Payment Methods Which Are Commonly Used

Payment Methods

Payment methods is one of the important things you want to consider when you start working at home which you can use to get or withdraw your money. Not just for receiving but can be used for sending and transferring money. By knowing this you can plan ahead and budget your money wisely.

So what are the types of payment methods you can use to get your money?

Payment methods will really depend on:

  • The company you are working with
  • Place where your client or employer’s location
  • Type of work when you make money online

There are a lot actually and I’ll only mention what people are commonly using.

Common Payment Methods Used


-Instantly receive money upon request

Paypal – A worldwide secure payment system where you can send and receive money electronically. You need to verify first your account by logging in and add your bank account information (card information)

Paymaya – A secure online payment system similar to PayPal but differs in where it does not need any card for you connect it with. Just register using your mobile number and you can get an instant Visa card for you to withdraw money or use it for online shopping.


-Receiving money takes up to 2-4 business days

UnionBank (EON Digital Me) – Unionbank is the first atm (EON) that is recognized in the Philippines on its use for PayPal. The newest card on Unionbank is made for convenience where you can avail for the card either selected branch of 7-eleven or at Lazada to give you the latest digital banking experience. 

BDO- One of the largest bank in the Philippines where you can use to verify your PayPal account.

BPI– By the use of its My ePrepaid card you can now use it to verify your account in PayPal and use it for your online purchases.

EastWest- One of the banks where you can try and use for verifying your PayPal with their Visa Debit Card

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Other Payment Methods

-Instantly receive money upon request.– The best alternative to send, receive and transfer money either in peso or by Bitcoin (BTC). If you’re earning online which accepts BTC as the payment method then you can use its BTC address to receive payments and purchase online like Newegg, and Purse.

Blockchain– A widely known bitcoin wallet for sending and receiving money through BTC. The easiest and intuitive to use with great features, simplicity and a good reputation for security.

Gcash- Allows Globe and TM user to send, receive and transfer money through the use of your mobile for cashless transactions. You can connect your card for verifying your PayPal account and able to withdraw your funds instantly.

Each of the payment methods has its pros and cons and in regards when it comes to choosing will really depend on the availability of payment method that your employer or client can pay, how fast can you receive it, and the availability of establishment for you to get your money like for example banks. So choosing your type of payment method will be based on convenience and availability.

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