Gcash Issue Salary not Reflected June 2019

Gcash Issue: Salary Not Reflected [June 2019]

GCash has been fairly reliable during the past years. This 2019, there were issues like people receiving a lot of updates, delayed money transferred, and other basic issues that are not really alarming. But during the mid-June of 2019, issues started to arise and they seem to be very serious. From people not receiving money transfers to discrepancies on transactions and bugs. GCash has been making a noise in the online world. Now, a lot of people are getting skeptical but not everyone is affected. So, what should we really think about GCash, then? Let’s try to see why Filipinos still use Gcash.

Globe Telecom’s GCash Pros: Why Pinoys Use It

Globe Telecom’s GCash tops the list of freelancers’ go-to for money withdrawal and transfers. Not only freelancers- but a lot of Filipinos are also into using GCash nowadays because of the convenience it provides. First, it’s conveniently available on mobile phones. Second, it offers a lot of rebates and even electronic gift certificates if you use them for paying bills, groceries, or anything you bought from their partner merchants. Lastly, you can easily transfer money from your Paypal account to your GCash.

From there, you can do many things- buy load without extra fees, pay bills even for your government benefits, credit cards, and even direct money to your bank! The possibilities of this amazing application are massive, but everything has limitations.

GCash Cons: System Issues

What if the salary you transferred from Paypal on your GCash account is not there? Now, that is what we call a real technical issue!

Recently, many freelancers encountered technical issues with GCash and minded you; it’s not a simple application bug. Since GCash is really handy when it comes to withdrawing money from Paypal and is also convenient in paying bills, many were alarmed about the several problems it shows.

June 15, 2019: The first issue is a freelancer’s salary that was supposed to reflect on GCash after she transferred it from her Paypal account was gone in thin air. Added to that, the freelancer’s Paypal account history shows that the money was already deducted and was successfully sent to her GCash account:

Unfortunately, after several times of contacting GCash customer service and an attempt to sort the matter in a GCash Hub at SM Molino, the freelancer did not receive any callback. She even tried to contact Paypal overseas to ask if there is a possibility of a refund, but they said the issue is not from them- it can only be resolved by GCash. The freelancer tried calling again after 24 hours. She mentioned that the call waiting is at least 45 minutes, and when they ask for the supervisor, the call gets disconnected.

After this was posted on Online Filipino Freelancers’ Facebook Closed Group, GCash started to crash, and a lot of people are now complaining about it with different concerns such as the following:

I cannot withdraw!

Money transfers that aren’t reflecting are not the only issue GCash had since the third week of June. Apparently, GCash card users were also not able to withdraw their money (insert date). Based on the trends, this issue is happening to many subscribers, which means it is a system-wide error and not just on one account.

Translation above image:
For those who will withdraw money through atm of Gcash like me (I have withdrawn money around 8 pm) but no money came out. After that, I called right away to their hotline and they replied after an hour.. I reported it then just now my money was credited back.

Investments Not Reflecting!

In the same thread, someone said that she also encountered an issue where she got a confirmation that the investment has already been paid. Just like the initial complaint in the thread, it did not reflect on her GCash account. She emailed GCash’s support team, and it was only after two days when the investment was finally captured in her account. It seems that Globe Telecom’s subsidiary is developing its platform weekly, which results in multiple bugs. 

Translation of above image:
I had the same issue last weekend on Gcash, but on the investment side. The money of the investment didn’t reflect right away even a successful confirmation text. I emailed them right away to their support team, the money was reflected after 2 days.

Looks like they have a lot of updates last weekend or maybe every weekend.

I lost money from GCash!

A freelancer also shared his experience last 2017 on how unsecured GCash can be. Apparently, someone used his account without his consent and sent PHP40,000 to someone’s account. The fact that his phone and card were with him all the times and the pin checked did not work during the transaction. He commented that it seems to be an inside job as it happened during the wee hours of the night.

Translation of above image:

Got scammed on my Gcash last 2017. I had a message that I sent 40,000 PHP to someone from my account. The funny thing is that I have my card and phone with me all the time and surprisingly, sending via Gcash app requires you to enter your pin. Guess what, the pin check was bypassed. Basically my account sent someone money without requiring me to put my pin. Looks like an inside job to me and this happened around 1 am.

My Full Payout Was Not Credited on my GCash!

Converge ICT is affiliated with GCash, and this is where the company’s sales agents receive their money. This week, there were reports that several sales agent was not able to receive the right amount of their payout and that it reflected their past week’s payout. The good thing is, it was resolved after two days by GCash management and Converge’s finance team.

GCash Keeps on Crashing

GCash is still under maintenance and is unavailable to several users. The reason why this keeps on happening is still unclear to many subscribers. It is not affecting all of its users, but the majority are still experiencing the buffer on transactions and system crash down. Some cannot even log to their account.

Are there other ways to send and receive money from abroad?

The answer is: YES! There are other ways to make sure your salary is safe from such hassles. Quality service often offers higher rates or fees, but it is much safer compared to using GCash. You can use the following transactions which offer secured money transfer:

Paypal to Bank Transfer

  • Paypal allows you to transfer your money directly to your bank account. All you need to do is link your bank account and make sure the details you will input are accurate. You may see the step-by-step process on how to link your bank account to your Paypal. Although there is a transaction fee of 50PHP for every transfer below 6,999 PHP, at least you can rest assured that your money is safe. Bank transactions are also easier to monitor and dispute compared to GCash since banks are accessible physically as well. Check this article for PayPal alternatives.


  • Aside from Paypal, your clients can still send you money from abroad using Transferwise. A UK based company, Transferwise is a money transfer tool where your money will be received directly from to your desired bank account. It’s also 8x cheaper than direct foreign bank transfers. Compared to Paypal, Transferwise offers larger exchange rates. You can also repeat your previous transfers so you won’t have to input the same details over and over again. However, there are fees involved in receiving and sending money, but it’s just around USD2-3 compared to losing money from unsafe money transfer tools. Plus, they now in partnership with Apple Pay.

Western Union

  • A known company not just in the Philippines but around the world as well, Western Union is an easy way to send and receive money. Filipinos know that they can receive money from a Western Union agent or hub in the mall or even anywhere but do you know you can now send money using your bank account, and debit/credit card? Yes, now you can! Also, Western Union shows the transfer fees even if you are just visiting their website and not a signed up yet. USD400 transfer only requires USD.99 fees, and you can also see the days for service time. Western Union once faced a fraud issue, and they now offer fraud protection to its users. Such a brilliant way to send or receive money, right? And since it’s internationally present even in airports, you can easily get money while traveling.

Should I continue using GCash?

Just like any other application and payment system, GCash is not exempted to technical problems. Many people use different banks and insurances for their businesses or investments, that’s why you should make sure to have selections before finally deciding to send all your salary to one channel. Being vigilant and careful is never a bad choice. Always try to look for user reviews and feedback before selecting your desired money transfer system.

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