Guide to Unionbank EON Cyber

Ultimate Guide to Unionbank EON Cyber

Are you working online as a regular employee or an independent contract worker? You should find out other means to transfer and receive funds conveniently whether you are making transactions locally or overseas.

The Unionbank EON Cyber is a widely-used electronic fund transfer system that facilitates secure transferring of electronic funds to a regular Unionbank savings account or another EON account. Account holders may also receive funds from regular Unionbank savings account, another EON account and digital payment platforms, such as Payoneer, PayPal and Amazon Pay among others. The Unionbank EON Cyber appears in orange and not the purple color of EON Digital Me.

When using the fund transfer facilities of Unionbank, account holders will not be charged. If you wish to transfer funds to another local bank account, however, you may be charged with a small amount of service fee. Contact Unionbank customer service or visit their official website to know the exact service fees when making transactions on different banks in the Philippines.

How to Apply for an EON Cyber Account?

You may get a Unionbank EON Cyber account by either visiting any Unionbank branch nearest you or through an online application. Here are the steps for opening an EON Cyber Account with any Unionbank branches:

1. Submit two photocopies of two valid identification cards bearing your complete name and signature. Accepted valid IDs and documents typically include:

  • NSO Birth Certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security System (SSS)
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)
  • Voter registration
  • PhilHealth
  • Employment ID
  • Tax Identification card
  • Postal ID
  • Current school ID
  • NBI or Police clearance
  • Barangay Certificate
  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  • Valid PRC (Professional Regulation Commission)
  • UMID card

2. Fill up the application form as accurately as possible and submit upon completion. Use the same account details, including the complete name, email address, and billing address which you have registered with PayPal, so it will become easier to link the card.

3. Pay Php 350.00 to the teller as EON’s annual service fee. Don’t be confused with the $1.95 or Php 200.00 fee, which you need to deposit into your EON Cyber account for PayPal verification process.

4. Contact the Unionbank branch and make a follow-up call with regard to the release of your new EON Cyber card within 7-10 banking days.

Aside from the manual application, you may also apply for an EON Cyber card through online. Visit this link and fill up the necessary information sheet. Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your request as well as the branch information where you want to pick your card. Kindly prepare two valid IDS that are listed above for verification purposes.

EON Cyber Form
EON Cyber Form

Here are The Steps for Applying for an EON Cyber Account:

1. Visit the EONbankph official Website and go to the eon cyber form page and fill up the required information fields (KYC).

2. After filling up the information details, indicate the name to be printed on the EON Cyber card. Your printed name and uploaded ID card should match and must not exceed 19 characters.

3. Upload your recent picture, which clearly shows your facial features down to the chest portion.

4. From the list of bank branches, select your preferred location where you would like to claim the card.

5. Upload a scanned copy of your valid ID, both front and back parts bearing your name and signature, and then click on the submit button.

6. Wait for an email or an SMS notification, informing you when the EON Cyber card becomes ready for pick up.

Here are The Steps When Claiming the EON Cyber VISA Debit Card:

1. Present the original ID which you uploaded during the online application.

2. Sign on the Customer Account Information form as part of the bank’s verification procedures.

3. Once your document has been validated, you will receive a welcome pack containing your new Eon Cyber card, PIN mailer, and a free EON E-Money Prepaid Card (EON Digital Me card).

4. Be sure to increase your withdrawal limit depending on the amount you want to purchase online.

Note: If you want to buy an item or product online and you have no PayPal balance, your EON Cyber card will be used to pay (You can set this at PayPal). The amount of withdrawal limit is the limit you can pay using PayPal using your EON Cyber as your source of funds.


If you want to buy a product worth 50,000 PHP and you have no PayPal balance,

be sure your withdrawal limit will be 50,000 and above because if your withdrawal limit will be 20,000 PHP only then the transaction won’t go through. This information came from one of the CSR of Unionbank Cyber acquired January 2020.

What are the Fees of EON Cyber?

The Unionbank EON Cyber card lets you receive and transfer electronic funds with ease, but there are certain fees you need to pay when you make transactions outside of the fund transfer facility. It’s always good to become aware of the impending fees when using the Unionbank EON Cyber account. After all, you can save some of your hard-earned money from avoiding penalties.

1. Penalties for an Inactive Account

If you do not perform any manual or online transactions within one year, you will be charged a monthly fee of Php 200.00 on the following months after that 12 consecutive months. If you leave the account inactive for two consecutive years, Unionbank will charge you Php 500.00 per month after those 24 months.

2. Withdrawal Transactions

You may use the EON Cyber card to withdraw cash from any Unionbank ATM. The first two withdrawal transactions of the month are free of charge, however, for the third transaction and onwards, Unionbank will impose a service fee of Php 10.00 per cash withdrawal. Meanwhile, if you withdraw cash from the ATMs of other banks in the country, Unionbank will charge you Php 12.00 for every transaction.

The Advantages of EON Cyber

The Unionbank EON Cyber is a web-based deposit account that allows you to perform a variety of banking transactions anywhere in the Philippines right at your fingertips. Find out the remarkable benefits of using EON Cyber Debit Visa card below:

  • Full access to details of your previous balances and transactions with no more written banking statements to arrive at your doorstep
  • Convenient transferring of funds from one Unionbank account to other local banks while allowing you to pay your credit card and utility bills at any time
  • No more transaction slips to fill up or passbooks to show when doing transactions
  • No minimum maintaining balance to worry about, though you are required not to leave your EON account inactive for one year. Otherwise, you will be penalized.
  • Transactions can be completed in seconds when you link the EON Cyber card to PayPal as “Link a Credit Card.”
  • When you receive an email notification from Upwork that your payout has already been deposited, you may withdraw the funds from Upwork in real-time.

Disadvantages of EON Cyber Account

  • A service fee of Php 350.00 per year
  • There are imposed penalties if you fail to perform any transactions within one year.
  • Personal appearance is required when claiming your card since there’s no delivery option available as of the moment. You might have to leave your laptop for a while to pick up the card.

Difference Between EON Cyber and EON Digital Me

The UnionBank Eon Digital Me offers safer and more convenient than the previous design of Unionbank Eon Visa Debit card. But Unionbank EON Cyber has a lot of better features to provide you with. Discover the difference between the two most popular electronic fund transfer facilities in the Philippines today.

1. Cash withdrawal for the EON Cyber account is real time while EON Digital Me usually takes more than 24 hours or between 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM the following day.

2. EON Cyber has an annual service fee of Php 350.00, while EON Digital Me has none.

3. The designated color for the EON Cyber card is orange while EON Digital Me is purple.

4. Unionbank charges a withdrawal fee of Php 10.00 per transaction for EON Cyber account holders withdrawing on other banks. EON Digital Me account holders, on the other hand, are charged with Php 15.00 per transaction whether Unionbank ATM machine or other banks in the Philippines.

How to Link EON Cyber to PayPal?

Refer to the following steps to access your funds in no time:

1. Log in to your existing PayPal account and click “Financial Information” or “Wallet.”

2.  Click Add Credit or Debit Card from the menu list.

3. Add your 16 Digit Card Number, referring to the 16-digit number in front of your EON Cyber card.

4. Add card type (Visa), expiry date, which is found in front of the card, CVV code which is the 3-digit number at the back of the card and then click “LINK AND CONFIRM MY CARD.”

5. Send a request for the 4 digit PayPal code which you can receive on your installed EON Cyber app.

PayPal 4 digit pin code at EON Cyber App

6. Type the PayPal code to be provided by Unionbank.

Unionbank will require you to cash in at least Php 200.00 into your EON Cyber account, as PayPal will temporarily charge this for account verification. When you go back to your balance page, the amount will appear within 7 business days as a statement, saying that the code is necessary to confirm your new card. Once complete, PayPal will lead you to a page indicating that your new EON Cyber card has been linked successfully and then click “Done.”

The Unionbank EON Cyber just got better as it moves your money to another EON account, another Unionbank account, or any bank account in the Philippines so quickly. Apart from fund transfer, you may also utilize this internet-based deposit platform to purchase airfares, internet load or signature brands from online stores.

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