native speakers or sources loaded with difficult technical terms and hard-to-decipher sounds.

Payments are made once a month on every 15th of the month through PayPal or check deposit. Now, when you make over $2000 in your first six months with AccuTran Global, you may get the chance to further enhance your transcribing skills through online training and still get paid $50.00 for it.

Remember that AccuTran Global won’t guarantee a full-time position for you as their transcriber due to a low volume of work throughout the year. The busiest days of the week generally fall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but you should be readily available to receive assignments during peak season. Their highest volume of work typically falls within the following months:

  • January 20 – March 15
  • April 20 – May 20
  • July 20 – August 20
  • October 20 to November 20

Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of working for AccuTran Global is the opportunity to work at the comforts of your home. However, you need to comply with certain work guidelines based on the type of work, available work shift, and project deadline. Here are the pros and cons when you get hired as a transcriptionist for AccuTran Global:


  • Flexible work selection (you can choose which project to handle)
  • Performance bonuses, incentives and other additional income when you get promoted
  • Secure payment system and on-time payout
  • Free transcribing software and skills training

Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages than benefits when you work for this company. Here they are:

  • Takes time to gain enough work experience and receive better compensation
  • No work benefits since you are working for them as an independent contractor
  • Work under pressure (The same work pressure applies to poor audio source)
  • No fixed monthly income due to uncertain volume of workload
  • Experienced transcribers are given priority over beginners
  • Not suitable for all work-at-home individuals

The internet has given everyone easy access to millions of job opportunities, huge help for individuals who want to pursue an exciting online career on top of their regular day job. And working for AccuTran Global may provide that opportunity for you. However, you can’t really expect a steady flow of income unless you are considered as one of their highly sought transcribers who have been working in the company for a long while.

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