The Ultimate Guide for Bpi ePrepaid Visa Card

Bpi ePrepaid Mastercard is one of the cards where you can link your PayPal to get verified.

Although it may not be the popular ones, but if you’re looking only for verifying your PayPal then this is one of the cards you can use.

The importance of it getting PayPal verified is for you to be able to send, receive and one of the requirements when you choose PayPal as your payment method when applying for online work.

As working from home now is becoming more popular or increasing, some companies, employers or clients have payment methods which commonly use PayPal.

If you already have a PayPal account the next concern would be linking it with your bank to get verified.
If your choice is BPI then read what you should know all about BPI ePrepaid Mastercard.

Reminders: You can only link your BPI ePrepaid Mastercard to PayPal but don’t have the feature to withdraw money from PayPal to your card.


How to Apply for BPI ePrepaid Card?

You can register or apply at BPI Express Online or at any branch of BPI branch

  1. Hover your mouse to “Card” menu and click “Prepaid 
  2. Click My ePrepaid card 
  3. Read Terms and Agreement and click “Agree 
  4. Completely fill out the Agreement form 
  5. Select a branch where you want to pick up your card by clicking ” Branch Locator” button then click “Submit 
  6. Print out the BPI Prepaid Card Purchase Agreement form 
  7.  Prepare for the payment fee (350 PHP for GMMA, 450 PHP outside GMMA, ) and one valid ID


How To Link My BPI ePrepaid to PayPal?


  1. Log in to your PayPal account 
  2. Click your profile 
  3. Select Add/Edit Credit Card 
  4.  Select card type “Mastercard 
  5. Input your My ePrepaid Mastercard details 
  6. Click “Add card 
  7.  To complete linking your card to PayPal, click “Confirm my card” for PayPal to send the 4 digit verification code. Retrieving your 4-digit verification code: Log in to BPI Express Online and view the last 5 transaction history  (assuming your card is already enrolled in BPI Online Banking Account)


How To Use your BPI ePrepaid Card for Online Purchases?


  1. Select Master Card Credit Card as the mode of payment 
  2. Enter your card details:

    >16 digit My ePrepaid card number
    >Your CVC (Card Verification Code located at the back of your card)
    >Validity Period of your card 
  3. Confirm the transaction you made

Your Bpi ePrepaid card does not have a withdrawal functionality. It is just for purchasing online or at stores, link it with your PayPal for funding,  and load your card.


Bpi ePrepaid Mastercard fees and charges


Processing fee


  • GMMA- 350 php
  • Outside GMMA, VISMIN- 450 php


Balance Inquiry


  • Text/SMS- 2.50 php
  • 89-100- depends on the mobile network charge per call


Card Renewal

  • GMMA- 350 php
  • Outside GMMA, VISMIN- 450 php


Card Replacement


  • GMMA- 350 php
  • Outside GMMA, VISMIN- 450 php


Card Load Reimbursement


Transfer to deposit- 50 PHP

Managers check- 100 PHP

Monthly Maintenance fee- 100 PHP

Bpi My ePrepaid Mastercard can be a good alternative instead of using your main Visa cards.

It can have a sense of protecting your money since you will only load it whenever you want to make a purchase or whatever reasons you want to use it.

Protect your money and your main Visa card from being stolen online, from phishing sites and relieve you of worries that it might be used by someone else when your card does not have money in it.


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