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GMR Transcription: Wide Range of Career Opportunities

Searching for an exciting work-at-home career at HOWPO work from home guide, whether full-time or part-time, is the next best thing that’s happening around the bustling job marketplaces across the Philippines today. And you might be interested in pursuing a career in transcription if you have the skills and patience in transcribing audio files into text documents. GMR Transcription is one stable online job portal which you can apply, particularly if you know how to speak Spanish and other foreign languages.

Is GMR Transcription a Legitimate Online Job Enterprise?

GMR Transcription, located in Tustin, California, is one of the leading transcription companies across the United States, serving media organizations, learning institutions, and government agencies with great service and accurate results. GMR founder Ajay Prasad established GMR Transcription in 2004 with a vision to combine technology and human skills to deliver transcription and translation solutions necessary for all forms of projects. GMR Transcription was even recognized as one of the fastest growing service organizations by the Orange County Business Journal in 2012.

GMR Transcription is on a constant search for qualified transcriptionists based in the United States to join the team. Independent contractors for GMR are expected to live up by the company standards because GMR Transcription guarantees 99 percent transcription accuracy to its clients. This would mean that every transcriptionist hired to the team must perform high-quality transcription services with fast turnaround time and almost zero correction.

GMR transcriptionists often handle general transcription, but they are also expected to take on legal and medical transcription projects when necessary. Furthermore, Spanish translators are highly encouraged to send an application.

GMR Transcription Application Process

If you are interested in joining GMR Transcription, you need to fill up an online form and upload your current career portfolio.

The qualifying test is sent to you immediately after submitting your resume, so you can proceed to the test right away. Make sure to tick “Yes” to the question “Are you willing to take a short test?” before receiving the test email.

The email attachment which you will receive contains all Style Guides, company introduction, and standard work templates required by GMR Transcription. Upon receiving the email, save it and use PeaZip or any file extraction tool to view the contents. GMR Transcription will automatically disqualify anyone who does not submit the test transcript based on the standard work template.

The career page only accepts one valid email address per applicant, so it is important to use your official email contact when sending your application. Also, be reminded to check your spam folder if you can’t find the email instructions in your inbox.

Once you are done with the test, go back to the career page and log into your profile account. Upload the test file together with your email address and “Voice file ID” written in the email. Be sure that your test transcript is written in .doc format to be accepted.

Before you proceed with your application, kindly check out these job qualifications first:

  • U.S.-based resident
  • Spanish language speaking skills, preferably Certified
  • Applicants with no prior experience are welcome to apply
  • No college degree or career certification required
  • Research and organizational skills
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Word
  • Keen to details

Minimum working tools:

  • Good-working laptop with high-speed internet connection
  • Transcribing software (free software, default player or purchased)
  • Foot pedals
  • Over-the-ear headphones
  • Working communication tools (Skype, Zoom and other apps)

Work Process

New transcribers will be allowed to browse through an open job listing of transcription projects once their application has been approved. They can work on a variety of topics, including general media files, academic, legal proceedings, conference calls, marketing, and business files.

Within the job platform, you can create your personal work schedule and take as much work as you want, provided that you follow the required turnaround time. Submitting poorly-executed transcripts will significantly affect your performance rating and overall payout amount.

New transcribers are also required to undergo a “probation period” compelling them to complete two hours of audio before receiving paid projects. During this period, GMR Transcription will further evaluate your work performance to make sure that all your completed transcripts are in full compliance with the standards of the company. GMR also requests all independent contractors to accept at least four hours of audio minutes every month as the company has a lot of projects to offer for those who can commit.

GMR Transcription enforces a stringent grading policy, meaning that all transcribers should only submit 99 percent accurately-written transcripts to keep their performance rating high. That’s because the vast majority of transcribers working for GMR possess many years of experience as well as training certificates to support their career credentials.

Salary Rates

GMR Transcription does not openly disclose pay rates until the applicant has been hired, though its official site has mentioned that transcribers may earn between $1,000 and $3,000 per month. However, the payout amount may depend on the type of project a transcriptionist would like to take as well as his or her specialized skills.

Pay rates are based on the difficulty level of the audio source, file length, and project turnaround time. Transcribers can even earn more if they are willing to handle complex projects with multiple speakers and translation requirements. The payment method will only be discussed once you get hired.

Pros and Cons

Pursuing a transcription career with GMR can provide everyone a wide range of career opportunities, helping professionals get to other interesting jobs, including content writing, virtual assistant, and account executive positions. But more than this, you can also enjoy these benefits if you work for GMR as one of their regular contractors:

  • Regular stream of projects, especially more difficult audio sources, allowing you to earn higher
  • No complicated transcribing tool required to get the job done
  • More specialized transcription work, like court cases, medical records and news

Now, let’s head on to the other side of the coin. GMR independent contractors will likely encounter these problems:

  • Difficult to perform transcription if you don’t have enough background in handling medical or legal transcription projects
  • Additional time needed for internet research and specific document formatting
  • Unpaid probation period (GMR requires two hours of audio before allowing you to access paid jobs)
  • Strict grading system and return submission policy

Working for GMR as a transcriptionist is something you might want to consider as a viable source of income if you need to support your regular monthly paycheck. You may start becoming a high-value transcriber when you visit the career section of GMR anytime soon.

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