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My Traffic Value: Earn Through Investment - HOWPO

My Traffic Value: Earn Through Investment


My traffic value homepage

About My Traffic Value


My Traffic Value is a crowdfunding site where you can multiply your earnings depending on how much is your Royalty Position, If you associate it with stocks, that’s Royalty Position (RP). I was hesitant before on this site due to the word “investment” which as a Filipino as I am doesn’t want to or is it just me? anyway, after a month I decided to do it ” Hey what the heck, let’s just try investing a few dollars.” The few dollars I meant was $2.


So let’s just stop at that first for a moment and go back to the topic how to earn money on this site?.


The site is all about buy and sell. You buy RP and sell RP, not just randomly buy Royalty Position but buying at a low price and sell it at a high price. Reading this will arouse questions or concerns about:


  • Will the value of Royalty Position go low or high or fluctuate?
  • Do people buy Royalty Position when the price value of RP becomes high?
  • Does the site last longer due to concerns of it going scam?
  • Can I multiply my money by just buying and selling RP?
  • Are there more options to earn besides buying and selling RP?


If those are your concerns, don’t worry it was my concerns before as well but I will be answering them and shed light to it.


Ways to Earn at My Traffic Value


Let’s just start with this first and mention what are the ways to earn money on this site.


  1. Buy and Sell your RP

    You buy Royalty Position at a low price and sell them when the price value increases.

    On the Home Page Click “RP Marketplace

    My traffic value homepage

    >You will be redirected to the marketplace where lists of username are buying and selling their RP’s

    My traffic value marketplace
    How come the price of RP shown above is too low?


    It depends on how low you mean.


    Reasons for that usually are demand and the value of Bonus Ad Points (BAP) is low at this time.
    Mostly it can be as low as $0.0024 and go as high as $0.01-0.07. So if you buy RP for 500 php, that amount  can buy you a lot of RP and sell it later on at a higher price.


    Does it need to be 500 php?


    No, it’s up to you how much is the amount you want to invest. I remember my first time on the site and the amount I invested was only $2 and the ROI is $110.


    So how did I do it?


    It’s just combining the platform and reuse the ROI i had and use it to invest until it became bigger.


    What is the duration of getting the ROI that much?


    That was 2 months.


    Too long?


    Imagine if I had invested at that time at a bigger amount?


    Is the 2 months still long?


    I think you would say if the ROI amount is bigger than what you imagined in a 2 month period you would say it will be worth it, right?


    By the way BAP is related to Paidverts and to better understand it see related article here:

    See Related Article:



  2. 130% Fast Track Plan Investment

    Invest as low as $1 and get a Return of investment (ROI) of 130%. The duration for you to get an ROI of 130% depends on the amount of users on the site, how many people invested, the amount you invested and your turn to get your ROI (the first to invest gets the first priority). 

    What you need to do in this platform is just invest and wait until it’s your turn to get the 130% and it will automatically show in your balance.

    My traffic value fast track plan

  3. Buy and Sell your BAP

    This is where you can buy Bonus Ad Points using your Royalty Position. To earn at this platform you need to know


    How much is the price for RP- to calculate how much will you earn
    >The value Price to buy ads at Paidverts- calculating how much will be
    the earnings selling the BAP you earn (2,400) by buying ads and sell it to convert as RP then calculate how much is your earnings by selling the converted BAP to RP’s into money.

    > Amount of BAP be converted to RP.


How to Cash in/Cash out?


Since Paypal is not available for the moment what you can use is by using BTC to invest and cash out. On Coins, you can convert your BTC to PHP.
You can either:


  • Send it to your bank account,
  • Withdraw at remittance center, and
  • Use it pay your bills.




Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

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