[Guide] Bills Payment Options in the Philippines

[Guide] Bills Payment Options in the Philippines

Now, more than ever is the time you should start getting yourself fully-acquainted with the different online payment platforms. When traditional payment centers working in skeletal force or completely closed, you might have a hard time settling your bills. Thankfully, there are different online bills payment apps and platforms that can help you settle not only your utilities, but also your loans, government contributions, and even your food delivery orders.

Statistics would show that currently, there are over 60 million internet-savvy Filipinos who prefer shopping and paying their bills online. Ironically, the growth and prominence of web-based payment platforms and bills payment apps are not exactly how one would imagine. Most Filipinos are still not sold out to the idea of ‘going cashless.’

Notwithstanding the availability and convenience of cashless payment, a lot of Pinoy shoppers and bills payers still opt for COD. To top it all, there is less than one for every 50 Pinoy who owns a credit card. This may be a contributing factor. However, they must realize that credit cards are not the only means to pay your bills online or through mobile apps. In fact, if you have a PayPal account, a linked debit card, or a debit card with credit card features, you can easily facilitate any online payment transaction.

If you’ve wanted to go cashless, or if you’re simply looking for other web-based payment platforms and mobile apps, you came to the right place. Here, we’ll let you in on some of the commonly used payment solutions you can try. Plus, we’ll guide you on how to start using these programs.


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1. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are “digital wallets,” which you can install on your mobile phones to help you purchase goods and services to any partner merchants with online access. These apps also allow you to store valuable payment card information whether you prefer to use a credit or debit card as your mode of payment. Popular options are:


If you’re a Bitcoin owner and you’re looking for an app to keep your funds in Peso, Bitbit is for you. Through this app, your converted Bitcoin funds can also be freed from the cryptocurrency’s price volatility, said Satoshi Citadel Industries, the country’s leader in all Bitcoin-related ventures.  To use Bitbit, you can either download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store or sign up through the company website. Either way, you need to register first before you can take advantage of its online payment services.

Bitbit functions pretty much like Coins.ph, only that the latter offers a higher transaction fee for every Bitcoin conversion transaction. Once you’re registered and you have funds on your account, you can now start paying your bills through the app or the website.


Coins.ph is an example of a mobile wallet that allows its user to buy digital currencies like Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin. You don’t need a bank account to open Coins.ph account, so once you’ve installed the app and have your account verified, you can now buy or sell a cryptocurrency, receive and send funds for it, and pay your bills.

This blockchain-enabled application also supports other services like online shopping, bill payments, air-time, and services. They currently support more than 100,000 merchants that accept payments in the form of digital currency. However, if you don’t have any digital currency, you can still use Coins.ph as your bills payment provider. You can simply cash-in from their partners and proceed in paying what you need to pay.

Denarii Cash

This app was launched through the initiative of Denarii, a Searchfuse Marketing company based in Dubai. It’s basically a wallet that’s designed to carry different currencies that the user can use to instantaneously transfer money to more than 15 currencies. Bitcoin is among the currencies it carries. Aside from this feature, it can also be used to organize funds, manage businesses, and of course, pay bills and other expenses.

You can even invite people to pay for joint purchases. And just like any other application or web-based payment solution, you need to download the app (or visit the website) and sign up. Once you’ve signed up, you can now enjoy the perks and benefits of the app. Among its most prized services aside from those mentioned above are peer to peer payment, remittance, international bank fund wires, and foreign currency exchange. All the funds you’ve gathered out of any or all of these transactions can be used to pay for your bills.

Dragonpay Credits

This is one of the services offered by Dragonpay Corporation, a Filipino alternative online payment firm. You can use your mobile to access and take advantage of this service. All you have to do is first download the Dragon pay mobile app via the App Store or Google Play Store. Afterwards, you need to create a new account. If you already have an existing account, choose ‘sign in’ instead. You’ll be required to enter your email address and nominate a six-digit PIN.

To track all your payment and purchases correctly, sign up with the email address you use when buying and paying online. Once you’ve signed in, you can now top up your account and start paying your bills and purchase via the app. Any merchant that supports Dragonpay can accept payments. To pay, select ‘Dragonpay Prepaid Credits’ as your source of funds or payment method. When you check-out or pay for any merchant service, a QR code will appear on the screen. Scan this QR code using your app and confirm payment.


This mobile money service app allows users to send and receive funds, purchase items, buy load, and pay bills. To take advantage of different GCash services, you need to download the app from the app store. Unfortunately, you can’t use GCash on your PC or laptops unless you download Bluestacks or other Android emulators. So, better get your smartphones ready if you want to use this app. To register, you only need to key in your mobile number (any carrier) and nominate a four-digit PIN.

Once you’ve successfully registered, you will need to have your account verified to be able to cash-in or transfer funds. Unverified accounts can still process online payments, though. However, you’ll have a hard time replenishing your funds, so you might as well have your account verified. Once you’re verified, you can start using all GCash features. And if you’ve established your credibility with them, you might be eligible for credit services. The credit limit they’ll extend to you can also be used as a payment source for merchants accepting Credit. Currently, GCash has more than 15,000 partner outlets all over the Philippines.


This e-wallet service by Grab was launched in October last, and this allows users to go cashless with a virtual prepaid card. Originally, GrabPay is only used as a way to pay for your Grab car rides. Later on, the company launched its bill payment features. Though they only have fewer merchants, most utility service providers are included in the list. To use this service for bills payment, after downloading and signing up, launch the app and choose ‘Bills.’ Select your biller from the list and enter your account number and payment amount. Once all these details are filled, complete the payment.


Another convenient payment option for Filipino netizens is Lazada’s e-wallet. This is a relatively new offering from Lazada, and it’s also incorporated in your Lazada app. But before you can pay your bills through this app, you need to purchase the linkable MasterCard. If you receive the physical card, link it to your Lazada e-wallet.

If you’ve already downloaded the app and you want to pay your bills, all you have to do is launch the said app and choose ‘Load, Bills, and E-coupons.’ After that, choose the ‘pay bills’ option. From there, you can see a long list of all merchants providing electricity, water, cable, and telecommunication services. Choose your provider and input all the correct billing information before clicking on ‘Continue.’ Check-out by choosing MasterCard as your payment method.


Like GCash, Paymaya is a mobile phone wallet that allows users to shop and pay bills virtually. You can do so many things with the use of a verified PayMaya account. For one, you can receive and send money from banks, partner cash-in outlets, and other money remittance services. To use PayMaya, you need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to register or sign up using your mobile number.

The good thing about PayMaya is you can register any number from all telecommunications carriers. Once you’ve completed the registration process, you can now complete your user profile and also apply for verification. Though you can pay your bills without going through the verification process, you might have a hard time looking for cash-in methods to top up your account. Hence, it is highly advisable to have your account verified.

The verification process is quite simple. After providing your government-issued ID, you can immediately schedule a verification call with the authorized PayMaya screeners. And once you’re done with the verification, you can enjoy certain benefits such as a higher wallet limit, loan opportunities from Cash ni Juan, and more.

Now, you’re ready to make payments! To take advantage of this function, make sure your account has sufficient funds. Adding funds to your PayMaya account is quite easy. One, you can link your PayMaya card to your PayPal account and simply transfer funds to it. Next, you can also transfer funds from your local banks directly to your PayMaya account. And lastly, you can also add funds through different load-in partners like 7/11, SM, and more.

Now that you have sufficient funds to cover your bill payment, it’s time to hit the pay bill icon. Once you’re redirected to the bills payment page, choose your biller, then input the correct billing details. After all the details are filled in, you can simply click complete the payment.


You have likely used this payment gateway to receive a salary if you have worked as an independent contractor for foreign clients. PayPal is one of the most recognized digital payment platforms that allow multiple currency conversions and transfers in over 200 countries. Since PayPal is globally accessible, it becomes easier to send and receive money wherever you are.

You may also utilize PayPal as your convenient payment method for all e-commerce and service-related transactions by linking your bank account and credit card information. PayPal will request for your bank account details, including bank name, bank code, and account number to verify your account before allowing you to withdraw money or make online transactions.

However, actual transfer from PayPal to your local bank account may take about three business days to complete unless you are currently an EON user. PayPal also charges corresponding service fees for every transaction, whether you are making purchases or paying bills.

To register an account, you need to visit their official site or download the app from the Play Store or App Store. Select the “Sign up for free” button and then register your email and password. Be careful to choose between free and PRO account types as the latter cost $30 per month.

Complete the information sheet with your personal details, including debit or credit card information, bank account details, and security questions. PayPal will then send you an email containing instructions on how to verify your account.

Meralco Mobile App

Meralco has launched its own intuitive mobile app that allows customers to do the following:

Paying electric bills through debit card, credit card, and prepaid credits

Checking of actual power consumption

Reporting incidents of power outage or interruption

Locating the nearest Meralco business center

Saving tips and appliance buying suggestions


Moneygment offers more flexibility than just allowing you to send money and manage personal funds. This versatile app allows users to compute personal dues and file their income or business taxes. You can even pay your social contributions, including SSS, PAG-IBIG, and PhilHealth, with this app, so you won’t miss paying off your government dues. Payment for your utility bills, insurance coverage (referring to partner merchants), and credit card bills can also be done here, but you will be charged with a small service fee for every completed transaction.

Download the Moneygment app and register an account with your active email or Facebook account. Be sure to fill up the data form with your correct details as the supplied information will be used to “auto-fill” the payment forms to expedite the payment process. Once approved, you can now transfer funds to your Moneygment account and start maximizing its features to pay your bills and government contributions.

7-Eleven CLIQQ Rewards

7-Eleven CLIQQ Rewards is an intuitive mobile app that allows customers to top money and use it to purchase products and pay bills to any store locations nationwide. This also allows customers to earn rewards points that can be utilized for buying products and mobile internet load. CLIQQ grants you free internet access when you visit any 7-Eleven branch, but you can only use this app exclusively for 7-Eleven.

To sign up for an account, just download the CLIQQ app, register your mobile number, and tap the “Continue with Mobile” button. Wait for a four-digit verification code and then encode it to the app. Tap the “I agree” button if you agree with the terms and conditions of the app.


2. Banking Apps

People used to queue up for hours just to deposit funds or pay bills.

But now, they only need to log into their mobile apps and complete any transaction in real-time at any place, as long as there’s an easy access to mobile internet.

Banking apps are now equipped with a better user interface, security features, and enhanced banking services, encouraging people to settle bills or manage funds with ease.

You may use banking apps to transfer funds to another account, pay your bills on time, verify your available balance, and monitor cash flow from different banks.

Here’s a list of notable mobile banking apps in the Philippines which you can use for your daily banking needs.


This payment app is a product of the joint efforts of BPI, Ayala Corporation, and Globe. It is known as the only mobile savings bank in the country. To use this app, you need to go to BPI, bring your Globe or Touch Mobile sim and government-issued ID, and fill out the application form. After paying 100 pesos, you can now register your BanKO account through the mobile app.

The bank will also issue you an ATM so you can conveniently withdraw funds, too. Once you are already logged in to your BanKO app, you can now start paying your bills through the same app. currently, they have 37 billers, including major electricity, water, internet, and insurance providers. Once payment is processed, you will also be issued a receipt as proof of the payment transaction.

BDO (Banco De Oro)

BDO surely stayed true to their promise of ‘finding ways’ for their customers through their eBanking services. The good thing about this bank’s payment solution is you can use it whether you’re on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone. To make use of these payment options, you need to have a BDO account with funds. You also need to register your account online via www.bdo.com.ph.

After enrolment, you need to visit a BDO ATM machine to activate your account. Once activated, you can now start moving your funds and paying your bills. If you’re consistently mobile, you can still pay your bills on the go by downloading BDO’s app via the App Store or Google Play Store.  They currently support payment services to over 180 companies, including electricity, water, loans, insurances, and even reloading services.


Metrobank banking app allows you to fund and monitor your current Metrobank accounts, whether you have enrolled multiple savings, checking, and payroll accounts. You can also send money to another Metrobank account, purchase mobile loads, reorder your checkbook, settle bills, and receive periodic credit card promotions and new services from the bank.

With this banking app, you may access Metrobank’s home and car loan packages and their respective application requirements. The app also connects you to a Metrobank loan specialist if you need any assistance or professional advice. Use its built-in calculator to determine the estimated monthly installment amount when you apply for a car loan or housing loan.

To register your Metrobank account, visit Metrobank Online Banking through https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/RetailInternetPortal/ and follow the enrollment instructions carefully. Provide all necessary information, including payment card information and security details to expedite the verification process. Once done, you can now log into the Metrobank banking app with your username and password. Download the app from Google Play or App Store for free. Provide all important bank details, including debit or credit card information, once the app has been installed.


The Unionbank mobile banking app offers a vast range of online banking services that allow customers to effectively monitor and manage all enrolled Unionbank accounts. Customers can easily transfer funds to other Unionbank accounts as well as to other local banks, though fund transfer will take about two to three banking days. This also features a secure payment system that allows for easy payment of utility bills, credit card bills, and even government taxes.

You can make online purchases from e-commerce stores, purchase mobile loads and fund different mobile apps with the Unionbank banking app (EON Digital Me and Unionbank Cyber). Similar to other popular apps, you can check the current Forex rates and receive regular news feeds about new services and credit card rewards from Unionbank.

Before you can use this app, you need to download the Unionbank app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Upon installation, sign up an account using any of your existing Unionbank account information. You may use your credit card details, debit card information, savings account, checking account, and even your loan account to create a Unionbank mobile banking account.

During registration, you will be required to enter your desired username and password. But if you want more protection for your account, you may opt to use the fingerprint scanning features of your mobile phone. Always expect to receive a one-time password every time you log into your account. Your Unionbank account will automatically log out if there’s no banking activity or if you leave your phone unattended for two minutes.

BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands)

The BPI Mobile Banking App is an outstanding mobile app that allows you to manage all your current BPI accounts, including Family Savings, Direct deposit, regular savings, and credit card accounts with convenience. You can transfer funds from one account to another, reload your BPI Express Card, purchase Globe or TM prepaid loads and pay for your transactions using the app. You may also apply for a housing loan or car insurance while receiving some valuable tips from expert investment specialists.

To enroll your existing BPI account, you may download the BPI banking app from Google Play or APP Store for free. The BPI Mobile Banking App automatically grants customers who have an existing BPI Online Banking account direct access to the app. New BPI account holders are advised to enroll their account to BPI Mobile Banking App by calling BPI Hotline 89-100 within 60 days upon receipt of the bank card.

Upon reaching the hotline, press 1 for “ATM card and other deposit accounts” and then enter your 11-digit access number printed on your card. After this, key in your temporary “Telephone ID number,” which is written in the welcome package of your card. Once done, you may now change the four-digit telephone ID number using the BPI Mobile Banking APP.

Now, you need to visit the nearest BPI ATM to activate your card and update your TIN. Select “Special Services,” “Activate Enrollment,” “ePone TIN,” and then wait for the card activation within five minutes.

Asia United Bank (AUB)

The AUB mobile banking app offers account holders the freedom to review their transaction history and perform balance inquiries in one tap. This serves as a branch locator where you can send or receive money through local and international remittance centers. You can also apply for a housing loan, car insurance, and other loan packages as well as get some professional help from investment experts.

The AUB banking app is completely accessible when you need to settle your online transactions, including online purchases and bills payment. You can make fund transfers from one account to other AUB account types, purchase mobile load credits, fund your digital wallets and even purchase stocks straight from the app. It also reminds you of your upcoming bills to help you settle them on time, thus saving you from late payment fees.

To enroll your current AUB account, just download the banking app from the App Store and Google Play Store for free. Register your existing account using credit card or debit card information and account details on top of your name and contact numbers. Inter-bank fund transfer will take longer than AUB to AUB account fund transfers.

PNB (Philippine National Bank)

The PNB mobile banking app lets you take charge of your existing PNB accounts free from any banking inconvenience. All enrolled PNB accounts are completely protected in a secure banking platform along with its fingerprint scanning security feature. PNB account holders can also review all the latest and previous banking history from fund transfer to bills payment.

With the PNB banking app, you can manage multiple accounts, referring to the regular savings account, checking and other investment accounts, transfer funds from one PNB account to other major local banks, and fund any existing account. Use this versatile mobile app to pay your monthly bills without any need to visit any payment centers or PNB branches just to deposit money. Also, there’s a fingerprint log-in feature should you wish not to use your password.

You need to download the PNB banking app from the App Store or Google Play and install it. However, you should register your account through PNB’s online banking services before you can link the account to the mobile app. Sign up your account using the access numbers written on the card or debit card information.


The EastWest mobile banking app provides a one-stop banking solution that allows account holders to manage and monitor several accounts in one platform. EastWest account holders can view available balance for each enrolled account, transfer funds from one account to other EastWest accounts, and review previous bank transactions. You can also deposit checks and re-order your checkbook whenever you need it, though you need to visit the bank branch to claim your checkbook.

You can pay bills and manage all paid transactions with this accessible platform. And if you ever need some cash, the EastWest banking app can refer you to the nearest branch or ATM location. Additionally, this banking app also lets you purchase online goods and services, like mobile load credits, consumer products, and professional services.

Before using the banking app, you need to register any active EastWest account to its online banking service page. Register the account using your card details, personal information and then wait for an email verification. Once your account has been registered successfully, download the EastWest banking app from the App Store or Play Store and install it on your mobile device.

RCBC (Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation)

The RCBC mobile banking app makes banking services accessible within your fingertips. This exceptional banking app allows you to transfer funds from one enrolled account to another account as well as transfer funds to third-party bank accounts, but this may take about two to three banking days to finish. You can settle all forms of bills, including credit card bills, tuition fees, life insurance, loans, government dues, and utility services, with no need to visit any bank branch or payment center.

The RCBC banking app also allows you to manage all previously completed transactions so that you can keep track of your available balance for each RCBC account. Apart from its ability to store transaction history, you may also enjoy other valuable services, like remittance services, checkbook request, Forex rates, loan application, and placement of investment products. And if you ever need some quick cash or physical fund transfer, this app will direct you to the nearest bank branch or ATM location.

RCBC banking app is now available from the App Store or Google Play Store. Upon installation, log into the RCBC mobile banking app using your username and password. However, you need to register your account first via www.rcbc.com in order to gain access to the mobile app. When you visit the page, click “Enroll now” and follow the registration requirements necessary to activate your account.

UCPB (United Coconut Planters Bank)

The UCPB banking app offers customers a huge variety of banking services that allow them to transfer funds, withdraw money, review transaction history, and pay important bills.

You can settle any monthly bills here, including utility bills, life insurance, loans, credit card bills, and other bills of partner merchants.

Since the app has the capacity to keep your previous transactions, you don’t have to worry about retrieving the details you may need in the future.

The UCPB banking app can be used to pay online purchases, buy mobile load credits, and provide funds to other mobile apps.

You can use the app to communicate with bank representatives regarding loan packages, credit card deals, and incredible investment options.

You also get the chance to receive the latest news about upcoming promotions and rewards privileges.

But first, you need to register any existing UCPB account via www.ucpb.com.

Upon reaching the page, click UCPB Connect and enter your preferred username and password.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to a service page where you need to input your complete name, contact number, and valuable payment card details.

Once your registration becomes successful, you can now log into your UCPB banking app and start making transactions.


Even government banks like Landbank of the Philippines have developed their own secure mobile banking platform. The Landbank mobile banking app features a diverse range of online banking services that will provide account holders access to conventional banking. With this functional app, you can easily manage and monitor all Landbank accounts, including payroll, savings, checking, and loan accounts, which you have enrolled in the platform.

You can also check the available balance of your enrolled accounts as well as other outstanding balance that you need to settle. And if you wish to keep track of your cash flow, you can view the previous transaction history of each account. You can transfer funds from your own account to another personal account, referring to iAccess Landbank account to other iAccess bank account, or to other types of Landbank accounts. Interbank fund transfer is also allowed by the banking app, but you need to wait at least three banking days to credit the amount.

With more than 80 partner businesses, you can pay your bills conveniently using the Landbank mobile banking app. Moreover, this app also allows you to view the present rates of Forex and different bank investment products. As an added security, you will receive a one-time password via text each time you log into your account.

Before downloading the banking app from the App Store or Play Store, register your current active Landbank account via www.landbank.com/e-banking. When you reach the site, select iAccess and complete the registration process by providing the necessary details, including debit card or credit card information. Once your account has been registered, log into the Landbank banking app with your username and password.


PSBank has introduced its own mobile banking app that conveniently allows bills payment, virtual queueing, fund transfer, and mobile load credit in one interactive platform. You can also keep track of your enrolled PSBank accounts regardless of account type and amount. Furthermore, you don’t need to visit any bank branch to enroll your account online, just prepare your account details and email address for the online registration.

The PSBank mobile banking app comes with a comprehensive range of banking services, including accurate transaction viewing, check deposit using captured images and submit bank records without visiting any bank branches. It lets you send funds to others using PASend Instant Cash Padala, and control the security features of your cash cards. With over 100 partner-enterprises, you can now settle your monthly bills and review previously paid transactions through this exclusive banking app.

To register any of your existing PSBank accounts, just visit the PSBank online banking via https://www.psbank.com.ph/other-products-and-services/e-banking/e-banking/psbank-online/ and click “Other banking services.” You will be redirected to another service page where you need to enroll an existing account using an active email, personal details, and card information. Once your account has been registered, download the PSBank mobile banking app from the App Store and Google Play Store and install it on your mobile phone.

Security Bank

The Security Bank mobile app offers smart banking solutions to account holders who wish to check their available balance in seconds or transfer funds from one personal account to third-party accounts. Security Bank also features its fastest way to transfer money called eGiveCash, where you can send money using an SMS notification. Another interesting feature, eSecure Savings, is an optional savings account that allows customers to earn higher interest rates than a regular savings account.

The Security Bank banking app also allows you to pay for your online transactions or settle your bills with over 100 partner establishments. This banking app can be used as a branch locator, a virtual teller, or a reliable source for the best Forex and time deposit rates.

Account registration can be done through online or bank document submission to any Security Bank branch nearest you. Upon approval, you will be granted access to your personal accounts using your assigned username and password after three banking days, both online portal and mobile banking app, though you can change your log on details anytime. To access your account via the banking app, you need to download the Security Bank mobile app directly from the App Store or Play Store.

3. Payment Centers

If you don’t prefer to settle your monthly dues with mobile apps or banking apps, you may consider paying them via payment centers found in different locations, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, and neighboring stores. Bills payment centers have become accessible to Filipinos who want cash transactions in paying their monthly bills, credit cards, and government contributions simultaneously. The vast majority of these one-stop payment facilities also offer different payment services like airline ticketing, mobile load credit, insurance payment, government violation tickets, money exchange, and money remittance.

The following list displays some of the popular payment centers in the Philippines, which you can visit:

Bayad Center

With over 12,000 branches, Bayad Center is now the Philippines’ largest bills payment franchise. You can find the Bayad Center branch in shopping centers, public markets, town plaza, convenience stores, and gas stations. Its operating hours vary per location, but most branches are open from Mondays to Fridays, starting from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Bayad Center openly accepts cash payments, but you may settle your bills using your credit card or personal check on selected branches. Payments accepted at all Bayad Center branches include:

  • Electricity bills (Meralco and electric cooperatives)
  • Telephone bills from PLDT and Globelines
  • Water bills (Major and municipal water suppliers)
  • Mobile postpaid subscriptions
  • Internet and cable TV subscriptions
  • Selected credit card
  • Government contributions (SSS, GSIS, PAG-IBIG, and PhilHealth

When you get to any Bayad Center branch, just present your current statement of account or billing statement. If you don’t have the copy, Bayad Center will request you to fill up a transaction form. Provide all the necessary details, like account name, account number, reference number, and contact number before submitting the form to the cashier.

When paying social contributions, kindly provide your membership number and period of contribution. Submit the transaction form, pay the amount, and wait for the official receipt.

Bayad Center has released its own mobile app, which allows customers to pay bills online at any given time.

But if you still prefer to pay your bills over the counter, you can still utilize the mobile app as a branch locator and dues reminder. Accepted payment modes include prepaid credits, debit card, and credit cards.


ECPay is an expanding ePayment service provider with over 9,000 payment facilities in shopping malls, convenient stores, remittance centers, and other service outlets ready to accept bills payment. You may find ECPay in one of the following locations:

  • Welcome Supermarket
  • 7-Eleven
  • Selected Mini Stop outlets
  • Shopwise
  • San Miguel Food Avenue
  • Petron stations
  • RD Pawnshop
  • Tambunting Pawnshop
  • Public markets
  • Metro Gaisano

ECPay accepts bills, such as:

  • Electricity bills) Meralco and selected electric cooperatives)
  • Water bills
  • Cable channel and internet subscriptions
  • Mobile postpaid subscriptions
  • Metrobank, AUB and BPI credit cards

To pay the bills, just visit any ECPay outlet nearest you and fill up a payment form. Present the payment form and billing statement to the cashier. Pay the corresponding fee and billed amount and then wait for your official receipt. For water and electricity bills, ECPay won’t accept them if they fall beyond the due date.

Cebuana Lhuillier

Cebuana Lhuillier has expanded its range of services apart from being an established pawnshop operator and remittance center. With more than 4,000 branches to serve you, you can now pay your monthly bills and social contributions conveniently to any Cebuana Lhuillier branch. Its operating hours are open from 8 AM to 9 PM, Mondays to Sundays, depending on location.

There are currently six Cebuana Lhuillier branches open for 24 hours payment service in Makati, Imus, Angeles, Tarlac, Olongapo, and parts of Zambales. Cash payment is the only available payment mode. Cebuana Lhuillier accepts the following bills:

  • Electricity bills
  • Water bills
  • Mobile phone and telephone subscriptions
  • Internet and cable channel subscriptions
  • BPI and Metrobank credit cards
  • Social contributions except for income taxes

When you visit any Cebuana Lhuillier branch, kindly fill up the Pera Padala Transaction Form. Provide billing information and contact number. Submit the transaction form together with your information card and billing statement. Pay the necessary fee and amount and get the official receipt from the cashier.

SM Payment Centers

If you can only settle your personal bills during lunchtime or after office hours, visiting any SM Bills Payment center can be your most convenient option. Operating hours start at 10 AM until the cut-off time in the afternoon, Mondays to Sundays. Find the most accessible SM Bills Payment Center among the following:

  • SM Business Service Center (available in all mall branches)
  • SM Supermarket (located inside the mall)
  • SM Customer Service counters
  • Save More
  • SM Hypermarket

SM Bills Payment Center accepts the following bills:

  • Electrical bills (Meralco and electric cooperatives)
  • Water bills
  • Cable channel and internet subscriptions
  • Telecommunication subscriptions
  • Violation tickets
  • Major credit cards
  • Government contributions (SSS, GSIS, PAG-IBIG and PhilHealth)
  • Request for government documents (birth and marriage certificates)
  • NBI
  • POEA and OWWA fees

When paying bills, just go to the nearest Sm Bills Payment Center and get a queue number. Request for two copies of the BPS validation form, fill up the forms with billing information plus your contact details, and then sign the forms. Submit the forms along with your billing statement, valid Id (if requested), and cash payment. Get your acknowledgment receipt.

Robinsons Business Center

You can also pay your bills at any Robinsons Business Center, specifically inside the department store, located in all mall branches. Robinsons Business Center may accept bills payment from 10 AM to 7 Pm daily. Payments accepted include:

  • Utility bills (electrical and water bills)
  • Mobile phone and telephone subscriptions
  • Cable channel and internet subscriptions
  • Airline ticketing
  • Social contributions (SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and PAG-IBIG)
  • Official public documents (birth and marriage certificates)
  • BPI, Citibank, Equicom, Metrobank, and RCBC credit cards

When you go to any Robinsons Business Center, get a queue number, and request for a payment form. Fill up the form with your billing information plus your contact number. Present your billing statement together with your completed form and valid ID (for verification). Pay the corresponding billed amount and wait for the acknowledgment receipt.

RD Pawnshops

The primary business model of RD Pawnshops focuses on providing outstanding pawnshop services that allow customers to gain quick cash in exchange for any valuable possession as their collateral. RD Pawnshops has grown to become one of the country’s most successful pawnshop establishments with more than 1300 branches ready to provide lending opportunities.

Aside from pawnshop services, RD Pawnshops now offers international and local remittance and payment services with competitive service rates. This pawnshop enterprise accepts the following bills:

  • Selected credit cards (view the list of banks when you visit)
  • Electrical and water bills
  • Cable TV and internet service provider
  • Telecommunication service providers
  • Government contributions (depending on branch)

Palawan Express

Palawan Express was initially established as a typical pawnshop business. However, the business further expanded to become one of the most affordable remittance centers in the Philippines. Service rates are guaranteed affordable, and you can easily send funds to any of its branches nationwide.

Palawan Express now accepts bills payment requests, including utility bills, mobile phone subscriptions, internet, and credit card bills, though you need to visit the branch to know the list of their partner businesses. When paying bills, all you need to do is to present the billing statement and your information card to the cashier and then pay the necessary dues.

M Lhuillier

M Lhuillier is now regarded as one of the largest money remittance service providers in the Philippines, with over 1,900 strategically located branches ready to serve you. You can find an existing M Lhuillier branch in all public places, including shopping malls, commercial districts, and public markets. Aside from remittance services, M Lhuillier now offers bills payment services to facilitate easy payment transactions for its partner businesses. Pay your electrical bills, water bills, mobile postpaid subscriptions, social contributions, and internet bills here at M Lhuillier for a small service fee.


You can now settle your credit card bills through ATM. Upon inserting your cash card, locate the credit card payment service of the machine. Key in your card information and your billed amount. Wait for your acknowledgment receipt.

Our Takeaway

These are just a few of the leading online payment platforms and apps you can use the next time you want to settle your bills. If you need further details on how to navigate these apps and what other services they provide, you can simply visit the providers’ respective websites.

With these apps and online bills payment platforms, you and your family’s convenience and safety are assured. During or after the community quarantine, these apps will make life better and easier for everyone. With all these features and benefits, paying bills has become less of a hassle. Though we’re far from being a completely cashless society, these simple initiatives can bring us a step closer to that aim.

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