iStaff Solutions Inc Become a High Value Transcriptionist

iStaff Solutions Inc.: Become a High Value Transcriptionist

Applying for a transcription job is no longer limited to the direct application process of different transcription companies. iStaff Solutions Inc., through its recruitment platform, now bridges between global clients and Filipino professionals who wish to become a high-value transcriptionist.

Is iStaff Solutions Inc., a legitimate Company?

iStaff Solutions Inc. practices a culture of collaborative work and a pleasant working environment among its workforce, providing everyone endless opportunities for personal growth and career enhancement. This ever-growing BPO company, with the vast majority of their clients, come from Europe and the United States, can offer your services as a transcriptionist whether you have gained prior experience or not.

iStaff Solutions Inc. is a Philippine-based business processing office located at the Prestige Tower, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. This local recruitment agency is now accepting promising job seekers who would like to pursue an exciting career in transcription as well as other job positions related to eCommerce, SEO, real estate development, and other major fields. iStaff Solutions Inc. is indeed committed to providing professional assistance to clients, helping them efficiently run their online businesses.

iStaff Solutions Inc. is always on the hunt for qualified professionals who want to become part of their growing pool of talents. Aside from transcription, the Ortigas-based enterprise is actively engaging in the business of connecting Filipinos with highly technical skills, including but not limited to web design, creative writing, programming, and customer service, among others to worldwide clients.

iStaff Solutions, Inc. Application Process

iStaff Solutions Inc. is now searching for highly skilled “media writers” who are expected to perform the following functions:

  • Transcribing (listening and watching) various sources of audio/video files from Australia, including news reports, TV movies, business calls, business meetings, and marketing videos
  • Determining the important keywords which will be added to a digital database
  • Producing shorter transcripts of news reports and raw interview footage
  • Producing subtitling for video sources that require translation

Before you decide to join the iStaff team, make sure to meet the following minimum job qualifications below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts, journalism and broadcasting
  • Relevant experience in news writing, reporting, and media broadcasting
  • Video editing and captioning is a huge plus
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Fast typing speed (at least 50 words per minute)
  • Comfortable transcribing sources with an Australian accent
  • Superb listening and transcribing skills
  • Keen to details, particularly change orders
  • Willing to work on a shifting schedule (day shift and mid-shift)

Now, if you want to become a regular transcriptionist for iStaff, you should already have the following tools before sending an application:

  • Working laptop with moderate hardware specifications and fast internet connection
  • Foot pedals
  • Crystal clear-sounding stereo headphones
  • Working contact details (for communication purposes)

To begin your application, visit the career page of iStaff Solutions Inc. through and click the “apply here” link of the job position. You will be asked to fill out an online form, upload your current work resume, and wait for an email response within one week. Remember to check whether the media writer position is still open or closed for application.

Once you receive an email response, iStaff Solutions will require you to take a short qualifying test to gauge your transcribing skills and accuracy. The initial screening process is already completed before receiving an email from iStaff. The email attachment will include the Style Guide, transcription test, standard templates, and other valuable instructions before you will be allowed to take the test.

Upon completing the test, submit the finished transcript to iStaff and wait for their response within two weeks. Response time may vary due to several factors, like the volume of application, client matching, and required transcribing skills. Once your application has been approved, iStaff will require you to report to the office and undergo an employee orientation seminar before you can start working.

Work Process

As a transcriber for iStaff Solutions Inc., you will be tasked to transcribe a vast range of audio and video sources and then convert them into text using online software. You may also be required to create captions that will be used for video subtitling and document translation services based on client orders. Since you are a regular office worker, expect a continuous stream of transcription projects to work on a daily basis.

For every completed transcript, you need to upload it straight to the job platform, and your output will be graded based on the accuracy and number of corrections. iStaff Solutions Inc. is also implementing a strict evaluation process that requires all transcribers to maintain an above-average performance rating to keep their jobs. Long-time transcribers can be given a rare opportunity to handle an exclusive client account that may offer them higher income because of increased project rates, additional incentives, and performance bonuses.

Salary Rates

The average monthly pay of transcriptionists for iStaff Solutions Inc. in the Philippines is approximately Php 16,091 or $350, which is 24% below the “national average” according to Transcribers can earn between Php 8,500 and Php 25,000 as per the volume of completed tasks. However, customized transcription projects, such as expedited turnaround time, longer file audio, and multiple speaker files, provide more opportunities for transcribers to earn better, instead of just performing general transcription all day.

Pros and Cons

Here are some benefits you may enjoy when you pursue a professional career with iStaff:

  • Office environment feels welcoming and cozy for the employees
  • Provision of project incentives, dental insurance, leave credits and performance bonuses for best-performing transcribers
  • Continuous flow of projects due to the iStaff’s diverse network of clients around the world
  • Fresh graduates and applicants with no prior transcribing experience are welcome to apply.
  • Free skills training or career advancement will be provided as part of iStaff’s initiatives to empower workers.

With regard to the disadvantages, you may likely experience the following:

  • Not a fixed monthly salary as total payout will depend on accumulated completed transcripts per month
  • Screening process consumes a longer time since iStaff Solutions Inc. is also handling applications for other online job positions.
  • Shifting work schedules make it difficult for workers to adjust

iStaff Solutions Inc. can become your gateway in building your online career portfolio that would open up more opportunities for you in the near future. Consider joining the iStaff team to become more valuable in the transcription service industry.

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