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TranscribeMe Transcriptionist Work


TranscribeMe transcriptionist work is one of the sites you can work as a transcriber for both audio and videos. You just need your computer and internet to apply for work. They offer great pay, freedom, flexibility, growth, and learning opportunities. You need to take a test which comprises of questions and test audio files to submit which you need to pass perfectly. If you fail many times at TranscribeMe then maybe it’s not for you. There are lots of companies to work from home as a transcriptionist.


How to Apply?


  1. Visit their site at TranscribeMe and click “Join our team”

    Apply at transcribme transcriptionist
  2. Create your account by filling in your information on the forms

    Create account at transcribeme
  3. Take their training program and exam course after registration here “Training and Exam Course”. 
  4. Your account will activate after finishing your training and passing the exam course. 

What is the exam?


The exam comprises of 10 questions in multiple choice and a 2-3 test audio files for you to transcribe and submit. As much as I want to give the exact questions, you need to remember that you’re not doing yourself a favor if you cheat. The reason is if you can’t pass the test, the more you can’t do the work and you’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. If you fail the test you can apply again until you succeed.


On the Multiple Choice Exam

If you encounter a difficult question just open your guide, it’s an open book test.


Sample Audio Files


This is the hard part since you need to have a perfect score. If you mess up even 1 out of 3 test audio files then you will have to repeat again.


How much Time can you Work?


At TranscribeMe Transcriptionist work, you can work as little or as more as you want. There is no minimum or maximum of hours to work. As long as there is work at the WorkHub then you are free to take it. When working there is usually fewer shorter audio files to transcribe. Reason for this is they want higher quality on their text files.


How much do you get Paid?


You will be paid $20 per audio hour in general, although different project offers more rates. Per audio hour means the length of the audio transcribed not the hour you work on an audio.


When or How will you get Paid?


You can request to be paid weekly through PayPal.


Other Opportunities you can get?


You have the chance to work and become a QA (Quality Assurance). The work of a QA is consolidating, proofreading, and editing transcription files. Other opportunities can be a project team and a captioning transcription team which offer more pay.




There are a lot of feedbacks from other forums and blogs in regards with transcribeMe but you can check here on WAHM where some of the actually hired employees from TranscribeMe hangs out. If you’re looking to enhance your skill more you can have free courses here (Free Transcription eCourse). You can ask at helpdesk at TranscribeMe for help if you didn’t succeed multiple times on the exams. They will give you tips, more guides, and links for you to read from.



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