Krisp The New Noise-Cancellation App

Krisp: The New Noise-Cancellation App

Are you working remotely or from home?

Do you have meetings or take calls using Skype or other communication tools?

Have you ever experienced talking to a client, and your baby screamed or cried too loud?

Are you a freelancer who is having a problem with their dogs barking every time there is someone at the gate?

Are your siblings too noisy while you are calling a client?

Well, it happens to many of us not just once, or twice, but most of the time!

We use different applications and online tools in freelancing. And now that the world is ever-changing and technology has made everything possible, people can now easily communicate online and even join meetings virtually. There are many jobs that can be done at home with the help of these tools, and the most common is Skype. It is a communication tool which is so much better than the other ones we used for social media as it can do many things. You can project your screen, access control of the other person’s computer (Skype Business), record the meeting, send emoticons, and even log on it through mobile. The possibilities seem to be endless! Plus, it can accommodate as many meeting participants as you like! But, just like any other conference tools, Skype cannot have it all.

What is that noise?: Unnecessary Sounds on Virtual Meetings

There are a lot of communication tools, yes, but for freelancers who need to attend several calls and meetings using the platform, background noise is the main problem. Even though there are noise-canceling headsets available for purchase at affordable rates, many are still having problems with background noises at home or public places.

There are several memes and videos of people trying to ace a video resume where a rooster or dog will be screaming o barking at the background. It is indeed funny, but it’s not always the case for freelancers, especially ESL teachers. As ESL teachers need to focus on teaching their students, background noise like the roaring of the vehicles passing by, the crying of a baby, the chatters inside the house, and a lot more can affect the quality of their teaching. While soundproofing the room is advisable, it is very costly to execute as well, and it will take time to fully soundproof a room. And, it is not also advisable to those who are only renting in an apartment.

Most communication apps like Skype doesn’t have a feature which can eliminate the background noise to provide a better sound quality during calls. And it is even hard for freelancers who are traveling but needs to attend a meeting while on foot. There are clients who are very sensitive to noises, and it may affect their concentration during meetings. So, even though Skype and your noise-canceling headset are reliable tools for conducting classes, training, or meetings, it will not be enough to contain the noise around you.

An Audio Noise Solution: The Krisp Tool

Krisp from is a noise-canceling application that is making a buzz on social media and the tech world. It is a desktop application which you can use while performing video or audio calls and just like magic, it will relieve you from any noise you’ll encounter during a call!

Krisp is using Deep Learning to separate background noise from a human voice in real-time. This is the first deployment of DNN based noise cancellation in laptops. And I must say the quality is quite amazing.” – Davit Baghdasaryan, CEO&Co-Founder of, the maker of Krisp app.

Krisp is using a system where it separates the human voice from any background noise. The plus? It does its magic real-time so you can definitely save yourself from background noise hassles during a meeting! The reviews of it are mostly positive but, can we really say it’s a good tool for all call situations?

The Pros: Krisp App

To be honest, I was hesitant to try this app because it may not be as effective as they say it is but to my surprise, it’s really like magic! It can also work on almost 600 conference application and with the headset of your choice!

I tried recording my online classes while using the app and guess what? My dogs are barking, but my student cannot hear it at all! I have two medium-sized dogs, and when they bark together, it’s hard not to hear them. Worst, if I chained them outside while working, they will bark louder because they are used to roaming around all day. I was really happy when I listened to my recordings and I can only hear my voice.

No dogs are barking. No windy sound from my electric fan. No trucks or noisy motorbikes passing by! I think the reviews online are indeed true for the Krisp app! No wonder, people find it amazingly helpful- no need to worry about unnecessary sounds on the background!

And… there’s more! Krisp is also user-friendly and will even provide a quick guide on how to adapt the application on the preferred conference tool. Make sure to read the instructions on how you can change your microphone settings after installation.

However, all tools and applications have their limitations. So, what can be the consequence of a great noise cancellation app like Krisp? Well, you may be shocked by it!

The Cons: Krisp App

During its initial launch, Krisp app was only available on Mac iOS systems, but recently, they have released its Windows version! Unfortunately, it is only available for those who use Microsoft Windows 10 as their operating system. And for those who are still using the old versions of Windows, it is a sad moment for us to say that Krisp will remain unavailable.

Second, it uses a lot of memory but based on the experience of recent users; they say that the memory usage gradually lowers down, so there’s really no need to worry about it. We suggest only to use this app if your RAM is at least 8GB and up as it may slow down the performance of your computer.

Third, it can, of course, work like magic by deleting the background noise, but your microphone can still catch a noise if it’s too close to you. As Krisp is only filtering sounds that don’t appear to be a human voice, chances are if someone is very near to you speaks loudly, it might still be heard on the background. But if you are in a restaurant where people are talking at the same time, it can be considered as a non-human noise, and the app will be able to filter it.

Ready for a Noise-Free Meeting?

Overall, I think Krisp is indeed making conference calls and meetings so much better for freelancers! Now, that you know how effective Krisp App can be, why not start downloading it and experience its magic yourself? You don’t want to keep your client or student hearing those unnecessary background noise, right?

If you are still not convinced, you can try to check this thread for feedbacks from different users across the world. Davit Baghdasaryan, the CEO and Founder of the company that created Krisp is also very responsive to reviews, comments, and questions about the app at ProductHunt. You can download Krisp app on their official website.

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