When I put up the blog listing ESL Schools that only require audio lessons from their teacher, English Tone has been one of the ESL Companies which has the most inquiries from interested applicants.

Finally! Here’s the blog I have been meaning to write and share to everyone.

There’s a catch, though.

Teachers who can apply for this company have TWO specific qualifications to meet.

(1)You have to have at least FOUR (4) years of teaching experience to qualify for the job. The more years of experience you have up your sleeves, the higher the starting salary.

(2) You have to have an American or British accent to get considered for the job. The company would disclose why it is vital to have a native-like accent once you passed the interview.

If you have these two qualities, then I suggest you read on.

If you don’t have at least three years of teaching experience up your sleeves, then you may want to check out JASON ENGLISH which is under the same management of English Tone.

The minimum requirements are lower than ET, but you get to reap the benefits/incentives English Tone teachers are experiencing.


English Tone


English Tone (or ET)’s target market is Chinese second-language learners. Students who enroll in their program range from kids to professionals utilizing a variety of learning materials as provided by the company. Now, that’s what I call a laid-back work!


Moreover, the company doesn’t require teachers/tutors to open their web cams during the lessons. And I know that we prefer to conduct lessons with more freedom. Not only that, it helps us teachers improve our skills in teaching since we won’t be relying on hand-gestures and/or facial expression to help us prove a point.


I bet you’re itching with curiosity on how to apply for English Tone.


But first things first.


What are the Requirements?


You are eligible for this position if you have the following as listed below:


  1. Has Excellent English skills.
  2. At least 4 years of teaching experience
  3. Knowledgeable in Business English and English grammar.
  4. Has a Wired Internet Connection with at least 2 Mbps internet speed
  5. A working PC or Laptop/Headphone with Webcam and Noise-Cancelling Headset
  6. Can work with less supervision
  7. A quiet working place
  8. Committed to following the chosen schedule.
  9. Preferably College graduate.




  • New teachers would have to affirm their preferred schedule before the training. Although ET follows a booking system, you have to be online during the committed/preferred schedule.
  • It is preferable for new teachers to commit 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm on weekdays.
  • You have to coordinate with your assigned assistant teacher if you would like to work outside the affirmed schedule.


Now, that’s out of the way, let me show you the application process. 




Your starting salary rate would depend on the evaluation made by the admin and years of teaching experiences.

This will be disclosed to you as soon as you passed the interviews.

The lowest starting rate in ET is 150php/hour.

The highest starting rate could be as much as 200php/hour.



Like in the corporate world, an ET Teacher could get a raise or a higher rate the longer he/she stay with the company.

An additional to 10phph/hour is added to your current rate for every 100-150 successful conducted lessons. Seasoned teachers in ET could even get as high as 300php/hour.  The sky is the limit!


Salary is credited to your account via BDO on the 10th or on the 25th.

If you don’t have one yet, make sure to open an account with BDO before your start your demo classes. In this way, you can start teaching and earning right away.




In the world of home-based teaching, teachers do not get a lot of benefits like other regular employees in the corporate world. The consolation we have – aside from having more freedom in our hands – is that we have incentives to motivate us to work even harder. They will be discussed to you on the orientation.


Penalties for absences aren’t that a lot especially if your absences do not fall above 10% of the total number of lessons.  The specific amount of deductions as penalties would be discussed to you during the orientation.


NOTE: New Teachers enjoy paid lessons (whether a slot is booked or not) to a total of 2hours for every day you worked. For example:


Rate: 180/hour

#of days worked for the cut-off: 8 days


180php * 2 hours = 360php * 8 days = 2,880php


That’s 2,880php on top of your salary! This incentive is good for TWO MONTHS.

I cannot go on more on how well the teachers are paid and appreciated in English Tone. There’s one way of finding whether the rumors – or a fact, in this case – are true.


If you are an experienced teacher and – sad to say – not paid enough, then pack your bags and join ENGLISH TONE today!

Mari Lapuz

By heart and by profession, Mari is a teacher.
Her go-getter attitude has brought her to the world of writing about ESL companies, investments and anything under the sun.

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  1. T. Frieda is yet one of the most superb Trainers I’ve ever had. She’s very accommodating and is always ready to help you out in times of need. Kudos!

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