iTutorGroup Start Your Online Teaching Career

iTutorGroup: Start Your Online Teaching Career

A background check is critical for every ESL teacher before applying to a company. Thanks to social media and job reviews website, one can easily get a grasp of what it’s like to work for a certain company. There’s a vast selection of ESL companies to choose from, and one of them is iTurorGroup. It is an ESL Company that caters to almost all nations across the world. But, what do we know about this ESL company and platform? In this article, iTutorGroup’s overview, processes, and unfiltered company reviews will be tackled.


iTutorGroup believes that human-to-human conversations are vital in developing one’s English skills. iTutorGroup is always hiring teachers not only from the Philippines but from other countries in Asia, the Americas, and even Africa. The company began its platform in 1998 and is still operating to this day. It’s also affiliated with different educational institutions such as universities and brands.

Unlike other popular ESL companies, they do not restrict their students with the availability of classes like 6 AM-12 AM. It offers 24/7 classes so anyone can get the chance to learn English anytime, anywhere using any available devices. Teachers will gain students through a booking system.

Teaching Requirements

iTutorGroup is a bit strict when it comes to the qualifications of teachers. They require:

  • At least a one-year teaching experience
  • Native speakers are welcome to apply even without teaching experience
  • For those who do not have any certification such as TESOL/TEFL or any equivalent training.
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher educational attainment
  • Enthusiasm, good communication skills, and passion for English

Technical Requirements

As an applicant, it’s vital to check if your equipment meets the required technical stuff of an ESL company. iTutorGroup’s list of acceptable CPU specifications can be benchmarked from cpubenchmark. Always benchmark your processor specs before applying to qualify. Below are the rest of the company’s technical requirements:

  • High Definition-capable Webcam
  • Updated Adobe Flash Player installed on PC
  • Mobile or tablet devices are not allowed to be used by teachers
  • At least 2GB of RAM with 1280×1024 resolution (minimum)
  • OS must be at least Windows SP1 or Mac OS 10.12 for Apple users
  • Analog/USB Headset (Microsoft lifeChat LX-3000 is advised)
  • Browser requirements include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE (Internet Explorer)

iTutorGroup Students and Materials

Just like any other ESL company, iTutorGroup caters both to children and adults including university students, professionals, or retired elderlies who just want to keep their minds sharp. Learning a second language is proven to decrease the chances of degenerative diseases so many seniors also become interested in services such as online teaching.

Most students are engaged with iTutorGroup just want to have someone who can keep help them practice their English speaking skills. But, in case a student wants a specific material, they will provide it so you can study it before the class. Students are rate their teachers after each session. A high rating means more chances of earning.

Pros and Cons

1. Convenience and Qualifications


iTutorGroup operates not just in the Philippines but worldwide as well. So, one can expect that there is an opportunity to teach anywhere you are as long as you have the equipment and skills. They also pay in USD, the currency which is accepted globally. TESOL/TEFL and a bachelor’s degree are highly necessary before applying to iTutorGroup. The 24-hour operation is also a good thing about the company.


Unlike other ESL companies that allow everyone including teachers who don’t have experience in a classroom or online teaching, iTutorGroup does not. Non-native speakers can only apply if they have at least one year of experience in teaching. If none, you must at least have a TESOL o TEFL certification to apply. You will also notice their critical technical requirements which are more complex than what other ESL companies require.

2. Schedule


Since they operate 24/7, you can manage your time in opening slots. This applies to all teachers around the globe since the demand is also available per continent and location.

pros in schedule for iTutorGroup


iTutorGroup requires all their tutors to open at least a 10hours equivalent of slots even if you only want to do it part-time. This can create conflict if someone is busy enough with their full-time job. With other ESL companies, there is no minimum number of hours one can open in a week so the pressure of keeping your account active is a bit high in iTutorGroup. Failure to comply with this condition will result in your account deactivation.

Teaching Rates


The company’s rate can go up to $16-$22 per hour. The rates are being benchmarked to where a teacher is located to match the cost of living. This is great especially if you live in one of the expensive countries in the world. Several Filipino teachers are consistent in teaching at iTutorGroup. Many say that it provides good pay in USD. The pay could go higher if the majority of your students will rate you from 8-10.

teaching rates


Unfortunately, the standard for defining the teaching rate is also dependent on the reviews you’ll get which is a bit unfair compared to how other ESL companies are doing it. Others offer fixed teaching rates and just provide incentives to high performing teachers. There are several complaints that iTutorGroup’s rates are based on what the students’ rates are which can be impacted by their mood and bias decisions:

cons in teaching rates of iTutorGroup

Some teachers even consider it as a scam and falsely advertises the teaching rates. Many protests that they do not have a valid system for determining the teaching rates for all locations. There have been issues of discrimination of teachers depending on their nationalities or location.

Think Before You Apply

Thinking about applying for an ESL company? If yes, you should always weigh the positive and negative feedback about the company. This is a good practice not only in online jobs but in office jobs as well. However, one will never really know what it’s like to work for a company unless they experience it first-hand. There’s no harm in trying, but there is also no harm in researching your target organization. One must always check the pros and cons of working for a company before finally saying “yes” to it. iTutorGroup is widely known not only in the Philippines but across the world as well. If you think you fit their qualifications, they are continuously hiring. The above information is just some guide one can use as a reference before applying, but the decision will always be up to you.

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She discovered ESL Teaching that same year she started content writing and soon realized that it’s also something she wanted to pursue. She left her corporate job to become a freelance writer and ESL teacher.

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