List of ESL Companies with Incentives Schemes

Teachers who work at home for ESL Companies are considered as freelancers – not as regular employees who work in a regular working environment.

Regular they may be, but they sure do get a lot of government benefits like SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, etc.  Do not forget to mention the healthy dose of social life which home-based workers are usually deprived of.

Freelancers, in general, do not get these benefits unless they seek them out and declare themselves as an individually paying member who has to fall in line and enjoy the pains of waiting. Oh, joy.

Nevertheless, working at home isn’t all that bad. Despite the lack of social life and occasional traffic jams, we, the home-based workers, are enjoying some pretty good advantages.

I’ve discussed in my previous blog about the ESL Companies where I discussed some compelling reasons why switching to home-based jobs could be the thing for you.

Please consider the introductory rant as a bridge under the water because I will definitely make you want to work at home.




Though we really can’t get these government benefits automatically, we can certainly acquire them with sheer hard work and determination. It’s not an exaggeration when it’s coming from a person who hardly goes out in the sun.

What makes working at home even more attractive are the incentive schemes these ESL companies are dangling as bait on our faces.

The predator in us, of course, goes for the kill.

Now, I will no longer bore you with my tirade.

Here is the list of incentive schemes and the ESL Companies who creatively made them for you to work your hardest.

Incentive Scheme ESL Company Description
Signing Bonus Unhoop Applicants who completed the training will get a signing bonus. More bonuses for newbies are up for grab!
Keyeye Successful applicants get a signing bonus
Acadsoc Successful applicants get 1,000php signing bonus
GUARANTEED PAY Jason English Guaranteed pay= 2-hour pay x no. of days (for two months)
English Tone Guaranteed pay= 2-hour pay x no. of days (for two months)

Guaranteed pay for tutors who open slots during the peak hours

Unreserved slots from 7pm-11pm are paid.

SALARY PROMOTION SYSTEM Viptalk Based on the number of hours conducted, student rating and teaching performance.
Bizmates Based on the number of lessons conducted, student rating, cancellation ratio, etc.
51Talk Based on the number of lessons conducted and trainings attended
Tutoring based on performance and student rating
Actions rate goes up from 130php/50minutes to 150php/minutes
Spiiker rate increases after 6 months
Rarejob Tutors promoted to Premium Tutors who teach Business English get a higher rate
ENROLLMENT BONUS Jason English Teachers will get this bonus if the students on trial classes enroll in the program
English Tone  Teachers will get this bonus if the students on trial classes enroll in the program



an additional 20% of your total salary for the month if 50% of your students re-enroll
PEAK HOUR BONUS 51Talk all booked slots on the weekends are paid with an additional +10php
Bibo slots opened on the weekends are qualified for their weekend promos
Acadsoc unreserved lessons in the peak hour (7pm-11pm) slots are paid
GOOD ATTENDANCE BONUS Rarejob Tutors with low cancellation rate is qualified for this bonus


(no cancellation)

Tutors with zero cancellation within a month receive a bonus

After teaching a specific number of lessons, you can refer your friends!

For every successful referral, you will be receiving 20$.

VipTalk Teachers will get 200php for every successful recommendation.
PalFish For every teacher you referred and verified, you will be receiving a bonus of 20RMB.

Disclaimer: The information above is a result of internet research only. In any case of discrepancy, please let us know.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are tons of incentives out there so if I missed anything or if you feel the whole world should know about your ESL Company, please message me directly on my Facebook to have it included in this list.

May you find an ESL Company in your favor!

Mari Lapuz

By heart and by profession, Mari is a teacher.
Her go-getter attitude has brought her to the world of writing about ESL companies, investments and anything under the sun.

3 thoughts on “List of ESL Companies with Incentives Schemes”

  1. Jason English will also give referral incentives to teachers with every successful applicants they refer 🙂 also we give a few hundred of pesos for teachers with an attendance rate of 98% and above on a monthly bases.. im a trainer at Jason English 🙂

    1. Hi Marie!

      Thanks for the info! Will add that in the list.

      Best Regards,


      We kind of have the same name 😀

  2. Hi. About Insky.

    They have:

    1. Early Bird Incentive which is 10% of your total base salary (If you open slots between 5am to 7am regardless if booked or not).
    2, Peak hours incentive which is 10% of your total base salary too (If you open between 7pm to 11pm regardless if booked or not)
    3. Internet Support Incentive – 1500 pesos if you have 10 or more regular students in one month.
    4. Renewal Rate Bonus – 20% of your total base salary if 60% of your regular students renew their contracts with you.
    5. Referral Bonus – 2500 pesos for successful applicants. They will give the bonus after 1 month of your referred teacher.

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